Thursday, 27 April 2006



Saturday 29th's friendly is OFF.
At present Sunday 30th's game versus the Spotted Cow is on.
Presentation pencilled in for June 17th at Rising Son, Warsash.

Question for Paul Andrews: are you still having your annual bar-be-que this year?
If so, on what date (FA Cup Final: Liverpool v West Ham is on May 13th this year).

Monday, 24 April 2006

West Meon & Warnford 1 - 1 Burridge AFC

Sunday 23rd April - St Georges Day
In the sticks

Good Morning Blogmiesters. I bring you news of another blood and guts performance from the Burridge AFC. If it's your bag to witness flamboyant ball juggling then sling your hook down the seal pen in Marwell at feeding time, because Burridge isn't the scene for performing tricks. The Burridge scene is all about the "oommpphhh" and the "getting mean," and in the words of Clint Eastwood as the outlaw Jessie Wells (or whatever his name was) "Sometimes things get rough, and you've just got to get mean - mad dog mean and duke it out."

Well thanks Clint, but here in the Burridge scene we know plenty of that already, so turn tail and mind your own. If I want your opinion, it'll be regarding what to expect when tending to orang-utans. Anyway, the first half was tighter than Eva Longeria's arse cheeks. Then - in the second half - the referee got a little bored. "D'you know what gets right up my nose?" he moaned in the general direction of Dykey. "People like you telling me what to do from sixty yards!"

Well, Mr Referee. Do you know what gets up my nose? Well, I can't tell you - my Mum reads this, but beside that I'll tell you. What gets up my nose is referees like you making poor decisons not seen since Gerard Houllier decided to shell out on Djimi Traore. Now listen, I know Mark Sanderson pretty well, and when he says he got the ball, he got the ball. But the referee said penalty. Step forward the fall guy: Kristian Hewitt, springing to his right and palming away - justice is done!

West Meon did however take the lead. The ball was looped to the far post and guided home from point plank range into an empty net. With a quarter of an hour, Burridge showed their resolve. Bryn Schwodler cut back perfectly from the left to his elder brother Jay. Just as he was about to shout' "How d'you like them apples Mozzer,"he was taken from behind - not for the first time, eh Jay? Up stepped Rick Allan, and did he miss? did he eff! So a point a piece, and a good shift put in by the Burridge.

4-4-4: K.Hewitt, M.Sanderson, P.Dyke, K.Willsher, L.Sanderson, R.Bryant (J.Schwodler), R.Allan, S.Burnet, B.Schwodler, P.Andrews (B.Wilson), A.Lovett (B.Wilson)


Other Results:
Waterlooville 0 - 3 Moo Cow
Paxton 3 - 9 Aquaseal

Thursday, 20 April 2006


Morning bloggers,

I thought I'd better establish official interest in our proposed friendly with Hedge-End on Saturday 29th April, at Burridge Shed, kick off 2pm.

Please let the blog know if you're available...

Sunday, 16 April 2006

Burridge AFC 3 - 0 Waterlooville

Sunday 16th April
Burridge Rec

It was around 1:53pm amid the heavy guff of sport's liniment, that Burridge gaffer Maurice Hewlett announced; "This is a game I don't expect you to win." But, those regular Burridge Bloggers out there will know only too well, that Burridge are anything but predictable.

Soon to embark on his debut marathon in the city of London: Greg Baker inadvertently opened a long inquest between Waterlooville centre-halfs by calmly side footed the opening goal from the right of the penalty box. When Baker and Hewitt swapped flanks a second goal followed. Kristian Hewitt took full advantage of the wealth of space in front of him, shooting low past the keeper's right hand glove.

In the second period Waterlooville desperately tried to revive their flagging title ambitions - but Burridge defended resolutely. With minutes left on the clock, newly introduced substitute Jay Schwodler was sent clear and rolled the leather through the posts sealing a comprehensive team performance.

4-4-2: D.Hopkins, L.Sanderson, P.Dyke, K.Willsher, M.Sanderson, G.Baker, S.Burnet, R.Allan, K.Hewitt, B.Schwodler (J.Schwodler), R.Bryant. (Unused Subs: P.Andrews, A.Lovett)

Monday, 10 April 2006

Burridge 1 - 0 Paxton

Sunday 9th April
Venue: Whiteley

Here at Burridge blog towers we've heard many an excuse over the years; 'got a nasty case of the hives on my nether regions boss, 'have to take missus to Wickes to fit out our new Summer house' and such like piffle. So when boozy Dave Hopkins rang up Maurice's step son Richie, to say he wasn't playing, we called foul play!

Something about 20 ambulances chasing 100 fire engines in his noggin. The boy doesn't have any previous, but needless to say he was taking pelters in the dressing room. Kristian Hewitt sat in a darkened corner with clenched fists. He'd been looking forward to his day trip on the outer field, but Hopkins and his boozy antics kept him locked up his penalty area cell - with no room mates.

Burridge snitch Jay Schwodler wasted no time in grassing the Hopkins child up to new Saturday gaffer Pete Lyons. Who, apparently on hearing the news (keeper couldn't make afternoon game due to hangover) was aghast; sources close to Blog HQ say Lyons is still open mouthed in astonishment at the level of light weightedness not seen since our mid-nineties teenage hey-days.

Had Hopkins ran into Sienna Miller and Kate Moss for a bit of the old in-out, we'd gladly admonish the lad. But, for having the spunk to call in sick sees the Hopkins child loose all of his man points. Get well soon Dave. Anyway, as for the game; Andy Lovett hit across goal from the right and Bryn Schwodler hit home low and hard into the gaping net about mid-way through the second half. Get in there you beauty!

4-4-2: K.Hewitt, L.Sanderson, P.Dyke, K.Wilsher, M.Sanderson, J.Schwodler, R.Allan, R.Bryant, B.Schwodler, P.Andrews (L.Fielder), A.Lovett. Unused sub: M. Hewlett

16/4 home to Waterlooville
23/4 away to West Meon

Spotted Moo Cow 7 - 1 Aquaseal
West Meon 1 - 2 Spinnaker

PS Well done to the ref; weaker than a drinking challenge from Dirty Dave Hopkins.

Thursday, 6 April 2006


Needing four wins from their remaining five games, Solent had the bit firmly between their teeth. Burridge succeeded in frustrating then during the first half, without ever threatening the Solent goal. Mid way through the second period Burridge were no longer able to break up wave after wave of Solent attack, and their inability to keep possession made their task even more difficult.

Once finally Solent broke the deadlock, space was found and further goals followed. Burridge can take some positives from the battling first half performance; but will surely have to take on a pre-season regime as an essential obligation, instead of an option they'd rather avoid if they're ever going to improve, and actually discover what they're capable of.

4-4-2: D.Hopkins, L.Sanderson, B.Wilson (M.Sanderson), P.Dyke, J.Schwodler, R.Bryant, M.Reeves, R.Allan, B.Schwodler, P.Andrews (S.Froud), K.Hewitt

Monday, 3 April 2006

Wednesday 5th April

Hello All, just to remind you that our last league game is against Solent on Wednesday evening. Kicking off at 6PM at Itchen College, so get there for 5:30 or before; give me a call if you're going to be late.


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