Wednesday, 28 June 2006


Rooney! Rooney! Engalnd this & Engalnd that. In a week or less it'll be an Elton John sad song to cut away to the credits on. Or will it? Spain are out. Again. But, we won't miss Aragones - no, we won't. No more racist jibes from that 'orrible little man. Age is indeed catching up with him, so we can only hope that death is on our side.
I write to bemoan globalization, which in turn has given us the universal haircut. I remember the days when one could tell a nation by the way they wore their hair. Some of the Italians like Allesandro Nesta are holding to tradition, with their long lank and thoroughly lacquered locks. But I feel let down by the Poles; where have the inappropriate 'taches, and the feathered mullets gone? Although several Ukraine players - including Anatoli Tymoshuk & Maksym Kalinichenko have long hair, it's more Fara Fawcett than Michael Bolton top-weave.

My favourite haircuts have been 27 year old full back Magnin Ludovic of Switzerland, who despite being very thin on top, insists on trying to shape a style from his strawberry blond locks. And, also France's Frank Ribery. If injured (any further) he could quite feasibly make a lucrative career in B-movies, as Igor.

Thursday, 22 June 2006


I am going to kick off training on Tuesday 25th July at Warsash at 6.45pm. Starting with a run along the beach and the usual fitness stuff followed by a kick about.

The running will be along a gravel track and the shingle beach, so select the appropriate foot wear. NB: No changing facilities available - sorry. I suggest you park in Newtown road or in the Salterns Social Club car park.

There is a cut opposite the club between the houses that leads through to Strawberry Fields park adjacent to Hamble river. I will be waiting on my push bike because I am older than you!

The following week we will train two nights Tuesday at Warsash and Thursday at Burridge - pending a phone call to Barrie! Once we start playing friendlies we will drop back to training once a week and then onto out usual slot at Wildern which I would like to extend to an hour an a half?

All the best
Pete Lyons

Sunday, 18 June 2006


It was a hot Saturday night, for the Burridge end of seasoner at the Rising Sun in Warsash. Well done to the following award winners.

Saturday Player's Player: Luke Sanderson
Saturday Manager's Player: Ben Wilson
Sunday Player's Player: Kev Wilsher
Sunday's Manager's Player: Paul Dyke

New Saturday boss, Pete Lyons, announced that training would start around mid to late July, exact date to be confirmed. It will take place on Tuesday and Thursday nights. You'll hear more closer to the date. As a sober attendee, I feel duty bound to communicate with you a quote made from the bar at around 10:37pm, from our very own Bryn Schwodler......

"No teams in our league have ever been up to much........I wanna score in every game........I'm gonna take this league by storm."

So, there you go. I for one, look forward to this exciting development.

Tuesday, 13 June 2006


Yesterday evening, Jay and I were watching Italy play Ghana. The commentary was too much. Just as I was about to double Van Gogh myself, Jay activated the red button that deemed the commentary obsolete. Why must they insist on making lamentable puns and contrived cliche: must all African teams be deemed plucky underdogs? Then there's the Beeb's Mick McCarthy, and ITV's Gareth Southgate, whose delivery is so still born, I think I may have slipped into a coma during their commentary. If I was in charge of the Beeb, I'd bring in James Richardson from Bravo's Italian football and invite Barry Davies back. As for Clive Tyldsley? It's as if he's on excitement commission. He's the sort that probably masturbates over his horribly over done warbling on a nightly basis. In short, a tit.

Friday, 9 June 2006


Saturday June 17th
Rising Sun, Warsash,
7:30pm onwards

Hello everyone. The presentation is £15 a head, so I guess nobody will be bringing partners then?! Regards.

Monday, 5 June 2006


Four years ago Peter Crouch was about to move to Aston Villa from Portsmouth. A move that did little for his career. Back then you would have been pelted with enough tranquilizer darts to take down a rhino and taken to the funny farm for a frontal lobotomy for even suggesting that Crouchy would get anywhere near the England squad. But, this summer, the nation's hopes may rest on Crouchy aka G.T.F.A.B.M. (Good Touch for a Big Man). I don't know what it is about the country's perception of tall players? Was Niall Quinn considered a gangling donkey? No, just gangling. What about the Czech Republic's Jan Koller, who has 42 goals in 68 caps, very good for a big man, or any man for that matter. Althouth it must be Hell buying trousers.

NB Presentation is still on for 17th June at the Rising Sun, Warsash.

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