Sunday, 18 June 2006


It was a hot Saturday night, for the Burridge end of seasoner at the Rising Sun in Warsash. Well done to the following award winners.

Saturday Player's Player: Luke Sanderson
Saturday Manager's Player: Ben Wilson
Sunday Player's Player: Kev Wilsher
Sunday's Manager's Player: Paul Dyke

New Saturday boss, Pete Lyons, announced that training would start around mid to late July, exact date to be confirmed. It will take place on Tuesday and Thursday nights. You'll hear more closer to the date. As a sober attendee, I feel duty bound to communicate with you a quote made from the bar at around 10:37pm, from our very own Bryn Schwodler......

"No teams in our league have ever been up to much........I wanna score in every game........I'm gonna take this league by storm."

So, there you go. I for one, look forward to this exciting development.


Kristian said...

Following on from Bryn's quote, Rich said "Bryn is our best player, he is awesome!"
That is the worst beer talk i've ever heard.

froudie said...

Rich also claimed that he and kristian were the only players in the club capable of playing a 50 yard pass - sunstroke i presume !

Peter Crouch's girlfriend says: "No, he's just a really nice guy, with a great personality." said...

Football talk - along with girl talk - is the cheapest talk there is.

The Ghost of Gus Ceaser said...

Yes, and I like pulling out at the point of climax, to vomit. One is overcome with such a euphoric wave of abhorrent self-loathing that trivial anxieties like cause duality & existential angst pale into dull insignificance. Oh, the fifty yard pass? What of the five yarder.

Gary Bushell's Ugly Presence said...

Go home and wet the bed, you leftie nancy. Football is a vehicle for macho knobheads to bash knobheads like you in the knobhead. Knobhead.

The Ghost Of Gus Ceaser said...

Go drown in your own collective self importance, you make Jim Davison seem like a Unicef ambassador; You're be telling me Liverpool's all time front line is Istvan Kozma and Erik Meijer, with Sean Dundee, in the hole. Learn the lesson of Bryn Schwodler: "Thou shall not make idle boasts, that I'll indifferently fail to live up to."

Scotty B said...

Bryn's quote from Saturday night is one to savour. When I read it I actually laughed out loud. I've not laughed that much since I read Catch 22.'re an untapped resource of entertainment.

Scotty B said...

By the way has Nif from Channel 4's hit TV show Shipwrecked been on the Ranleigh Gardens MY Space recently. I haven't seen the programme but Brett reckons she's really hot.

Mark Sanderson said...

No, the other one has though.

Gus Ceaser's Ghost, why don't you go and choke on a flaccid man sausage. Burridge is not the place for your dreary teenage angst.

What about Loraine Kelly? You would, wouldn't you?

fields said...

dont talk about my space on here...

The Ghost of Gus Ceaser said...

My Space used to be on the wide green expanse of the Highbury wing; now my access has been revoked for sending pictures of my privates to minors. Please, don't put me in the same box as that cad Rix - my deeds may appear deviante, but at the time it was the only way I could express myself. Not like when I used to centres over for Martin Hayes,

The Shuddering Wah Of Chelsea's Tangerine & Graphite away Kit circa '96 said...


Imants Bleidelis said...

Imants Bleidelis (he of Latvia, who came on as sub in 5th round FA Cup humiliation to Tranmere in 2001, turns to James Beattie, and sings - to tune of Pulp's Disco 2000......

Oh we were born within thousands of miles of each another,

A goalscoring touch you soon were to discover,

You name was JAMES, JAMES, it never suited ya.

And they said that when you grew up, you'd play for England and win the FA Cup.

You never did it - All we often thought of it.

Oh James, do you recall? The Dell was really small, you never passed me the ball, when the chances of another work permit were to fall, you never noticed me at all.

So, I said: Let's all meet up at Euro 2004, won't it be strange when we're all fully grown, be there in Portugal, but you didn't make the squad at all.

I never knew that you'd get married, and I'd be playing in Austria all alone. Playing on the wing, by myself and alone.

Won't you go back to Saints baby?
Go out to Brannigans an d be obnoxious,maybe? You can't even bring your baby, Oh, ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo, ooo ooo ooo ooo.

Burridge's star striker said...

I like the level of intellect being used on the blog today, bleidelis's disco 2000 is quality, Jarvis couldn't have written it any better! Gus Caeser's Ghost, why don't you eat shit!

Gus Ceaser's Ghost said...

Have done too. 'Burridge star Striker,' what an oxymoron indeed; and stop throwing exclamation marks around like children's toys, you have delusions of adequacy.

Mark Sanderson said...

CORRECTION: At some point I drew people's attention to the tiny size of Angola. This is a scandolous inexactitude, it's mammoth. I was merely looking at a colony.

fields said...

mark, are you talking to yourself through different pseudonyms'?

well done to all the award winners on saturday night. did anyone give a speech? george? dooks?

i would also like to thank bryndle for once again, putting himself up on that pedestal that he seems to love so much, just so we can knock him right back off again.

how else would we entertain ourselves throughout the misery of winter and water-logged pitches if bryn didnt give us this oppourtunity every season.

i wonder... x

Emerson Marks said...

Every missed training session, every time the ball goes out of play, I will rally the troops, with: 'Come on Brynner, time to take this game by storm!"

Burridge's star striker said...

Gus Caesar's ghost, please don't try and baffle me with your incomprehendable jargon, you appear to be confusing me with someone who gives a shit. Now go away and impress your young friends with your perfect rendition of the english language. Oh and by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is that enough exclamation marks for you???????????????????

Graham Taylor's Turnip Patch... said...

This Summer, a Sven Goran-Eriksson & Tord Grip production bring you,
"England Woe & the Tales of Ineptitude."

The story of a country called England, who had a shot at the big time every four years. Who found themselves in a land of confusion and deceit, where twenty plus goals in the Premiership meant nothing compared to an untried rookie. This Summer, watch England, because dreams were made to be crushed by a clueless Swede without a right wing on a prayer.

gareth southgate said... should have done better....we have um....england as a whole er.... well defending long throw'm manager of Middlesborough dont you know.


Copy and paste link above into your web browser to discover your Brazilian name.

leildo said...

thats kewl. not quite as good as your one tho. cant wait for the game tonight, and im talking about iran v angola. come on the dootch.

Sandersisco said...

Dave = Hopkao
Luke = Lukisco
Dykey = Painho
Ben = Felix Binhosa
Jay = Jaldo
Rich = Rito
Ross = Rildo
Reeves = Mildo
Kristian = Kristiaca
Froudie = Stevildo
Lee = Leildo
Scott = Burna
Greg = Felix Greto
Kev = Willshino
Mark = Sandersico
Col = Barfoisco
Maurice = Mauricandro Peres
Barrie = Barriao
Pete = Lyildo
Andrews = Andrimo
Bryn = Isco

Willshino said...

Lets get those names printed on our shirts for next season.

Anonymous said...

El Lennio here, you lot talk to much, lets get on with letting our football do the talking.

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