Monday, 20 March 2006

Waterlooville Social Club 3 - 0 Burridge AFC

Sunday 19th March
Dave Blunt Cup Semi Finals

D.Hopkins, M.Sanderson, P.Dyke, K.Willsher, L.Sanderson, B.Schwodler, S.Burnet, G.Baker (P.Andrews), K.Hewitt (J.Schwodler), R.Allan, R.Bryant


iceman said...

Bitterly disappointed! They were just too clinical on the day.

Viper said...

Amen to that Iceman. We had them on the rack, the defense was there for the taking, but we never seem to take advantage of the oppositions weaknesses. Completely gutted!

rossy said...

burridge vs solent now weds 5th april 06.

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