Wednesday, 29 March 2006


Hello all,

Mike Walker had too many commitments in the garden centre opening industry; George Graham is still stalling for that one last big job; and Dr Josef Venglos is too busy being a doctor. But, I can confirm Pete Lyons as our new Saturday manager.

Tuesday, 28 March 2006


Dykey put an advert on Yellow Jersey, here is the reply he received;


Wessex League Manager / trainer ex-army has a proposal if you want to go to the very top, you sound like a great bunch of guys, if you like real beneficial training to develop everyone and I mean everyone, and also add quality players to your side but deadly serious bout going all the way under a tough ex-wessex league player now manager who has done it all before then contact me a.s.a.p.

Froudie said via email:
I've heard his name around and he has played decent footie.
if you go for this sort of guy then you have to be prepared for him to bring in his own players and go with his decisions - don't mind myself but you guys have all been together a long time - depends how much you're prepared for the boat to be rocked as it were

Monday, 27 March 2006

Gems 0 - 4 Burridge AFC

Sunday 26th March
Wicor Rec

Burridge - like the clocks - moved forward on a wet mothering Sunday. Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, and Bryn Schwodler as Frank Spencer made a late appearance and had to settle for a place on the bench. "Oohh Betty, I forgot my football boots!" From long range, Ross Bryant looped home his eighth goal of the season, which was quickly followed by a second made by Kristian Hewitt and scored by Rich Allan. Incidentally his eighth goal too.

From here on in Burridge created chance after chance (after chance), eventually getting two more goals that made the scoreline more realistic. Bryn Schwodler and Paul Andrews came off the bench to get those goals, and Burridge gained their third league victory of the season.

4-4-2: D.Hopkins, L.Sanderson, K.Wilsher, P.Dyke, M.Sanderson, K.Hewitt, S.Burnet (A.Lovett), G.Baker (B.Schwodler), J.Schwodler, (P.Andrews), R.Allan, R.Bryant
H/T: 2-0

West Meon 2 - 0 Wickham
Waterlooville 4 - 4 Aquaseal

02/04: home to Paxton
16/04: home to Waterlooville
23/04: away to West Meon

Tuesday, 21 March 2006


Just to confirm our last game; away to Solent, Wednesday 5th April. Rich has just called me to entertain the possibility of a friendly with Hedge-End this Saturday. I agreed, foolishly overseeing what I had in plan on Friday night! Not sure if I really wanted to play a game of pride with a stinking hangover, I thought I'd just carry on as caretaker manager and stay on the sidelines. But what of the rest of you? I'll go with the majority.

Monday, 20 March 2006

Waterlooville Social Club 3 - 0 Burridge AFC

Sunday 19th March
Dave Blunt Cup Semi Finals

D.Hopkins, M.Sanderson, P.Dyke, K.Willsher, L.Sanderson, B.Schwodler, S.Burnet, G.Baker (P.Andrews), K.Hewitt (J.Schwodler), R.Allan, R.Bryant

Cadnam 2 - 7 Burridge AFC

Saturday 18th 2006

A capacity crowd at the Clayfields arena were treated to a goal extravaganza. They (both of them) were rewarded with a sight rarer than rocking horse sh*t, namely a Paul Andrews hat-trick! But it wasn't all plain sailing sport's fans, no sir. Nine man Cadnam took an early lead before Burridge realized that there was more space available on the field than there is in a agoraphobic's diary.

Ross Bryant levelled. Luke Sanderson headed home number two with his arm. Then it became the George Best memorial second half; with doubles and trebles everywhere! Lanky target man Paul Andrews collected goals seven, eight and nine of the season, inbetween Kristian Hewitt's double. What a day, what a game, what a relief.

D.Hopkins, L.Sanderson, P.Dyke, B.Wilson, J.Schwodler, R.Bryant, R.Allan, M.Reeves, B.Schwodler, P.Andrews, K.Hewitt

Other Results:
Academicals 3 - 3 Comrades
Capital 0 - 3 Sports
Solent 0 -0 Malvern

Monday, 13 March 2006

Burridge AFC 3 - 0 Titchfield Reserves

Sunday 12th March
Osborne Road,Warash

It was freezing. The ball was rock hard. Baker was arguing with the ref. But, Burridge got the job done. A neat double from Ross Bryant, and a single from Scott Burnet sets up a semi final with Waterlooville. See the full cup programme league tables.

