Monday, 27 February 2006


Well, here are Saturday 25 Feb's results. As you'll notice, Solent continue to wobble, and Sports got a good going over too.

Sports 1 - 4 Academicals
Capital 1 - 0 Priory
Comrades 1 - 1 Solent
Spartans 1 - 1 Malvern

According to we are scheduled to play Academicals at home this Saturday. Keep your eyes on for the venue details.

As for Sundays, not so much to report; Spinnaker trounced Wickham, 5-0. have us down to play the rearranged divisional cup game against Wickham this Sunday.

Monday, 20 February 2006


Saturday 18th Feb 2006
Venue: BTC

Two first half goals put paid to a second win on the bounce. There was plenty of effort in the second half but no goal, although Mark Reeves did hit the post.

4-4-2: K.Hewitt, L.Sanderson, P.Dyke, B.Wilson, J.Schwodler, R.Allan, M.Reeves, R.Bryant, C.Godwin (M.Sanderson), P.Andrews, B.Schwodler

Other Results:
Cadnam 1 - 3 Spartans
Malvern 2 - 1 Academicals
Survey 2 - 1 Priory
Solent 1 - 2 Burridge Sports

Tuesday, 14 February 2006

18/02/06: COMRADES AT BTC: KICK OFF 14:30

Meet at BTC on Stoneham Lane at 13:45pm this Saturday 18th Feb for a 14:30 kick off.

If anyone does have black shorts and blue socks then please bring them as we were suspiciously low on both last week.


Wednesday, 8 February 2006


Ok fellas,
on Sunday we have Titchfield in the Dave Blunt Cup. Kick Off at 13:45 at Wicor Rec.

We have no game on Saturday. As you can understand, as we won we would really have to start with near enough the same team, I know Carl Godwin is keen. But when I say we, I realise we don't have a manager. Looking after keys, bringing drinks, and collecting subs is the easy bit. Picking the team is the hard bit!

I know the team will carry on, but Rich and I want to play and I don't think you can do both, so I think we need a manager for next season. Somebody on the side who can see what's going on. I was going to give Julian Hockney first refusal, and Mark and Froudie say they know someone who could be interested.

I understand it threatens to disrupt what's gone on before, but this season has been tough hasn't it? Alot of you know Julian, who is no nonsense and fair, and by the sounds of it so is the chap Froudie and Mark speak of.

What do you think?

Sunday, 5 February 2006


Saturday 4th February 2006
Allotment Road

It was off then it was on again. Rather than just lose a game, Burridge scraped together a team and produced a performance as thorough and determined as they had all season. The first half was dominated by Burridge who were first to all second balls and appeared the hungrier - Carl Godwin unlucky to see his twenty five yard strike cannon off the bar, but they had the lead in the first half. Luke Sanderson looped forward and Jamie Hewitt side stepped the keeper before rolling home from a tight angle.

Priory - obviously fresh from a half time roasting started the second period brightly and hit Hewitt's upright after a corner, but Burridge with the tenacious pair of Mark Reeves and captain Ross Bryant were first to all loose balls. It appeared nothing was on when Carl Godwin cut in from the left, but he unleashed a twenty five yard thunder bolt that swerved away from the keeper into the net via a post. Burridge pressed on and Lee Wood found himself one on one, dropped his shoulder leaving the keeper grounded before stroking home number three. There was time for a consolation for Priory, but victory belonged to Burridge.

4-4-2: Kristian Hewitt, Luke Sanderson, Keith Collier, Ben Wilson, Mark Sanderson, Carl Godwin, Ross Bryant, Mark Reeves, Rich Allan (Tim O'Brien), Jamie Hewitt, Lee Wood

Remember: if you want clean boots, bring them Wednesday. At present Mark Reeves its my first client, and you'll see the fruit of my craftmanship come Wednesday should you want to enjoy beautifully clean soccer cleats!

PS: Don't forget Richie's training money! Don't take his good nature for granted See you all on Wednesday.

Thursday, 2 February 2006


Okay fellas,
the game IS on this Saturday. This will be the team, new players in italics; I have a few on standby should anyone decide to pull out! Be at Allotment Road for 1:30pm.

Gk: Kristian Hewitt
Lb: Luke Sanderson
Cb: Ben Wilson
Cb: Keith Collier
Rb: Mark Sanderson
Lm: Carl Godwin
Cm: Ross Bryant (c)
Cm: Mark Reeves
Rm: Ben Rowe
Cf: Jamie Hewitt
Cf: Lee Wood

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