Monday, 20 March 2006

Cadnam 2 - 7 Burridge AFC

Saturday 18th 2006

A capacity crowd at the Clayfields arena were treated to a goal extravaganza. They (both of them) were rewarded with a sight rarer than rocking horse sh*t, namely a Paul Andrews hat-trick! But it wasn't all plain sailing sport's fans, no sir. Nine man Cadnam took an early lead before Burridge realized that there was more space available on the field than there is in a agoraphobic's diary.

Ross Bryant levelled. Luke Sanderson headed home number two with his arm. Then it became the George Best memorial second half; with doubles and trebles everywhere! Lanky target man Paul Andrews collected goals seven, eight and nine of the season, inbetween Kristian Hewitt's double. What a day, what a game, what a relief.

D.Hopkins, L.Sanderson, P.Dyke, B.Wilson, J.Schwodler, R.Bryant, R.Allan, M.Reeves, B.Schwodler, P.Andrews, K.Hewitt

Other Results:
Academicals 3 - 3 Comrades
Capital 0 - 3 Sports
Solent 0 -0 Malvern

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