Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Bishopstoke 4-2 Burridge AFC

Saturday 23rd December
Bishopstoke Rec

Burridge lost to struggling Bishopstoke in a fiery festive fixture. If Cliff Richard is led to be believed, and anyone who may’ve poked Sue Barker has my full attention. Then Christmas is the time for mistletoe and wine and children singing Christian rhyme. If by that he means getting pissed out of your mind, trying to coerce woman into a grope at the office party. Then getting the nanny state to close down the school nativity play for being too true to the religious beliefs that have been indoctrinated into this old island for the past God how many years. Then Cliff, or Sir Cliff as his full title imbues - is indeed right.

Christmas is a shitstorm. It's when you eat and drink too much and argue with family you haven't seen since last year - because quite frankly, you cannot fucking stand them, nor they you. This game represented much the same thing. Yes, cards were exchanged, most of them of the red and yellow variety. Burridge have now received nineteen cautions and a dismissal this season. Yes sir, those referees just love 'em. Bishopstoke were two up at the break. Bryn Schwodler pulled one back straight afterwards. But he was having one of those days. Namely, he couldn't finish his cornflakes, let alone the goal scoring opportunities that fell to him.

Then it all went a bit Christmas TV. Meaning downhill. Burridge conceded a third, Greg Baker scored from the spot, skipper Kristian Hewitt was sent off then Bishopstoke got a fourth goal; forcing Burridge into all out attack. When their right back Jay Schwodler made a soiree into the opposition area, he made slight contact with the goalkeeper, whose histrionics suggested he'd been stabbed. This caused an aggrieved 'Stoke defender to hay-make the kisser of Schwodler. Starting a twenty-two man brawl that I'm sure Jesus would have been proud of. Had it been on the grounds of religious conversion.

4-4-2: S.Schwodler, J.Schwodler, P.Dyke, M.Sanderson, L.Sanderson, G.Baker, M.Reeves (J.Newman), J.Hewitt, K.Hewitt, B.Hutton (B.Rowe), B.Schwodler. Unused sub: S.Froud

Booked: J.Schwodler, M.Sanderson, L.Sanderson, G.Baker, J.Hewitt
Sent Off: K.Hewitt

Monday, 18 December 2006


Did you hear the one about the luxury Burridge apartment? No? Well, it’s a three up and five down. Just make sure you don’t go upstairs, or the ceiling will come crashing down, and you with it. There among the debris of the five down, medical attention will be necessary to see if the injured party is of sound body and mind. Of course, he won’t be. Not after a shock like that. On recovery it will be advisable to hold an enquiry of investigation to discover how such a disaster could occur. The builders might want to inspect the foundations. It isn’t clear if they’re made from concrete or crayon. If it is the latter, it was unable to portray a pretty picture. No, sir. This game was no John Constable, no Renoir. If it were to be depicted on canvass, it would surely be done so by the late Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky - meaning it to be abstract, shocking and open to interpretation.

It started so well for Burridge. After an hour they were three goals up thanks to Bryn Schwodler, Kristian Hewitt and Ben Hutton. But when BTC scored via a corner, doubts began to surface. One BTC goal became two - from another corner kick – as Burridge seemed rather susceptible to crosses in their penalty area. Before long BTC had drew level from yet another cross and could and perhaps should have gone onto win in normal time. As the game went into extra time Burridge went down 4-3, then levelled through Jaimie Hewitt. But the damage had already been done and the cracks were starting to show. BTC’s three goal come back had rocked Burridge and they claimed their place in the next round after yet another cross was converted for the winner.

3-5-2: B.Rowe, M.Sanderson (L.Sanderson), P.Dyke, J.Schwodler, J.Newman, G.Baker, M.Reeves, K.Hewitt, J.Hewitt, B.Hutton, B.Schwodler

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

How To Not Be Rich & Successful, An Ongoing Experiment In The Name Of Mark Sanderson

You may have noticed that it's been quiet on Burridge street of late. No new words for a month! So, here's a tale of sorrow and woe, otherwise known as my CV to keep the faithful amused...........

I've had a fair few jobs over the years. The long list of disastrous employment would give Frank Spencer a run for his money. Highlights include burning my fingers with glue-guns whilst packing tampons, working the nightshift at a printing press factory that knocked out publications such as "How to Successfully Farm Whale Teeth." Distraction came only from my supervisor's sinister insistence on pinning lurid pornography to my guillotine. Not to mention the all too common sight of yours truly vomiting on the roadside after a late night of excess, on route to prepare the salads; at the kind of dismal supermarket restaurant that attracts people to pay well over the odds for bad food and bad service.

I wanted to leave this mess behind and become a man's man, like Dad: methodical, practical and good with my hands. All the things that I wasn't. I saw a virtue in doing such manual and skilled work. But, the harder I tried the more time I spent looking through the classifieds as another catastrophic embarrassment ended in at best, mutual agreement. Gaining a trade was simply beyond me, I'm just far too much of a scatterbrain. One day as an air-conditioning fitter proved that I was as proficient with tools as Jade Goody with an atlas. Finally, the answer came to me at the job centre during another short period of post employment. A vacancy was available that met the manly criteria I desired - the obvious career move? To become a delivery driver, of course. After all, I could drive. Well, I had a license. Surely nothing could possibly go wrong, could it?

I collected the job details, and a phone call later I was driving to meet my new employers. After a quick chat with them it became quite clear that I was the man to deliver their sandwiches and snacks. All I had to do was load up and drop them off at various places around town. A doddle. I would start the following morning, but before I left I was introduced to the wheels that would be Kit to my Hasselhoff, General Lee to my Bo Duke; Silver to my....well, you get the picture. Yes, she'd seen some action alright, but she was good to go. A white transit van complete with the necessary extras: well thumbed copies of both the Daily Sport and Zoo Magazine sat on top of the dash, whilst empty McDonalds paraphernalia littered the passenger seat and floor. I was ready.

The morning arrived. I made my way to work, saddled up my stead with the sweet smell of the people's favourite sandwich fillings and hit the road. She was a tough ride, but I felt more than equipped to show her who was boss. There I was out on the open road, windows open with nothing other to keep me company than the fresh air and the chart friendly optimism of FM radio. From the confines of my white machine, women would be ogled, boy racers would be cut up, old ladies would be allowed to cross the road, and fellow van drivers would be given the nod. I was living the dream and I felt great. Golden great.

Finally I'd become what I wanted to be. A real man. I made some drop offs, all the while being sure too conceal my love of the arts and the avante-garde with appropriate use of slang. Of course, for the best part I was acting - but what an act. Right hand on the wheel, elbow resting on the open window to catch the warm air, left hand poised on the gear stick. Really, I should have known better. Despite my self satisfaction something wasn't quite right - I felt uneasy. I tried to bury the feeling, but its buoyancy was such that it kept rising to the surface. I couldn't find my drop off point. I was right on top of it, but still it remained elusive as I continued to wind my heavy vehicle in and out of car lined streets. I was late and things weren't going according to plan. "What would Dad do," I thought. "He would have found the address," came my swift answer. I pulled myself together, thinking I'd found where I ought to have been - but the latest mirage was nothing more than a dead end.

My heart sank. Somewhat flustered I began a three point turn that would free me from this position in more ways than one. Into first gear, pulling right; back into reverse, hard left - then crash. I put on the handbrake, a sick feeling was in my stomach. I got out to examine the damage. I'd failed to notice a stationary forty foot oak tree. The back door was bent, the windows smashed in, and in turn my cargo of sandwiches ruined. For a moment I considered dousing the ruddy thing in petrol, putting it to flames. That, or just running away to start a new life in Venezuela. Instead, I did the noble thing and returned the van to the warehouse. I don't work there anymore, another mutual agreement had taken place. Now I stick to working in offices where any damage done can be repaired by the delete key. That or Tippex.

Monday, 13 November 2006


Burridge romped to victory in front of a bumper crowd against Hedge End. “Knock it down the right-back’s throat,” shouted Hedge-End midfielder Rich Allan, referring to his childhood friend and Burridge defender Jay Schwodler, but these words came back to haunt him. This fixture had been eagerly anticipated by Burridge since Ross Bryant and skipper Rich Allan defected to Hedge End during the summer – something that Jay Schwodler discovered through the grapevine rather than the horse’s mouth.

This game represented a story of love, heartache and betrayal lead by the main protagonists of Allan and Schwodler. As boys they would stay up late together to watch their hero Hulk Hogan of the World Wrestling Federation act out many a staged victory. Cripes, they even went out with sisters for some time, some time ago. It appeared that the two were inseparable but as we all know from the bitter taste of experience – nothing ever lasts forever. They don’t go out with those sisters anymore, they no longer play for the same team, and they’ve grown out of watching men with waxed chests and fake tan take do battle in an orgy of steroids and homo-erotic pre-text. Well, two out of three are certainly true.

