Thursday, 22 June 2006


I am going to kick off training on Tuesday 25th July at Warsash at 6.45pm. Starting with a run along the beach and the usual fitness stuff followed by a kick about.

The running will be along a gravel track and the shingle beach, so select the appropriate foot wear. NB: No changing facilities available - sorry. I suggest you park in Newtown road or in the Salterns Social Club car park.

There is a cut opposite the club between the houses that leads through to Strawberry Fields park adjacent to Hamble river. I will be waiting on my push bike because I am older than you!

The following week we will train two nights Tuesday at Warsash and Thursday at Burridge - pending a phone call to Barrie! Once we start playing friendlies we will drop back to training once a week and then onto out usual slot at Wildern which I would like to extend to an hour an a half?

All the best
Pete Lyons


leildo said...

sounds good to me. apart from the extended 1/2 hour at wildern. dont think that will work, but i guess we'll see. i'm going to take training by storm in pre-season, watch my space..i mean this space. x

Willshino said...

Bring it on, also good idea i think to extend the Wildern sessions, means they will be that much more competitive, Sandy watch out.

Lukisco said...

I'm well up for a good preseason training session.

Dykey said...

If we extend the wilden lot is it cos Pete wishges to do fitness (which is needed all season long) if so could we not do it on the grass and save having to pay for another 1/2?

leildo said...

i agree dooks. only trouble obviously, is when winter shows its ugly head. wildern is brill for a 5,6 or 7-a-side game, which we all really enjoy.

it would be a shame to waste time on there doing fitness work i think. we'll see what the gaffer says in jooo-ly. x

Lukisco said...

I thought he meant get there earlier to do a bit of fitness on the grass like we did for a while last season before it all just died the death.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lads

Dave Hopkins was undecided weather to play this season.He texted me last night and has decided to hang up his gloves.I wish him all the best mean while we have to find a permanent keeper!Sam Swods is going to come along training and I have another keeper who is going to sign as a standby but he cannot play every Saturday due to work commitments.Any suggestions welcome? Pete

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