Tuesday, 28 March 2006


Dykey put an advert on Yellow Jersey, here is the reply he received;


Wessex League Manager / trainer ex-army has a proposal if you want to go to the very top, you sound like a great bunch of guys, if you like real beneficial training to develop everyone and I mean everyone, and also add quality players to your side but deadly serious bout going all the way under a tough ex-wessex league player now manager who has done it all before then contact me a.s.a.p.

Froudie said via email:
I've heard his name around and he has played decent footie.
if you go for this sort of guy then you have to be prepared for him to bring in his own players and go with his decisions - don't mind myself but you guys have all been together a long time - depends how much you're prepared for the boat to be rocked as it were


Mark Sanderson said...

We are still sceduled to play away to Solent on Wednesday 5th April at Itchen College. I guess kick off will be at 6pm so get there as near to 5:30 as you can.

*Please bear in mind that I'll be texting you next week for your votes for player of the year*

I'll ask for your first and second choice.

Kristian said...

He looks like Brian Clough.

Emerson Marks said...

Doesn't he just. But it appears that he's advertised for players for trials at Lordshill Rec - Wessex 3. Maybe he's just offering to be manager if we join his team? I don't know it's all cloak and dagger. Very tiring.

fielder said...

it wont work.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very interesting guys, but he sounds firm and im not sure you will all like that!

white brian dean said...

Bloody hell! Froudie, i thought he was an urban myth!

Jury's out for me at the moment, he could be everything we've ever wanted, firm, fitness based, ambitious. But with the prospect of that concept and the thought of new lads coming in feathers may get ruffled.

He wants us to be serious, if he wants to run Burridge we'll see how serious he is if he shows up in a weeks time.

Football can be a lot like a beer in the morning, the first one you try may not always be the best but it does get the job done but you could be classed as an alcoholic. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Have we overlooked the obvious ??

We are all assuming the potenttial new manager is a bloke when the name tracey is traditionally associated with females ??

Mark Sanderson said...

Well, after being locked in talks, I can confirm Pete Lyons as our new manager.

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