Hedge-End began the game at a furious pace. Burridge had again started sluggishly but slowly Hewitt began to pull the strings in midfield. As half-time approached Burridge took the lead through no other than Jay Schwodler. He arrived in the box to thump into the net, a dagger into the heart of Allan and Hedge End, who never recovered from this set back. Bryn Schwodler added two more with astute finishes between a Lee Fielder pile driver to send the Burridge faithful into raptures and Hedge End home with their tail between their legs.

4-4-2: S.Schwodler, J.Schwodler, K.Willsher, P.Dyke, L.Sanderson, J.Newman, J.Hewitt, M.Reeves, G.Baker, B.Hutton (L.Fielder), B.Schwodler. Unused Subs: M.Birks, K.Hewitt, J.Hutton, M.Sanderson

Monday, 6 November 2006

Burridge 1-2 AFC Hop

Burridge slumped to a painful home defeat at the hands of AFC Hop. But let us for a moment regress to the past to understand the present. As children, many of us played Top-Trumps, wet play-times at school would vanish but hopes and prayers failed to summon that elusive E-type Jag that would surely win back a caboodle of cards. Of course for some of us, this was the first step into speedy descent of gambling, addiction, vice and regret – but this isn’t the place to discuss the Burridge squad’s pastimes.

If Burridge were a hand of Top-Trump cards they’d be formidable; Bryn Schwodler – not just a strange arrangement of consonants around some lonely vowels – but high scores in balance and footwork. Jamie Hewitt – close control and ability to keep possession, and Ben Hutton – powerful in the air, with the ability to strike with both feet. How Burridge would blow away their opponents. Alas – and apologies if this comes as news – but football is not Top-Trumps, it is a separate but equally rewarding game, where the sum of a team’s parts doesn’t determine the final outcome.

Although Burridge enjoyed much of the possession during the first half they were unable to capitalise and found themselves a goal down from a classic counter attack that caught them cold. Although Jamie Hewitt levelled after a goalkeeping mistake Burridge were never as comfortable as they would have liked to be, and with minutes left they conceded what turned out to be the winner. Burridge were left to reflect on defeat, with the words of Big Ron echoing in their ears (no, not his infamous words) but when he said, “When the final whistle’s gone, can you look yourself in the mirror, did I do enough?” On evidence here it would appear not.

4-4-2: S.Schwodler, L.Sanderson, M.Sanderson, K.Willsher, J.Schwodler, G.Baker, M.Reeves (L.Fielder), B.Hutton, J.Newman (K.Hewitt), B.Schwodler, J.Hewitt

Monday, 30 October 2006

Liss Athletic Reserves 1 - 3 Burridge AFC AET

Burridge recorded a satisfying extra time win in the Hampshire Cup against Wessex Combination side Liss Athletic. As usual with Burridge, things were far from straightforward. Liss went ahead early in the first half as Burridge concentrated on appealing for handball rather than play to the whistle, the ball fizzing past an equally static Sam Schwodler from twenty-five yards. Undeterred, Burridge went on to create a plethora of meaty chances on what’s rumoured to be Hampshire’s largest non-league playing surface. Bryn Schwodler was the guilty party. Evidence of his finishing in the first half was reminiscent of Nottingham Forest’s 1990’s goal bodger Jason Lee, who like Schwodler, went through a well publicised spell of being seemingly unable to finish his cornflakes, let alone several very presentable one on ones opportunities.

The game followed a similar pattern in the second half, as Liss' forays into attack were fleeting; Burridge continued to knock hard on the Liss door. At the heart of much of the creativity was Jamie Hewitt whose crisp control seldom gave away possession, and from his corner kick came the equaliser, as Bryn Schwodler rose to head home. Burridge were unlucky not to win in ninety minutes when Ben Hutton’s slide rule pass found Greg Baker, whose low right footer was tipped onto the post to fall agonisingly short of Paul Andrews’ size 12. As darkness fell on came the floodlights, and with penalty kicks seemingly inevitable, Hewitt sold his marker a dummy to cross from the right for Bryn Schwodler to meet beautifully on the volley. With Liss now a beaten side there was time for Schwodler to race clean through on goal and claim his hat-trick, atoning for his first half calamities. The game was up and Burridge were in the draw for the next round.

4-4-2: S.Schwodler, L.Sanderson, M.Sanderson, K.Willsher, J.Schwodler (M.Reeves), G.Baker, B.Hutton, J.Newman (S.Froud), J.Hewitt, P.Andrews (J.Hutton), B.Schwodler Unused Subs: M.Birks, P.Dyke

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Monday, 23 October 2006


Saturday 21st October
Portsmouth Road

Burridge managed to leave this game with some credit against Wessex Combination opponents. This seemed like an impossible task after the opening quarter of an hour, when Burridge were torn to pieces. Before some players had even touched the ball, Vospers were two goals up with the smell of blood about their nostrils, there total dominance suggested that an avalanche of goals was about to subside. But, such is the perverseness of football, things were about to change. Burridge midfielder Ben Hutton delicately evaded several challenges, and after being denied illegally the chance to shoot on goal, the referee blew for a penalty kick.

Up stepped Greg Baker, his brand new Addidas World Cup size tens still fresh from the box to stroke home. Vospers had been rattled, lowly Burridge had the temerity to score past them and this seemed to vex them no end. They were soon to be back from the dead, just like Jesus. But instead of a wooden cross it was a Justin Newman right-wing cross that was the catalyst for resurrection. The Vospers goalkeeper cam flapping at it like a doomed contestant at the annual Bognor Birdman. Greg Baker collected his spill and walloped home the equalizer.

During the second half Burridge fought on resolutely without ever really being able to control the game. Vospers - fresh from a half-time grilling - created several opportunities to go in front, and what turned out to be the winning goal came from a corner from the right, diverted high into Sam Schwodler's top left hand corner via a neck. Not conventional, but Vospers were off the hook, whilst Burridge held true to their motto: Win or lose, on the booze.

4-4-2: S.Schwodler, M.Sanderson (J.Schwodler), K.Willsher, P.Dyke, L,Sanderson, G.Baker, M.Reeves (J.Hewitt), B.Hutton, J.Newman (S.Froud), B.Schwodler, L.Fielder. Unused subs: P.Andrews, J.Hutton

Monday, 16 October 2006


Saturday 14th October
Green Park, Millbrook

Burridge went down to their second league defeat of the season. Whack, whack whack is a sound not unfamiliar to the area of Millbrook, but the recipient of hefty blows was not the fallen body of an innocent bystander but the Burridge crossbar - as Spartans hit it three times in the opening ten minutes. So, it was no great surprise when Spartans took the lead. Centre-half Paul Dyke gave chase to a runaway Spartans forward but it was in vain.

Spartans second goal seemed highly dubious. Not only did it appear offside but the ball was also removed from goalkeeper Sam Schwodler's grasp. But, considering the charmed life the Burridge uprights had been leading maybe this was simply luck evening itself out. Not to be out done Burridge scored themselves. Speedy little Lee Fielder put his opposing number under pressure sufficient enough for him to bury the ball past his own keeper, and somehow resisted
the temptation of embracing him in celebration.

Such a devastating finish surely deserved so much as a ruffle of mane or pat on the bottom; much like poor Brian Laws of Nottingham Forest, who on scoring past his own in the 1989 F.A. Cup Semi Final was greeted by the oncoming John Aldridge of Liverpool who playfully disturbed Laws' obedient centre parting with the loving gusto of a flea grooming ape. The second half was a lively affair- but neither team were able to add to their tally. Burridge had paid the price for a slow start.

4-4-2: S.Schwodler, M.Sanderson, P.Dyke, K.Willsher, J.Schwodler (L.Sanderson), J.Newman, S.Froud, M.Reeves, B.Hutton, B.Schwodler, L.Fielder (P.Andrews). Unused subs: G.Baker, J.Hutton

Monday, 2 October 2006

Burridge 5 - 0 Hythe

Burridge returned to winning ways and now find themselves in second place. Hotly tipped Team Solent - managed by ex-Saint Jon Gittens - lost to BTC, leaving Spartans as the only team in the division yet to taste defeat. Burridge's pre-match preparations were dealt a blow when they were forced to field their forth goalkeeper of the season after Sam Schwodler declared himself unavailable. Paul Andrews volunteered his services, and any nerves were soon dissipated by his appearance in the goalkeeper's jersey, stepping onto the field with the knowing gait of a Francesco Toldo, Gregory Coupet or Santiago Canizares. His sleeves pulled up casually towards his elbows reinforcing the image of a seasoned continental shot stopper. Standing at six foot three and neatly framed by the striking white uprights of the goal, he proceeded to position his defence with the strategic nous of Gary Kasporov at the chess table.

