Monday, 27 March 2006

Gems 0 - 4 Burridge AFC

Sunday 26th March
Wicor Rec

Burridge - like the clocks - moved forward on a wet mothering Sunday. Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, and Bryn Schwodler as Frank Spencer made a late appearance and had to settle for a place on the bench. "Oohh Betty, I forgot my football boots!" From long range, Ross Bryant looped home his eighth goal of the season, which was quickly followed by a second made by Kristian Hewitt and scored by Rich Allan. Incidentally his eighth goal too.

From here on in Burridge created chance after chance (after chance), eventually getting two more goals that made the scoreline more realistic. Bryn Schwodler and Paul Andrews came off the bench to get those goals, and Burridge gained their third league victory of the season.

4-4-2: D.Hopkins, L.Sanderson, K.Wilsher, P.Dyke, M.Sanderson, K.Hewitt, S.Burnet (A.Lovett), G.Baker (B.Schwodler), J.Schwodler, (P.Andrews), R.Allan, R.Bryant
H/T: 2-0

West Meon 2 - 0 Wickham
Waterlooville 4 - 4 Aquaseal

02/04: home to Paxton
16/04: home to Waterlooville
23/04: away to West Meon


emersonmarks said...

Let's have a vote for goal of the season, miss of the season too. Ps. are we going to chip in to help Maurice next year? I don't mind collecting subs, I mentioned it to Scott, but he gave me a rather pained expression.

Mind you, if he collects money like he does passes.....maybe it's best I do it.

Scotty B said...

What the hell does that mean jerk-off?

To help vote for the goal and miss of the season can we amass a shortlist.

I would like to put Ross' goal and also Paul's miss from 5-yards out forward.

Mark Sanderson said...

I remember Paul (Ronnie Rosenthal) missing a beaut against Gems at home on the top pitch. He had the goal at his mercy and smashed it over. Actually Rich missed one equally as bad in the same game.

Kristian said...

I've been racking my brains for goal of the season so far, but come up with these three.
GOAL A : Bryn Schwodler vs Jubilee
GOAL B : Rich Allen vs Spinaker
GOAL C : Ross Bryant vs Gems

white brian dean said...

Actually, i should like to defend myself.

I may have blocked it out, but i can't remember the miss from five yards out, are you sure it was this season? So therefore it can't have happened. Fact.

From the Rod Court school of self promotion I should like to indicate that my goal at home to Gems was an absolute belter! But i'm not here for personal glory. For me its about getting the right results so more seriously Jaymondo's goal after 7 seconds against Spotted Cow was a fantasic team move and goal.

My ego has been hurt by this smear campaign created by our own Ray Wilkins. I propose a dance off? Or a staring competition?

iceman said...

As my recollections of this season are very clouded, Rossy B's goal sticks in the memory (probably cos it was only yesterday!) but I Too would also nominate Jays instant strike away to spotted cow, like the big man says, it was a great team move.

On another note, lets go and win our remaining four games and finish in a respectable league position!

Dykey said...

Some guy has just applied to be our manager on a saturday to the advert i placed on yellow jersery

Anonymous said...

I personally think you have a player who thinks he is 'head and shoulders' above everyone else at the club - maybe by getting rid of this 'bad apple', the team will start performing better. This particular player has the initials 'BS' and thinks about no-one else whilst playing football, except himself!!!

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