Monday, 13 March 2006

Burridge AFC 3 - 0 Titchfield Reserves

Sunday 12th March
Osborne Road,Warash

It was freezing. The ball was rock hard. Baker was arguing with the ref. But, Burridge got the job done. A neat double from Ross Bryant, and a single from Scott Burnet sets up a semi final with Waterlooville. See the full cup programme league tables.

4-4-2: K.Hewitt, M.Sanderson, P.Dyke, K.Willsher, L.Sanderson, B.Schwodler, G.Baker, S.Burnet, J.Schwodler (Paul Andrews), R.Bryant, R.Allan.

Round 1
23/10/05 (14:00)

Round 2
11/12/05 (14:00)

Spinnaker Fc 13 7 4 2 45 18 27 25
Afc Cow 11 8 0 3 54 19 35 24
Wlv Social 11 7 2 2 40 14 26 23
Aquaseal 12 5 3 4 37 23 14 18
Wickham 14 5 2 7 25 43-18 17
West Meon 6 4 0 2 14 14 0 12
Burridge Afc 11 2 5 4 21 24 -3 11
Afc Paxton 10 2 3 5 20 33-13 9
Gems Fc 14 1 1 12 19 87 -68 4


Scotty B said...

Bring them on, I can't wait!

Mark Sanderson said...

I imagine it'll be at Wicor Rec

iceman said...

Semi-final already? My word, its all happening so quickly. So We have Waterlooville this Sunday in the semis, like scotty says, bring it on, lets put an end to their double aspirations! Should be a cracker.

Anonymous said...

who the fucks old netley

Anonymous said...

jay is gay and looks like dereck zoolander!!

iceman said...

They are mid-table in Div 2. Beat Spinnaker 3-1 yesterday. Certainly not the two teams you would expect to be in the other semi.

Anonymous said...

Hey why don't you derelick my balls?

fielder said...

well done lads. im going to get myself fit so i can take jays' place in the final. maurice said i could.

dave, where are you?, you stumpy little prick!!! are you inviting us all out for your birthday?

colin, where are you? fancy joining us out for scotts' birthday next week?

Anonymous said...


have you done the teams for training yet?

Emerson Marks said...

No I haven't. Perhaps you'd like to take on that burden?

Dykey said...

shame we were not drawn against one of the others as i would of rather of beaten waterlooville in front of a cup finla crowd but looks like it will just have to be in front of maurice and donna as norm.

PS go back to your celebrity friend Billy Zane

fielder said...

dykey, what's a finla crowd?

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