With the back door firmly shut, Burridge grew in confidence. By half time they were two goals up - both as a result of wide players getting in behind the opposing defence - a tactic championed by John Barnes in his rap cameo on New Order's 1990 single: World in motion.' It serves as a clear instruction that: You've got to hold and give but do it at the right time. You can be slow or fast but you must get to the line. They'll always hit you and hurt you - defend and attack, there's only one way to beat them: get round the back. Wise words, John. Wise words.

Lee Fielder - making his first competitive start of the season - was scorer of the first; Ben Hutton got the second, his first competitive goal for the club. Hythe managed to stem the flow of Burridge's attacks until Jaimie Hewitt weaved through to provide Fielder with his second of the afternoon. Skipper Kev Willsher got a rare goal when heading home a corner, and Bryn Schwodler kept up his goal a game ratio by drilling home a penalty kick. Can Burridge maintain these dizzy heights?

4-3-3: P.Andrews, M.Sanderson, K.Willsher, P.Dyke, L.Sanderson (M.Birks), J.Newman (G.Baker), M.Reeves, B.Hutton, B.Schwodler, J.Hewitt, L.Fielder (J.Schwodler)

Monday, 25 September 2006


Burridge went down to their first league defeat of the season against a buoyant Capital side. Perhaps yours truly should have known how the Saturday afternoon was going to pan out when inadvertently walking in on Capital’s manager in the process of evacuating his bowls – not a pretty sight and it got worse.

Burridge went into the game yet to concede a league goal, but if it wasn’t for their goalkeeper Sam Schwodler and his keen reflexes the loss could have been even more comprehensive. After going in at half-time two-nil down, Burridge began the second half at least suggesting that a come back could occur; but Capital’s third goal vaporised such hopes.

The only high point for Burridge came when Ben Hutton tried his luck from the sort of long range better suited to a nine-iron. Capital’s goalkeeper looked on with the wide eyed astonishment of someone catching sight of a U.F.O - not a football. The ball returned from orbit crashing against the cross bar, Bryn Schwodler did what all good forwards should and followed up to give Burridge consolation.

The post match analysis within the home dressing room produced words of frustration and disappointment, scattered around like the errant passes that preceded them on the field of play. Their punishment comes in the form of time; they must wait seven whole days until the next fixture and the opportunity to atone for this most unsatisfactory result, and perhaps hope to discover who the real Burridge team are: inconsistent pretenders or battle hardened challengers – at the moment the jury is still out.

4-3-3: S.Schwodler, L.Sanderson, K.Willsher, M.Birks, J.Schwodler, G.Baker (S.Froud), M.Reeves, B.Hutton, J.Hewitt (J.Newman), P.Andrews (L.Fielder), B.Schwodler Unused sub: M.Sanderson

Monday, 18 September 2006


Venue: Netley Country Park

Burridge recorded a comprehensive victory in Netley against Priory Rovers. Football is often said to be a simple game; unfortunately this concept is often betrayed through mistake and complication. Goalkeepers haven’t been allowed to handle back-passes since 1992, the rules were changed to stop yawn inducing passages of play less entertaining than tectonic plate movement. The back-pass is the banana skin of the modern game, if its objective is to provide goalkeeper with opportunity to launch the ball into the heavens to safety, then why don’t outfield players do so themselves thus eliminating the risk of humiliation.

The goalkeeper is a strange and unpredictable species, who hasn’t evolved sufficiently to deal with the ball with his feet. Take John Burridge, a goalkeeper for twenty-eight years for twenty clubs between 1968 and 1996. A man who when playing for Aston Villa in 1977, decided he wasn’t going to listen to Ron Saunders’ team-talk but walk onto the pitch on his hands to entertain the fans. A man who enthusiastically divulged his habit of watching Match of The Day in full goalkeeper kit and gloves – whilst in bed. A man clearly not far from being sectioned. These characters cannot be expected to deal with the back-pass; their genetic code passed down by the likes of Lev Yashin, Gordon Banks and Pat Jennings wants to pick up the ball.

The inconspicuous figure of John Hutton certainly won’t begrudge this weakness. The dreadlocked forward chased an errant back-pass and walked the ball into empty net. This was followed by a Jamie Hewitt special, he latched onto a clearance, pulled back his left foot and whiz-bang, it was two-nil. Burridge controlled the second half with Hewitt helping himself to a second; Greg Baker thumped home a penalty before Bryn Schwodler completed the rout.

4-3-3: Sam Schwodler, Jay Schwodler, Luke Sanderson, Mark Sanderson (Paul Dyke), Kev Willsher, Greg Baker, Mark Reeves (Nick Thomas), Steve Froud, John Hutton (Lee Fielder), Bryn Schwodler, Jamie Hewitt (Unused Subs: Paul Andrews, Matt Birks)

Monday, 11 September 2006


Saturday 9th September
Venue: Shepherds Lane, Compton

Burridge got their league campaign off to a winning start at Compton. In reference to the agreeable playing surface at Shepherds Lane, Burridge manager Pete Lyons had made it clear to his players that if they couldn't play passing football here, they may as well give up. Sentiments upheld by the late great Brian Clough, who often declared that if the ball was meant to be hoisted into orbit, God would have put grass in the sky - or words to that affect. Burridge heeded his advice, as ball and turf remained amiable companions for much of the game.
The ability to read and anticipate each other's play could well be underpinned by the strong family connections in a Burridge squad of nine brothers that includes: three Schwodlers, two Hewitts, a couple of Huttons and a pair of Sandersons.

But despite their attractive attacking intentions it was their goalkeeper Sam Schwodler who produced the defining moment of the first half. With Burridge caught out defensively, a Compton forward made his way through on goal unchallenged. With the net at his mercy he struck low seemingly unable to do anything but give Compton the lead, only for Schwodler to dart off his goal-line to narrow the angle before throwing himself at the ball, smothering it to safety.

Scoring opportunities continued to be presented at both ends of the field, with Bryn Schwodler at the end of many good attacking moves, but he was unable to convert any of these chances. With three minutes to go it appeared that the points would be shared between the sides; but Greg Baker's right-wing cross eluded the Compton goalkeeper, and as the ball sailed over his grasp Bryn Schwodler arrived to head into the inviting goal to claim victory.

4-4-2: S.Schwodler, J.Schwodler, P.Dyke, M.Sanderson (M.Reeves), L.Sanderson, G.Baker, M.Birks (J.Hutton) (P.Andrews), K.Hewitt, S.Froud, B.Schwodler, J.Hewitt


Sunday, 3 September 2006

Burridge AFC 1-6 Target

Saturday 2nd September
Veracity Ground

It was raining. It was windy. The referee may or may not have had a vendetta against Burridge. But, Paul Andrews banged home for the lead - then lots of bad things happened resulting in a good tonking. Please, lets us vow never again.

4-4-2: Kristian Hewitt, Jay Schwodler, Paul Dyke, Matt Birks, Luke Sanderson, Greg Baker, Steve Froud, Mark Sanderson, Bryn Schwodler, Paul Andrews, John Hutton

Thursday, 31 August 2006

Hamble Harriers 1 - 1 Burridge AFC

Mount Pleasant
Wednesday 30th August

The problems suffered at the hands of Blues last week were addressed in this final pre-season fixture, as Burridge - marshalled in defence by Matt Birks and Kev Willsher - fought to deny Hamble the space they desired to dictate any style of play. The first half was typical Southampton League fare as promising passing movements were too often stifled by a hurried tempo; but Burridge did at times show signs of positive attacking play. Quick passing saw the ball given wide, which as we know is the stem of many a goal. But, the goal that put Burridge into the lead was after a mistake. Bryn Schwodler chased a through ball, but an over eager Hamble defender put too much purchase on his back pass, leaving him with egg on his face. Hamble equalized when their most dangerous player drove in from the left too drill under Hewitt, who despite getting his hands to the ball was unable to divert its power.

