Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Your chance to re-christen Burridge

The name Burridge really doesn't cut the mustard. Not on its own. It's missing something that merely adding United or Athletic to the end will not make a happy marriage. We need something far more radical. Europe is packed full of exotic team names, like: Borussia Monchengladbach and Go Ahead Eagles.

Danny Baker's BBC show has been inviting fans to give their lonely one word teams a second name. So plain old Burnley are now 'Burnley Supernova.'

The only name I've thought up is, 'F*cking Burridge.'

So if I was blogging about a result it'd be F*cking Burridge 2 - 0 Dukla Prague.

So, this is your opportunity to re-christen Burridge.

All suggestions will be chewed over by me. The only stipulation is that Burridge must remain in the name.


Scarlet-Blue said...

Burridge Beavers? Burridge Bunglers? Burridge Blue?!! [My personal favourite] Burridge Pouncers? I'm not really getting the hang of this am I....?

shaggy said...

Burridge Bastards, Burridge Bandits, Boogie Burridge, Burridge Blunders, Burridge Bums!

Van Der Sar said...

What about "John Burridge FC?"

Emerson Marks said...

Ok, this is good.

There are no wrong answers.

Beavers? Come on, Scarlet - this isn't a carry on film. Although I quite like Pouncers. Burridge Pouncer. It has a certain ring to it.

Shaggy - Burridge Bandit Bums perhaps?

Van der! Welcome back. Yes, John Burridge is good.

Any more/

Lulu LaBonne said...

My favourite football team name is Queen of the South - I've no idea where they're from - if they do actually play football I imagine it to be a footy version of Priscilla Queen of The Desert, loads of great frocks and wigs.

If you need dressing up opportunities you could be the Burridge Cavaliers ... or if you want to sound a bit more hot, Burridge Carneval Athletic ...

Burridge Bouncers?

savannah said...

Burridge Beasts! xoxox

(y'all have the best comment over at my place so far, darlin! the MITM is still laughing!)

savannah said...

Burridge Boxers

Burridge Man o'Wars

Burridge Buzzards

Emerson Marks said...

Lulu - Queen of the South are very much a real team. They play in Dumfries. Last year they even got to the Scottish cup final, narrowly losing 3-2 to Rangers.

I'll just add your names to my list...Cavaliers, Carneval Athletic.

Savannah - beasts, man-o-wars, buzzards (very topical).

How about Burridge Black & Decker, after the tool manufacturer?

Or Atomic Burridge Gun?

Or Burridge Royal Mustard?

Hold on, what about............ The Burridge Ulyses?

Gorilla Bananas said...

Burridge Indigestibles has a nice ring to it. Useful if you're ever playing against cannibals too.

Lukey said...

Burridge Busterfucks please.

Rich said...

Boggy burridge named after our home pitch !!!! lol

disgruntled fan said...

How about 'Burridge Wasters' ???

Emerson Marks said...

Keep them coming.

Chinese Monkey, good to have you back. Thank you also to Disgruntled Fan.

My favourite so far has to be Burridge Indigestibles.

Very good, Gorilla - I like it. Many of our results were indigestable last season.

Any more suggestions?

KAZ said...

What a pity.
The best teams have just ONE superb unique name - like Everton.
Obviously that can’t be bettered - so I suggest Burridge Everton.

Emerson Marks said...

Hello Kaz, yes Everton does have a certain something, only we do have one Liverpool fan in our ranks who might not be so keen on the idea.

Emerson Marks said...

It's Burridge Indigestibles unless anyone can top it.

Lukey said...

Burridge Beetles, Burridge Bumboys, Burridge Bashers.

Lukey said...

Burridge Bumboy Bashers

Rich said...

I like Real Burrridge but doesnt quite have the same ring to it as Real Madrid !!! Niether does the football we play lol

Cheers sanders good to be back c ya sunday for the bbq

disgruntled fan said...

What about 'Burridge Believers', that way you can always keep the dream alive!!

Emerson Marks said...

Real Burridge? Delusions of grandeur there, Chinese Monkey.

Burridge Believers? Makes us sound like we travel around in a camper van and wear sandals.

If nobody can blow me away by the close of play this evening we'll be known, by me at least, as Burridge Indigestible.

disgruntled fan said...

Burridge Indigestible is rubbish!

Emerson Marks said...

No, disgruntled fan.

It's Burridge Indigestibles.

Don't forget the 'S' on the end. And what do you mean it's rubbish? It nails down what Burridge have been about during the last couple of years.

Indigestible - as in heavy, like many of our first touches on the ball. And hard to stomach, like our performances, not to mention our results. Getting tonked 7-0 to Nursling was very hard to stomach.

It was indigestible.

Burridge Indigestibles.

Istvanski said...
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Istvanski said...

If you're getting done with scores of 7-0 to the opposition and you keep coming back for more, then may I suggest Burridge Courage FC?

Emerson Marks said...

Oooh, late runner from Istvanski.
Burridge Courage. It's catchy. I might add, getting down 7-0 isn't common. Nursling are a good side, ok? Just saying.

Emerson Marks said...

That's final then. Burridge Indigestibles it is.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Burridge Hob-Nobs?

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