4-4-2: K.Hewitt, M.Sanderson, P.Dyke, K.Willsher, L.Sanderson, B.Schwodler, G.Baker, S.Burnet, J.Schwodler (Paul Andrews), R.Bryant, R.Allan.

Round 1
23/10/05 (14:00)

Round 2
11/12/05 (14:00)

Spinnaker Fc 13 7 4 2 45 18 27 25
Afc Cow 11 8 0 3 54 19 35 24
Wlv Social 11 7 2 2 40 14 26 23
Aquaseal 12 5 3 4 37 23 14 18
Wickham 14 5 2 7 25 43-18 17
West Meon 6 4 0 2 14 14 0 12
Burridge Afc 11 2 5 4 21 24 -3 11
Afc Paxton 10 2 3 5 20 33-13 9
Gems Fc 14 1 1 12 19 87 -68 4

Burridge AFC 1 -2 Solent

Saturday 11th March
Osborne Road, Warsash

A rather shaky start, saw Burridge two down inside twenty minutes. But gradually they arrived into the game and Paul Andrews bagged his sixth of the seaon after Jay Schwodler had cut the ball back. In the last minute Rich Allan drove against the psot from outside the box.

4-4-2: K.Hewitt, L. Sanderson, B.Wilson, M.Sanderson, J.Schwodler, B.Schwodler (P.Dyke), R.Allan, M.Reeves, R.Bryant, N.Thomas, P.Andrews. H/T: 0-2.

1 Spartans 19 11 4 4 17 37
2 Malvern 17 11 3 3 24 36
3 Academ 18 11 2 5 24 35
4 B Sports 17 11 0 6 8 33
5 Solent 12 8 2 2 19 26
6 Capital 18 8 2 8 -5 26

7 Survey 20 6 4 10 -17 22
8 Burridge 18 4 4 10 -15 16
9 Comrade 18 4 4 10 -25 16
10 Priory 18 4 2 12 -13 14
11 Cadnam 17 4 1 12 -17 13

Wednesday, 8 March 2006



On Saturday 11th we're due to play Solent at home, although not confirmed it's likely to be at Allotment Road. Then on Sunday we have a Blunt League Cup game away against Titchfield reserves. Again the venue has not been confirmed. My guess is if it's not Titchfield Rec, it'll be Wicor Rec. But have another look here come the end of the week to confirm.

Monday, 6 March 2006

Wickham Dynamos 3 - 1 Burridge

Sunday 5th March 2006
Wickham Rec

Burridge went out of the Pink Cup despite dominating the entire game. After going a goal down, they levelled when a cross was headed into the net by a Dynamo's defender. When going 2-1 down Burridge pushed hard for an equaliser but Dynamos scored a hotly disputed third. But with no linesman present to judge the goal remained and Burridge went out.

4-4-2: Maurice Hewlett, Mark Sanderson, Kristian Hewitt, Ben Wilson, Luke Sanderson, Jay Schwodler, Rich Allan, Ross Bryant, Bryn Schwodler, Lee Fielder, Andy Lovett.

This Sunday we're due to play Titchfield Reserves in the Blunt Cup.

**PS Congratulations to the reserves for reaching the Hampshire Cup Final which will take place at Blackfield on 30th April**

Burridge AFC 1 - 2 Academicals

Saturday 4th March 2006
Burridge Park

After nullifying Academicals attacks, Burridge were eventually undone with a goal minutes from the final whistle. They had taken a first half lead through Nick Thomas, but on swampy home pitch they were denied what would have been a deserved point.

4-4-2: Kristian Hewitt, Luke Sanderson, Ben Wilson, Mark Sanderson, Jay Schwodler, Bryn Schwodler, Mark Reeves, Rich Allan, Ross Bryant, Nick Thomas, Lee Fielder

Other results
Sports 4-3 Priory
Comrades 2-0 Cadnam
Malvern 4-0 Capital

Fixtures: 11/03 home to Solent.

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