4-3-3: Kristian Hewitt, Jay Schwodler, Kev Willsher, Luke Sanderson, Mark Sanderson, Greg Baker (Ben Hutton), Steve Froud, Lee Fielder, Paul Andrews (John Hutton), Bryn Schwodler

KICK OFF 14:30

Thursday, 24 August 2006


Wednesday 23rd August
Coal Park Lane

With the season fast approaching Burridge find themselves with work to do. Although it could be argued that substitutions disrupted the flow of the game, they would not have been happy with the way they capitulated during the second half. Despite this they took the lead when Greg Baker’s cross was headed home by Ben Hutton, but Blues - who seemed considerably more organised – were 2-1 up by half-time.

Inbetween conceding further goals, Ben Hutton hammered home from thirty yards – his fifth goal in three pre-season fixtures; leaving Burridge something to cling to. They undoubtedly have the materials available to have a far better season than last year, but need to consolidate and concentrate on defending as a team if they're to fulfill their potential.



Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Albion 3 - 7 Burridge AFC

Tuesday 15th August
Mount Pleasant

Burridge survived a brief scare in a game against older legs. Although the first twenty minutes held no suggestions of what was to follow; Alan Newman clipped calmly over the advancing keeper for one-nil, before Bryn Schwodler made it two. Burridge then went onto enjoy perhaps too much of the ball, like a kitten with a wounded shrew, they knew not what to do with their prey. As a result Albion drew level before half-time, the second goal a rasping drive from an indirect free kick in the penalty area.

Things got worse in the second period. Albion counter attacked and no sooner had it looked to have died out than the ball was delicately chipped in. Burridge reverted to playing quick passes. John Hutton levelled after being in the right place at the right time on the far post after a flowing move, leading to a flurry of goals. Kristian Hewitt kept a shot from inside the penalty area down for the lead; Lee Fielder drove into the box and dispatched, and Ben Hutton grabbed a brace - one of them after a forty yard run.

So Burridge can gain heart from this exercise - that not only saw everyone get through the game in one piece - but also as it served as a further 90 minutes for players to take a step closer to match fitness and an understanding of each other. Of course, there is room for improvement - more cohesion and communication - but these pre-season games serve exactly for that purpose.

4-4-2: Sam Schwodler, Luke Sanderson, Kev Willsher, Matt Birks, Jay Schwodler, Steve Froud, Ben Hutton, Kristian Hewitt, Bryn Schwodler, Alan Newman, Lee Fielder

After 3o minutes reverting to....

4-4-2: Sam Schwodler, Luke Sanderson, Kev Willsher, Matt Birks, Jay Schwodler, Greg Baker, Ben Hutton, Kristian Hewitt, Bryn Schwodler, John Hutton, Justin Newman

After 60 minutes reverting to....

4-4-2: Sam Schwodler, Jay Schwodler, Kev Willsher, Alan Newman, Steve Froud, Justin Newman, Ben Hutton, Greg Baker, John Hutton, Lee Fielder



Saturday, 12 August 2006

Solent WTL 3-2 Burridge AFC

Saturday 12th August
Hamble School

Burridge AFC found themselves a goal down at half-time on a barren pitch more in keeping with the golden lawns of the Wimbledon tennis championships. With a collection of new players thrown together, there was little time for exchanging pleasantries - versatile stalwart Kristian Hewitt reverted to goalkeeper before the break after keeper Alex Clegg aggravated a previous wrist injury. We all wish him well.

During the second half - and playing without the back up of substitutes - Burridge improved substantially. But, not before going two goals down. Left back Luke Sanderson was unable to keep the ball from crossing the line after a corner kick. This seemed to galvanise Burridge, and before long they were back in the contest; debutante Ben Hutton stepped up to dispatch a right footed free kick from twenty-five yards. This was quickly followed by the equalizer, Kristian Hewitt's raking clearance evaded the Solent defence, and Bryn Schwodler gathered the ball in his stride before lashing home.

It appeared Burridge could go onto win the game, but in spite of their improvement they gave away a late penalty, which gave Solent victory. But Burridge can be encouraged with a fairly resilient performance that can only be improved upon.

4-4-2: Alex Clegg (Kristian Hewitt), Luke Sanderson, Alan Newman, Matt Birks, Jay Schwodler, Greg Baker, Ben Hutton, Kristian Hewitt (Justin Newman), Steve Froud, John Hutton, Bryn Schwodler



**I regret to inform you all that our new goalkepper Alex Clegg has broken his arm. I spoke with him at 11:30am on Sunday, and he told me that he was at A & E 'til 8pm, and now has his right arm in a splint. It was painful this morning, and he will be going back to have the arm set in plaster. Alex remains in good spirits and hopes the break will heal in eight weeks. I'm also glad that insurance is in place to sort him out at work.**

Monday, 7 August 2006

Beaney Park FC 0 -2 Burridge AFC

Pre-Season: Saturday 5th August
Southampton Sport Centre

Burridge recorded a comfortable victory in their first fixture without the recently departed trio of Allan, Bryant & Wilson. The fixture was originally scheduled at The Clump, but rearranged for the sand based astroturf more suited to hockey games it was designed for. In spite of this Burridge adapted to the conditions quickly, Greg Baker made his way through on goal from the left and neatly side footed home across the path of the goalie; Kristian Hewitt then intercepted a pass and was given too much time from outside the penalty area - his right footed strike found the keeper's bottom right-hand corner. Burridge continued to control the second half but were unable to add to their tally, ending the game comfortable winners.

4-3-3 (then 4-4-2 in 2nd half): Alex Clegg (Sam Schwodler), Luke Sanderson, Paul Dyke, Kev Willsher, Mark Sanderson, Jay Schwodler, Greg Baker, Kristian Hewitt (c), Bryn Schwodler, Lee Fielder, Paul Andrews (Matt Burkes)


Wednesday, 26 July 2006

East German Smokers

Not content with being the big scoring noise alongside Paul Walsh with Manchester City during the mid 1990's, he also scored the last ever goal at The Dell against Brighton. Although no longer mixing it with glamorous names such as Ian Brightwell and Richard Edghill, he now plies his trade as boss of Norwegian InterToto part-timers, Lillestrom; who as you'll be aware drew with Newcastle at St. James Park on Saturday July 15th. Of course, I'm talking about Uwe Rosler.

Well, as chance would have it, an associate of mine Richard Conklin, was spending a weekend in the Marriott Hotel in Gosforth Park that very weekend. As a soccer enthusiast, you can imagine his excitement when he clocked not only Rosler, but his number two Gunner Halle - him of Oldham Athletic fame - suited and booted at around 1pm for their big inter-toto game with the Toon.

He thought nothing of it, and continued to spend the rest of the day getting trousered, until the midnight hour when he noticed a familiar face indulging in drink and heavy smoking. It was Rosler. After exchanging a few friendly words he departed. Moments later, Conklin and friends found themselves dancing - as you do - to 'Summer of '69,' before Rosler, noticing that one of Conklin's associates had woman about him, burst into the circle, singing and spraying his bottle of Bud like Champagne. By now thoroughly intoxicated, Rosler proceeded to become overtly flirtatious with all females in his vicinity. Conklin and friends were said to have had to escape via a fire exit to escape his horny clutches. Gunnar Halle was nowhere to be seen.

Training on Tuesday 1st August at 6:45pm at Osborne road, Warsash.

Monday, 10 July 2006

26 DAYS TO GO....

Hi Lads,
First friendly organized for Sat 5th August against Beaney Park FC @ the Clump Inn pitch @ Chilworth kick off 2.30pm. Then back to the Shirley Park Inn afterwards. Let me know if you're available in due course. Remember training starts in a few weeks. I will see you all then. I Spoke to Barrie and he wants some help with the pich next Sunday (16th), any help will be welcome - bring your own spade and pitch fork. Barrie is going to speak to me in the week. Pass the word around.


Wednesday, 28 June 2006


Rooney! Rooney! Engalnd this & Engalnd that. In a week or less it'll be an Elton John sad song to cut away to the credits on. Or will it? Spain are out. Again. But, we won't miss Aragones - no, we won't. No more racist jibes from that 'orrible little man. Age is indeed catching up with him, so we can only hope that death is on our side.
I write to bemoan globalization, which in turn has given us the universal haircut. I remember the days when one could tell a nation by the way they wore their hair. Some of the Italians like Allesandro Nesta are holding to tradition, with their long lank and thoroughly lacquered locks. But I feel let down by the Poles; where have the inappropriate 'taches, and the feathered mullets gone? Although several Ukraine players - including Anatoli Tymoshuk & Maksym Kalinichenko have long hair, it's more Fara Fawcett than Michael Bolton top-weave.

My favourite haircuts have been 27 year old full back Magnin Ludovic of Switzerland, who despite being very thin on top, insists on trying to shape a style from his strawberry blond locks. And, also France's Frank Ribery. If injured (any further) he could quite feasibly make a lucrative career in B-movies, as Igor.

