Tuesday, 13 June 2006


Yesterday evening, Jay and I were watching Italy play Ghana. The commentary was too much. Just as I was about to double Van Gogh myself, Jay activated the red button that deemed the commentary obsolete. Why must they insist on making lamentable puns and contrived cliche: must all African teams be deemed plucky underdogs? Then there's the Beeb's Mick McCarthy, and ITV's Gareth Southgate, whose delivery is so still born, I think I may have slipped into a coma during their commentary. If I was in charge of the Beeb, I'd bring in James Richardson from Bravo's Italian football and invite Barry Davies back. As for Clive Tyldsley? It's as if he's on excitement commission. He's the sort that probably masturbates over his horribly over done warbling on a nightly basis. In short, a tit.


Anonymous said...

get back to work mark

you have too much time on your hands.

Mark Sanderson said...

But I've nobody to talk to, and I'm lonesome.....

white brian deane said...

You've got me thinking. Whats the worst thing you can recall a commentator saying? For me, it is undoubtably the following:

The late Brian Moore:
(About David Batty)
Kevin, will he score?

Kevin Keegan:

(Batty then misses his spotkick, Argentina rejoice, England crash out of the 1998 WC)

Where's the commentory? All opinion, no facts.

It all when wrong for the commentator when Motson started using hair gel. Get a grip!

Emerson Marks said...

Motson has become a megalomaniac hobgoblin in sheep skinned clothing, ten years past it, with very little ability to describe what's going on in front of his goggle eyed freak self. Who's his heir? Jonathon Pearce. A man for whom a role is assured in the remake of Deliverance. I don't know anyone else who can scream like a pig when the ball is anyway near the penalty box, let alone his own.

iceman said...

Yes the standard of commentating has rapidly been declining over the years. I agree about getting Barry Davies back on the beeb, no one has come close to him over the years.

Favourite Barry D moment, when Francis Lee scored against Man City playing for Derby (although i may have got that the wrong way round), "Look at his face, just look at his face"! The excitiment in Barry's voice matched that on the face of Francis Lee.

Ginaldo said...

John Motson, Spawn Of Satan!
Nuff Said

Gareth Southgate, although the football season hasn't started as of yet, he has filled McClaren's boots fittingly, so boring id rather watch paint dry than listen to him!


Emerson Marks said...

LAST NIGHT'S MOTSON WATCH: "Well, Mark, this ball does move," moments later, "Well, John, this ball does move," for the love of Jehovah, won't the director give these two plums a pep talk prior to their next commentary.

fields said...

the argies are going to take some stopping now. the performance against the ivory coast was excellent, that performance against serbia was unreal. what a fookin' goal.

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