Sunday, 3 September 2006

Burridge AFC 1-6 Target

Saturday 2nd September
Veracity Ground

It was raining. It was windy. The referee may or may not have had a vendetta against Burridge. But, Paul Andrews banged home for the lead - then lots of bad things happened resulting in a good tonking. Please, lets us vow never again.

4-4-2: Kristian Hewitt, Jay Schwodler, Paul Dyke, Matt Birks, Luke Sanderson, Greg Baker, Steve Froud, Mark Sanderson, Bryn Schwodler, Paul Andrews, John Hutton


Dykey said...

We were ALL shite and should learn that we must concentrate for 90mins plus a game. the tonking was bad but we ALL lost concentration and we do not do the simple things early.
Things seriuosly need to improve. it is ok not being able to pass or tackle (pretty vital i know) but if you cant do something as simple as react or get toes off a throw after being told for every throw in during the game then we will lose alot more then we win - this goes for the entire team!!!!
Barring that me and my new best mate the ref. went out for a drink after the game and he sucked me off
hhhhhhhhmmmmmmm refeelious

white brian deane said...

Game wasn't great. Lets learn from this second rate cup competition defeat and look to the future and improvement.

On a more serious note, i would like to pay some respect to the following, all of whom passed away this week:

Glenn Ford, actor, of the John Wayne era and type.

Charlie Williams, first black British comedian to make it big in the UK during the 1970s. As well as being a professional footballer with Doncaster Rovers in the 1950s.

Steve Irwin, enthusiastic wild life legend.

All sadly missed.

Froudie said...

Steve Irwin went the way he would have wanted

Footie saturday was poor - how many times did we use our throw-in routine ? I don't think ability is the problem, it's decision making - easy ball to keep posession or killer ball that may be world class or more often than not run through to their keeper - from us all.
Team game, team effort, one for all and all for one !

Is training 9pm start or are we meeting early for a debrief of saturday - don't want to waste paid for pitch time

Jonaldo said...


Saturday?! boo! boo! boo for us!

Froudie has hit the nail on the head with the issue of decision making! there is no lack of ability (trust me i came from the other Burridge side!) but the choices of passes made on the weekend ranged from hopeful to awful, ending up chasing balls into the keeper hands or out for a goal kick is about as much fun as do it yourself dentistry!

BALL TO FEET must be the way forward, there is no problem with me recieving the ball to my feet with a defender at my back, the chance to spread the ball or get a free kick just by holding the ball up means the whole team can catch up and join in the play. When Benildinho's ban ends, free kicks will become even more valuable. did i mention the BALL TO FEET........

Most of all don't despair, we will get sharper and better we a have a great squad of 'footballers', we just need to.........hey i have an idea, how about we play the BALL TO FEET?!?!?!?!?!?

see u all Wed night.

Pete said...

The performance on Saturday was well below what I expected after a what I felt was a good showing on Wednesday night.The weather and the referee did not help the situation but that does not excuse the fact that we could not string two passes together and kept giving it away,it was school boy stuff! Still thats history now lets put it right on Saturday away to Compton.You don't become a bad team over night lets have a good training session tomorrow and then take our frustration out on Compton. The gaffer

Benaldinho said...

Everyones comments has hit the nail on the head! from watching the game from the side of the pitch i must admit that it was not an enjoyment!, to be able to pass like we do at training and some of the pre season friendlys we could easily win this league! not go down 6-1 to a bunch of chavz but i do disagree with that people always want to play the 25yrd killa ball when its just a case of them panicing and not wanting the ball! people r hiding out of the game and just booting it so the ball is far away from them as possible its time to strap a pair on boys and get stuck in!! No wimping out of 50-50 whether its in the air or on the ground! i know some people just play 4 fun but thats not why i play football i play to win!!!!
But u all know you can do it so like gaff says lets crucify compton on sat and give ourselves a gr8 start to our league campaign cu all 2nite.

Colin Barfoot's smoking ciggie said...

Just a reminder to all: Training is every Wednesday evening at Wildern School, which is on Wildern Lane in Hedge-End. We start at 9pm, it lasts an hour and costs £3 a session. Jay will be collecting the money. PS the surface allows one to wear either astroturf trainers or moulded studs.

pete said...

Good turn out again last night at training lets transfer that enthusiasium to saturdays match.Give Sam all the encouragement he needs he felt he let you lot down in the friendlies so give him all your support.He is stepping in until Alex is fit with a bit of apprehension so lets build his confidence up.Thanks Kristian for helping me out in that department.First time i have had a chance to select from more than 12 players which is good for competition,selecting from a squad of 15 for Saturday.Also need numbers for Burridge bash on the 16th!!!The gaffer

Emerson Marks said...

Saturday is at Shepherds Lane in Compton. Go through Otterbourne on main road that takes you into Compton and I believe Shepherds Lane is on the right. Be at Shephards Lane no later than 13:45. Check as I can't get a decent map.

pete said...

new away kit has arrived in full with the sponsers name of the bugle inn botley.All red kit with white trims a bit like Liverpool.It has to be vetted by the FA before we can wear it!!Something to do with the size of the sponsers logo.the gaffer

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