Thursday, 22 June 2006


I am going to kick off training on Tuesday 25th July at Warsash at 6.45pm. Starting with a run along the beach and the usual fitness stuff followed by a kick about.

The running will be along a gravel track and the shingle beach, so select the appropriate foot wear. NB: No changing facilities available - sorry. I suggest you park in Newtown road or in the Salterns Social Club car park.

There is a cut opposite the club between the houses that leads through to Strawberry Fields park adjacent to Hamble river. I will be waiting on my push bike because I am older than you!

The following week we will train two nights Tuesday at Warsash and Thursday at Burridge - pending a phone call to Barrie! Once we start playing friendlies we will drop back to training once a week and then onto out usual slot at Wildern which I would like to extend to an hour an a half?

All the best
Pete Lyons
Email: pete@newair.co.uk

Sunday, 18 June 2006


It was a hot Saturday night, for the Burridge end of seasoner at the Rising Sun in Warsash. Well done to the following award winners.

Saturday Player's Player: Luke Sanderson
Saturday Manager's Player: Ben Wilson
Sunday Player's Player: Kev Wilsher
Sunday's Manager's Player: Paul Dyke

New Saturday boss, Pete Lyons, announced that training would start around mid to late July, exact date to be confirmed. It will take place on Tuesday and Thursday nights. You'll hear more closer to the date. As a sober attendee, I feel duty bound to communicate with you a quote made from the bar at around 10:37pm, from our very own Bryn Schwodler......

"No teams in our league have ever been up to much........I wanna score in every game........I'm gonna take this league by storm."

So, there you go. I for one, look forward to this exciting development.

Tuesday, 13 June 2006


Yesterday evening, Jay and I were watching Italy play Ghana. The commentary was too much. Just as I was about to double Van Gogh myself, Jay activated the red button that deemed the commentary obsolete. Why must they insist on making lamentable puns and contrived cliche: must all African teams be deemed plucky underdogs? Then there's the Beeb's Mick McCarthy, and ITV's Gareth Southgate, whose delivery is so still born, I think I may have slipped into a coma during their commentary. If I was in charge of the Beeb, I'd bring in James Richardson from Bravo's Italian football and invite Barry Davies back. As for Clive Tyldsley? It's as if he's on excitement commission. He's the sort that probably masturbates over his horribly over done warbling on a nightly basis. In short, a tit.

Friday, 9 June 2006


Saturday June 17th
Rising Sun, Warsash,
7:30pm onwards

Hello everyone. The presentation is £15 a head, so I guess nobody will be bringing partners then?! Regards.

Monday, 5 June 2006


Four years ago Peter Crouch was about to move to Aston Villa from Portsmouth. A move that did little for his career. Back then you would have been pelted with enough tranquilizer darts to take down a rhino and taken to the funny farm for a frontal lobotomy for even suggesting that Crouchy would get anywhere near the England squad. But, this summer, the nation's hopes may rest on Crouchy aka G.T.F.A.B.M. (Good Touch for a Big Man). I don't know what it is about the country's perception of tall players? Was Niall Quinn considered a gangling donkey? No, just gangling. What about the Czech Republic's Jan Koller, who has 42 goals in 68 caps, very good for a big man, or any man for that matter. Althouth it must be Hell buying trousers.

NB Presentation is still on for 17th June at the Rising Sun, Warsash.

Thursday, 11 May 2006

Burden of expectation too great for Brazil

Round Two
Tuesday 27th June
Dortmund, Germany

The 2006 Fifa World Cup was blown wide open as Brazil were defeated by a single Luca Toni Goal in Dortmund last night. Emerson Marks reports. This was their earliest exist since Italia '90, where they lost in the second round to Argentina. The Brazilians had to play out the final thirty minutes without their talisman Ronaldinho, who was forced off with a calf strain. They missed a host of chances, particularly in the last fifteen minutes, when Buffon saved at point blank range from Adriano. Italy had taken the lead on 22 minutes, when Luca Toni arrived at the far post to head home Pirlo's right sided set piece. The result left experts to salivate at who was to claim this year's World Cup with the favourites knocked out.

So, 90minutesofBurridge, Blogger's favourite sporting blog - as voted by all Burridge Bloggers wants to know who they'll think will lift the World Cup come July 9th In Berlin.

Burridge blogger Emerson Marks, writing exclusively for 90minutesofBurridge has a strong feeling for Argentina to become the first South Americans to win in Europe since Brazil's triumph in Sweden in 1958.

Monday, 8 May 2006


The majority of us are racing towards 30, and many of you have long term girlfriends. But, I was still under the impression that you were all firing blanks on and off the pitch. But, finally we have a Dad to be at Burridge. Mr & Mrs Froud - coincidently the only married couple at the club - are expected the pattering of tiny feet. No, Lee Fielder isn't their new lodger, but they're expecting a baby. I'm sure you'll join me in congratulating them.

Editor's note: I would like to congratulate Steve on just the act itself, well done!

Tuesday, 2 May 2006

AFC Spotted Cow 1 - 0 Burridge AFC

Sunday 30th April

The ecombination of the last game of the season and internet restrictions at work has left me with a nasty case of writers block. But, in a nutshell: Bryn had another head injury (he ' always had problems with his head). Then Burridge continued to battle away gamely and produced another chances in the game to have taken something. Spotted Cow got the only goal of the game mid way through the second half.

PS Well done to Nick Sadler of the ressies who made the crucial save in the Hants Cup Final penalty shoot out, well done.

4-4-2: D.Hopkins, M.Sanderson, P.Dyke, K.Willsher, M.Sanderson, G.Baker (P.Andrews), R.Allan, S.Burnet, L.Fielder, B.Schwodler (J.Schwodler), R.Bryant

Thursday, 27 April 2006



Saturday 29th's friendly is OFF.
At present Sunday 30th's game versus the Spotted Cow is on.
Presentation pencilled in for June 17th at Rising Son, Warsash.

Question for Paul Andrews: are you still having your annual bar-be-que this year?
If so, on what date (FA Cup Final: Liverpool v West Ham is on May 13th this year).

Monday, 24 April 2006

West Meon & Warnford 1 - 1 Burridge AFC

Sunday 23rd April - St Georges Day
In the sticks

Good Morning Blogmiesters. I bring you news of another blood and guts performance from the Burridge AFC. If it's your bag to witness flamboyant ball juggling then sling your hook down the seal pen in Marwell at feeding time, because Burridge isn't the scene for performing tricks. The Burridge scene is all about the "oommpphhh" and the "getting mean," and in the words of Clint Eastwood as the outlaw Jessie Wells (or whatever his name was) "Sometimes things get rough, and you've just got to get mean - mad dog mean and duke it out."

Well thanks Clint, but here in the Burridge scene we know plenty of that already, so turn tail and mind your own. If I want your opinion, it'll be regarding what to expect when tending to orang-utans. Anyway, the first half was tighter than Eva Longeria's arse cheeks. Then - in the second half - the referee got a little bored. "D'you know what gets right up my nose?" he moaned in the general direction of Dykey. "People like you telling me what to do from sixty yards!"

Well, Mr Referee. Do you know what gets up my nose? Well, I can't tell you - my Mum reads this, but beside that I'll tell you. What gets up my nose is referees like you making poor decisons not seen since Gerard Houllier decided to shell out on Djimi Traore. Now listen, I know Mark Sanderson pretty well, and when he says he got the ball, he got the ball. But the referee said penalty. Step forward the fall guy: Kristian Hewitt, springing to his right and palming away - justice is done!

West Meon did however take the lead. The ball was looped to the far post and guided home from point plank range into an empty net. With a quarter of an hour, Burridge showed their resolve. Bryn Schwodler cut back perfectly from the left to his elder brother Jay. Just as he was about to shout' "How d'you like them apples Mozzer,"he was taken from behind - not for the first time, eh Jay? Up stepped Rick Allan, and did he miss? did he eff! So a point a piece, and a good shift put in by the Burridge.

4-4-4: K.Hewitt, M.Sanderson, P.Dyke, K.Willsher, L.Sanderson, R.Bryant (J.Schwodler), R.Allan, S.Burnet, B.Schwodler, P.Andrews (B.Wilson), A.Lovett (B.Wilson)


Other Results:
Waterlooville 0 - 3 Moo Cow
Paxton 3 - 9 Aquaseal

Thursday, 20 April 2006


Morning bloggers,

I thought I'd better establish official interest in our proposed friendly with Hedge-End on Saturday 29th April, at Burridge Shed, kick off 2pm.

Please let the blog know if you're available...

Sunday, 16 April 2006

Burridge AFC 3 - 0 Waterlooville

Sunday 16th April
Burridge Rec

It was around 1:53pm amid the heavy guff of sport's liniment, that Burridge gaffer Maurice Hewlett announced; "This is a game I don't expect you to win." But, those regular Burridge Bloggers out there will know only too well, that Burridge are anything but predictable.

Soon to embark on his debut marathon in the city of London: Greg Baker inadvertently opened a long inquest between Waterlooville centre-halfs by calmly side footed the opening goal from the right of the penalty box. When Baker and Hewitt swapped flanks a second goal followed. Kristian Hewitt took full advantage of the wealth of space in front of him, shooting low past the keeper's right hand glove.

In the second period Waterlooville desperately tried to revive their flagging title ambitions - but Burridge defended resolutely. With minutes left on the clock, newly introduced substitute Jay Schwodler was sent clear and rolled the leather through the posts sealing a comprehensive team performance.

4-4-2: D.Hopkins, L.Sanderson, P.Dyke, K.Willsher, M.Sanderson, G.Baker, S.Burnet, R.Allan, K.Hewitt, B.Schwodler (J.Schwodler), R.Bryant. (Unused Subs: P.Andrews, A.Lovett)

Monday, 10 April 2006

Burridge 1 - 0 Paxton

Sunday 9th April
Venue: Whiteley

Here at Burridge blog towers we've heard many an excuse over the years; 'got a nasty case of the hives on my nether regions boss, 'have to take missus to Wickes to fit out our new Summer house' and such like piffle. So when boozy Dave Hopkins rang up Maurice's step son Richie, to say he wasn't playing, we called foul play!

Something about 20 ambulances chasing 100 fire engines in his noggin. The boy doesn't have any previous, but needless to say he was taking pelters in the dressing room. Kristian Hewitt sat in a darkened corner with clenched fists. He'd been looking forward to his day trip on the outer field, but Hopkins and his boozy antics kept him locked up his penalty area cell - with no room mates.

Burridge snitch Jay Schwodler wasted no time in grassing the Hopkins child up to new Saturday gaffer Pete Lyons. Who, apparently on hearing the news (keeper couldn't make afternoon game due to hangover) was aghast; sources close to Blog HQ say Lyons is still open mouthed in astonishment at the level of light weightedness not seen since our mid-nineties teenage hey-days.

Had Hopkins ran into Sienna Miller and Kate Moss for a bit of the old in-out, we'd gladly admonish the lad. But, for having the spunk to call in sick sees the Hopkins child loose all of his man points. Get well soon Dave. Anyway, as for the game; Andy Lovett hit across goal from the right and Bryn Schwodler hit home low and hard into the gaping net about mid-way through the second half. Get in there you beauty!

4-4-2: K.Hewitt, L.Sanderson, P.Dyke, K.Wilsher, M.Sanderson, J.Schwodler, R.Allan, R.Bryant, B.Schwodler, P.Andrews (L.Fielder), A.Lovett. Unused sub: M. Hewlett

16/4 home to Waterlooville
23/4 away to West Meon

Spotted Moo Cow 7 - 1 Aquaseal
West Meon 1 - 2 Spinnaker

PS Well done to the ref; weaker than a drinking challenge from Dirty Dave Hopkins.

Thursday, 6 April 2006


Needing four wins from their remaining five games, Solent had the bit firmly between their teeth. Burridge succeeded in frustrating then during the first half, without ever threatening the Solent goal. Mid way through the second period Burridge were no longer able to break up wave after wave of Solent attack, and their inability to keep possession made their task even more difficult.

Once finally Solent broke the deadlock, space was found and further goals followed. Burridge can take some positives from the battling first half performance; but will surely have to take on a pre-season regime as an essential obligation, instead of an option they'd rather avoid if they're ever going to improve, and actually discover what they're capable of.

4-4-2: D.Hopkins, L.Sanderson, B.Wilson (M.Sanderson), P.Dyke, J.Schwodler, R.Bryant, M.Reeves, R.Allan, B.Schwodler, P.Andrews (S.Froud), K.Hewitt

Monday, 3 April 2006

Wednesday 5th April

Hello All, just to remind you that our last league game is against Solent on Wednesday evening. Kicking off at 6PM at Itchen College, so get there for 5:30 or before; give me a call if you're going to be late.


Wednesday, 29 March 2006


Hello all,

Mike Walker had too many commitments in the garden centre opening industry; George Graham is still stalling for that one last big job; and Dr Josef Venglos is too busy being a doctor. But, I can confirm Pete Lyons as our new Saturday manager.

Tuesday, 28 March 2006


Dykey put an advert on Yellow Jersey, here is the reply he received;


Wessex League Manager / trainer ex-army has a proposal if you want to go to the very top, you sound like a great bunch of guys, if you like real beneficial training to develop everyone and I mean everyone, and also add quality players to your side but deadly serious bout going all the way under a tough ex-wessex league player now manager who has done it all before then contact me a.s.a.p.

Froudie said via email:
I've heard his name around and he has played decent footie.
if you go for this sort of guy then you have to be prepared for him to bring in his own players and go with his decisions - don't mind myself but you guys have all been together a long time - depends how much you're prepared for the boat to be rocked as it were

Monday, 27 March 2006

Gems 0 - 4 Burridge AFC

Sunday 26th March
Wicor Rec

Burridge - like the clocks - moved forward on a wet mothering Sunday. Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, and Bryn Schwodler as Frank Spencer made a late appearance and had to settle for a place on the bench. "Oohh Betty, I forgot my football boots!" From long range, Ross Bryant looped home his eighth goal of the season, which was quickly followed by a second made by Kristian Hewitt and scored by Rich Allan. Incidentally his eighth goal too.

From here on in Burridge created chance after chance (after chance), eventually getting two more goals that made the scoreline more realistic. Bryn Schwodler and Paul Andrews came off the bench to get those goals, and Burridge gained their third league victory of the season.

4-4-2: D.Hopkins, L.Sanderson, K.Wilsher, P.Dyke, M.Sanderson, K.Hewitt, S.Burnet (A.Lovett), G.Baker (B.Schwodler), J.Schwodler, (P.Andrews), R.Allan, R.Bryant
H/T: 2-0

West Meon 2 - 0 Wickham
Waterlooville 4 - 4 Aquaseal

02/04: home to Paxton
16/04: home to Waterlooville
23/04: away to West Meon

Tuesday, 21 March 2006


Just to confirm our last game; away to Solent, Wednesday 5th April. Rich has just called me to entertain the possibility of a friendly with Hedge-End this Saturday. I agreed, foolishly overseeing what I had in plan on Friday night! Not sure if I really wanted to play a game of pride with a stinking hangover, I thought I'd just carry on as caretaker manager and stay on the sidelines. But what of the rest of you? I'll go with the majority.

Monday, 20 March 2006

Waterlooville Social Club 3 - 0 Burridge AFC

Sunday 19th March
Dave Blunt Cup Semi Finals

D.Hopkins, M.Sanderson, P.Dyke, K.Willsher, L.Sanderson, B.Schwodler, S.Burnet, G.Baker (P.Andrews), K.Hewitt (J.Schwodler), R.Allan, R.Bryant

Cadnam 2 - 7 Burridge AFC

Saturday 18th 2006

A capacity crowd at the Clayfields arena were treated to a goal extravaganza. They (both of them) were rewarded with a sight rarer than rocking horse sh*t, namely a Paul Andrews hat-trick! But it wasn't all plain sailing sport's fans, no sir. Nine man Cadnam took an early lead before Burridge realized that there was more space available on the field than there is in a agoraphobic's diary.

Ross Bryant levelled. Luke Sanderson headed home number two with his arm. Then it became the George Best memorial second half; with doubles and trebles everywhere! Lanky target man Paul Andrews collected goals seven, eight and nine of the season, inbetween Kristian Hewitt's double. What a day, what a game, what a relief.

D.Hopkins, L.Sanderson, P.Dyke, B.Wilson, J.Schwodler, R.Bryant, R.Allan, M.Reeves, B.Schwodler, P.Andrews, K.Hewitt

Other Results:
Academicals 3 - 3 Comrades
Capital 0 - 3 Sports
Solent 0 -0 Malvern

Monday, 13 March 2006

Burridge AFC 3 - 0 Titchfield Reserves

Sunday 12th March
Osborne Road,Warash

It was freezing. The ball was rock hard. Baker was arguing with the ref. But, Burridge got the job done. A neat double from Ross Bryant, and a single from Scott Burnet sets up a semi final with Waterlooville. See the full cup programme below.....plus league tables.

4-4-2: K.Hewitt, M.Sanderson, P.Dyke, K.Willsher, L.Sanderson, B.Schwodler, G.Baker, S.Burnet, J.Schwodler (Paul Andrews), R.Bryant, R.Allan.

Round 1
23/10/05 (14:00)

Round 2
11/12/05 (14:00)

Spinnaker Fc 13 7 4 2 45 18 27 25
Afc Cow 11 8 0 3 54 19 35 24
Wlv Social 11 7 2 2 40 14 26 23
Aquaseal 12 5 3 4 37 23 14 18
Wickham 14 5 2 7 25 43-18 17
West Meon 6 4 0 2 14 14 0 12
Burridge Afc 11 2 5 4 21 24 -3 11
Afc Paxton 10 2 3 5 20 33-13 9
Gems Fc 14 1 1 12 19 87 -68 4

Burridge AFC 1 -2 Solent

Saturday 11th March
Osborne Road, Warsash

A rather shaky start, saw Burridge two down inside twenty minutes. But gradually they arrived into the game and Paul Andrews bagged his sixth of the seaon after Jay Schwodler had cut the ball back. In the last minute Rich Allan drove against the psot from outside the box.

4-4-2: K.Hewitt, L. Sanderson, B.Wilson, M.Sanderson, J.Schwodler, B.Schwodler (P.Dyke), R.Allan, M.Reeves, R.Bryant, N.Thomas, P.Andrews. H/T: 0-2.

1 Spartans 19 11 4 4 17 37
2 Malvern 17 11 3 3 24 36
3 Academ 18 11 2 5 24 35
4 B Sports 17 11 0 6 8 33
5 Solent 12 8 2 2 19 26
6 Capital 18 8 2 8 -5 26

7 Survey 20 6 4 10 -17 22
8 Burridge 18 4 4 10 -15 16
9 Comrade 18 4 4 10 -25 16
10 Priory 18 4 2 12 -13 14
11 Cadnam 17 4 1 12 -17 13

Wednesday, 8 March 2006



On Saturday 11th we're due to play Solent at home, although not confirmed it's likely to be at Allotment Road. Then on Sunday we have a Blunt League Cup game away against Titchfield reserves. Again the venue has not been confirmed. My guess is if it's not Titchfield Rec, it'll be Wicor Rec. But have another look here come the end of the week to confirm.

Monday, 6 March 2006

Wickham Dynamos 3 - 1 Burridge

Sunday 5th March 2006
Wickham Rec

Burridge went out of the Pink Cup despite dominating the entire game. After going a goal down, they levelled when a cross was headed into the net by a Dynamo's defender. When going 2-1 down Burridge pushed hard for an equaliser but Dynamos scored a hotly disputed third. But with no linesman present to judge the goal remained and Burridge went out.

4-4-2: Maurice Hewlett, Mark Sanderson, Kristian Hewitt, Ben Wilson, Luke Sanderson, Jay Schwodler, Rich Allan, Ross Bryant, Bryn Schwodler, Lee Fielder, Andy Lovett.

This Sunday we're due to play Titchfield Reserves in the Blunt Cup.

**PS Congratulations to the reserves for reaching the Hampshire Cup Final which will take place at Blackfield on 30th April**

Burridge AFC 1 - 2 Academicals

Saturday 4th March 2006
Burridge Park

After nullifying Academicals attacks, Burridge were eventually undone with a goal minutes from the final whistle. They had taken a first half lead through Nick Thomas, but on swampy home pitch they were denied what would have been a deserved point.

4-4-2: Kristian Hewitt, Luke Sanderson, Ben Wilson, Mark Sanderson, Jay Schwodler, Bryn Schwodler, Mark Reeves, Rich Allan, Ross Bryant, Nick Thomas, Lee Fielder

Other results
Sports 4-3 Priory
Comrades 2-0 Cadnam
Malvern 4-0 Capital

Fixtures: 11/03 home to Solent.

Monday, 27 February 2006


Well, here are Saturday 25 Feb's results. As you'll notice, Solent continue to wobble, and Sports got a good going over too.

Sports 1 - 4 Academicals
Capital 1 - 0 Priory
Comrades 1 - 1 Solent
Spartans 1 - 1 Malvern

According to http://full-time.thefa.com we are scheduled to play Academicals at home this Saturday. Keep your eyes on http://www.burridge-afc.co.uk for the venue details.

As for Sundays, not so much to report; Spinnaker trounced Wickham, 5-0. www.mvfl.co.uk have us down to play the rearranged divisional cup game against Wickham this Sunday.

Monday, 20 February 2006


Saturday 18th Feb 2006
Venue: BTC

Two first half goals put paid to a second win on the bounce. There was plenty of effort in the second half but no goal, although Mark Reeves did hit the post.

4-4-2: K.Hewitt, L.Sanderson, P.Dyke, B.Wilson, J.Schwodler, R.Allan, M.Reeves, R.Bryant, C.Godwin (M.Sanderson), P.Andrews, B.Schwodler

Other Results:
Cadnam 1 - 3 Spartans
Malvern 2 - 1 Academicals
Survey 2 - 1 Priory
Solent 1 - 2 Burridge Sports

Tuesday, 14 February 2006

18/02/06: COMRADES AT BTC: KICK OFF 14:30

Meet at BTC on Stoneham Lane at 13:45pm this Saturday 18th Feb for a 14:30 kick off.

If anyone does have black shorts and blue socks then please bring them as we were suspiciously low on both last week.


Wednesday, 8 February 2006


Ok fellas,
on Sunday we have Titchfield in the Dave Blunt Cup. Kick Off at 13:45 at Wicor Rec.

We have no game on Saturday. As you can understand, as we won we would really have to start with near enough the same team, I know Carl Godwin is keen. But when I say we, I realise we don't have a manager. Looking after keys, bringing drinks, and collecting subs is the easy bit. Picking the team is the hard bit!

I know the team will carry on, but Rich and I want to play and I don't think you can do both, so I think we need a manager for next season. Somebody on the side who can see what's going on. I was going to give Julian Hockney first refusal, and Mark and Froudie say they know someone who could be interested.

I understand it threatens to disrupt what's gone on before, but this season has been tough hasn't it? Alot of you know Julian, who is no nonsense and fair, and by the sounds of it so is the chap Froudie and Mark speak of.

What do you think?

Sunday, 5 February 2006


Saturday 4th February 2006
Allotment Road

It was off then it was on again. Rather than just lose a game, Burridge scraped together a team and produced a performance as thorough and determined as they had all season. The first half was dominated by Burridge who were first to all second balls and appeared the hungrier - Carl Godwin unlucky to see his twenty five yard strike cannon off the bar, but they had the lead in the first half. Luke Sanderson looped forward and Jamie Hewitt side stepped the keeper before rolling home from a tight angle.

Priory - obviously fresh from a half time roasting started the second period brightly and hit Hewitt's upright after a corner, but Burridge with the tenacious pair of Mark Reeves and captain Ross Bryant were first to all loose balls. It appeared nothing was on when Carl Godwin cut in from the left, but he unleashed a twenty five yard thunder bolt that swerved away from the keeper into the net via a post. Burridge pressed on and Lee Wood found himself one on one, dropped his shoulder leaving the keeper grounded before stroking home number three. There was time for a consolation for Priory, but victory belonged to Burridge.

4-4-2: Kristian Hewitt, Luke Sanderson, Keith Collier, Ben Wilson, Mark Sanderson, Carl Godwin, Ross Bryant, Mark Reeves, Rich Allan (Tim O'Brien), Jamie Hewitt, Lee Wood

Remember: if you want clean boots, bring them Wednesday. At present Mark Reeves its my first client, and you'll see the fruit of my craftmanship come Wednesday should you want to enjoy beautifully clean soccer cleats!

PS: Don't forget Richie's training money! Don't take his good nature for granted See you all on Wednesday.

Thursday, 2 February 2006


Okay fellas,
the game IS on this Saturday. This will be the team, new players in italics; I have a few on standby should anyone decide to pull out! Be at Allotment Road for 1:30pm.

Gk: Kristian Hewitt
Lb: Luke Sanderson
Cb: Ben Wilson
Cb: Keith Collier
Rb: Mark Sanderson
Lm: Carl Godwin
Cm: Ross Bryant (c)
Cm: Mark Reeves
Rm: Ben Rowe
Cf: Jamie Hewitt
Cf: Lee Wood

Monday, 30 January 2006


Take advantage of a new service.

Nobody like cleaning their football boots, but it's even worse to put on a pair that are caked in last week's mud. How are you going to caress the ball around the field if your feet feel as though they're set in concrete?

The answer is to look after your boots. But now you don't have to! After a game on Sunday, (Saturday if you don't play on Sunday) hand them to Mark Sanderson and have them back to you gleaming, all for only £3 a pair.

So, for clean football boots,
contact Mark Sanderson
on 077807 07406
or email mark.sanderson@ltsbcf.co.uk

A snip at 3 quid a pair.

Burridge AFC 4 - 4 Aquaseal

Sunday 29th January
Burridge Rec.

With a squad whittled further to the bone due to absence of Kev Wilsher, Kristian Hewitt, Dave Hopkins and Lee Fielder, Burridge once again took to the field with the bare eleven. A quick fire double from Jay Schwodler catapulted Burridge ahead, but this was short lived as Aquaseal hit four first half goals leaving Burridge punch drunk.

Although Burridge's league form has been indifferent, they continued to chip away, and it was Ross Bryant who hit two well taken goals to give him five in three games as centre forward. When Bryn Schwodler was felled in the area after cutting in from the left it appeared victory was in Burridge's grasp, but Schwodler's spot kick was saved and the points were shared.

NB The result means we remain in 7th out of 9.
2 points ahead of Paxton who have a game in hand.
West Meon are 4 points ahead with 4 games in hand.
Whereas Aquaseal and ourselves have played the same but they lead us by 6 points.

Other results:
Gems 0 - 16 AFC Spotted Cow
Wickham Dynamos 1 - 6 Wlv Social Club
Pink Cup Round 1
West Meon 4 -4 Spinnaker

Cup Draws:
Dave Blunt Memorial Trophy
Round 1: Aquaseal 2 - 4 Burridge AFC
Round 2: Bye
Round 3: Burridge AFC 4 - 0 Ranville Rangers
Round 4: away to Titchfield Reserves (12/2)
Pink Cup: away to Wickham Dynamos (19/2)

Sunday, 29 January 2006

Burridge 2 - 2 Survey

Saturday 28th January 2006
Venue: Osborne Road, Warsash

With both Dave Hopkins and Kristian Hewitt unable to play, Burridge turned to Ben Wilson to play as goalkeeper. He repaid their faith with some important saves, particularly in the first half when he blocked from point blank range. Despite this Survey went a goal up, but within minutes Paul Andrews was put through on goal, and he side footed the equaliser.

This game had all the ingredients of a typical Southampton league game. A cold wind, a uneven playing surface, and a referee who acted with such indifference that not even constant baiting from Paul Dyke could rouse him into speech. In the second half Burridge lost possession on the right and Survey punished them with a goal on the counter attack. Their lead was once again shortlived as Bryn Schwodler cut inside and drilled across the box from the right and Ross Bryant arrived to tap in. Both sides had opportunities to win the game but they weren't taken.

4-4-2: Ben Wilson, Luke Sanderson, Mark Reeves, Paul Dyke, Jay Schwodler, Ross Bryant, Mark Sanderson, Rich Allan, Bryn Schwodler, Paul Andrews, Lee Wood.

Thursday, 26 January 2006

Southampton Football League Senior 1:
Saturday: 28th January 2006 Time: 2.00pm
BURRIDGE AFC -v- Ordnance Survey
Ref: Derek Bellinger
Venue: Warsash Recreation Ground Osborne Road

Monday, 23 January 2006

Burridge AFC 4 - 0 Ranville Rangers

Sunday 22nd January
Allotment Road

Burridge were all over this lot like chicken pocks from the opening whistle. Quite how it was only one - nil at half time was anyone's guess. Ross Bryant turned his man and drilled home the first. In the second half Rich Allan tapped home after Danny Baker Christmas video fare defending from Ranville; involving their goalkeeper's clearance cannoning off a defender's arse straight towards goal. Burridge substitutes then got on the act. Lee Fielder's cross evaded the keeper for three and Paul Andrews' emphatic last minute finish made it conclusive.

4-4-2: Kristian Hewitt, Luke Sanderson, Paul Dyke, Kev Willsher, Mark Sanderson, Jay Schwodler, Greg Baker (Paul Andrews), Scott Burnet, Bryn Schwodler (Lee Fielder), Rich Allan, Ross Bryant.

Sunday, 22 January 2006

Capital 1 - 3 Burridge AFC


Saturday 21st January 2006
Fryern Rec

After another night of excess, Burridge could have done with an extra feature to their strip - a pair of Raybans. As Rich Allan entered the centre circle to carry out his duties as captain (this involves guessing if the referee's toss will produce the queen's head or tail; well they're inbred aren't they), Capital players seemed to be in competition with each other to see who could deliver the most generic pre-match battle cry.

Extra points going to those who sound like they really mean it, like one of the Baldwin brothers in the highly entertaining romp, "Ten Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead," who when realising he's on the killer's hitlist whoofs down a load of amphetamines and remains in his room even in the event of a call of nature with a twitchy finger on a loaded AK-47. When someone calls round he whacks on a set of hastily set up headlights and delivers the line: "FREEZE MOTHERF*CKER; I AM GODZILLA, YOU ARE JAPAN." Anyway, you get the picture.

It was infact Burridge's first attack that produced a goal. Bryn Schwodler ran where? Away from his demons? No. In search of dignity? Wrong again, but through on goal and his shot may have hit the post but Paul Andrews had got himself an easy tap in by following in. He doubled his tally soon after. Again Schwodler ran through and when his shot wasn't dealt with Andrews was on hand to make it 2-0. Before the half was out he controlled casually before delivering a measured drive that narrowly missed the upright - what a weekend this boy was having.

In the second half Burridge continued to make chances, most notably when Paul Andrews was unlucky to see a low stinging drive from distance hit the inside of the post and roll accross the line. But when Capital failed to deal with a through ball, Bryn Schwodler calmly whacked home his first on his return. Although Capital got one back, they didn't provide the necessary threat to Hewitt's goal, giving Burridge victory.

4-4-2: Kristian Hewitt, Luke Sanderson, Ben Wilson, Paul Dyke, Jay Schwodler, Ross Bryant, Rich Allan, Mark Sanderson, Greg Baker, Paul Andrews, Bryn Schwodler

Monday, 16 January 2006


Jay was lying horizontally in the back of Luke's car.
"Urrghhh," muttered Jay. "Stop going over bumps." Three days on the sauce had twisted his mind. A splash of rain had seen to the postponement of all football and this prospect to a seasoned player is that of a period of abstinence to a dry drunk; not conducive to rational behaviour.

Luckily Burridge had a distraction. After whiling away a few hours in the Cork and Bottle they headed to the decidedly more up market Pitcher and Piano. Many of their players were simply unable to adjust from their simple working class ways and hid among the shadows relieved to traverse the city to somewhere that suited their tendencies - the kind of place that makes Kelly's seem like the Ritz. It was of course the Wine bar of Fryern Arcade in Chandlers Ford.

I must say I didn't see anyone with a glass of wine, perhaps the proprietors were so shocked that they'd actually managed to get people to pay three quid to get into this dive that they hadn't actually ordered any Chateau la plonk. The whole strip was so quiet it made the Peartree in Boorley Green seem like a busy boozer. What a night.......

Monday, 9 January 2006


SATURDAY 14TH JANUARY: HOME TO SURVEY www.fulltime.thefa.com


Sunday, 8 January 2006

Burridge AFC 0-1 Nursling (Cup)

Saturday 7th January 2006

Venue: Allotment Road

During the first half Burridge were 'Under Siege' but Steven Seagal was nowhere to be seen. Unbeaten Nursling were left gasping at a Tomaszewski-esque goalkeeping performance from stand in 'keeper Kristian Hewitt, and despite their numerous attacks the half-time scoreline was nil-nil.

During the second half Burridge were 'Under Siege 2' but Steven Seagal was still conspicuous in his absence. How Burridge could have done with him taking down some Nursling defenders with an AK-47. The only goal of the game came when Burridge mounted an attack - that'll teach 'em - but Nursling broke quickly down Burridge's left and a low centre was side footed in.

4-4-2: Kristain Hewitt, Luke Sanderson, Paul Dyke, Ben Wilson, Jay Schwodler, Ross Bryant, Mark Sanderson, Rich Allan, Mark Reeves (Steve Froud), Lee Wood (Paul Andrews), Bryn Schwodler

Tuesday, 3 January 2006


Please can anyone going on holiday during the second half of the season please disclose the dates that they will be away. Then if there are any shortages (on Sunday particularly) we can make the necessary postponements.


Looking back (bringing back the blog)

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