Thursday, 11 May 2006

Burden of expectation too great for Brazil

Round Two
Tuesday 27th June
Dortmund, Germany

The 2006 Fifa World Cup was blown wide open as Brazil were defeated by a single Luca Toni Goal in Dortmund last night. Emerson Marks reports. This was their earliest exist since Italia '90, where they lost in the second round to Argentina. The Brazilians had to play out the final thirty minutes without their talisman Ronaldinho, who was forced off with a calf strain. They missed a host of chances, particularly in the last fifteen minutes, when Buffon saved at point blank range from Adriano. Italy had taken the lead on 22 minutes, when Luca Toni arrived at the far post to head home Pirlo's right sided set piece. The result left experts to salivate at who was to claim this year's World Cup with the favourites knocked out.

So, 90minutesofBurridge, Blogger's favourite sporting blog - as voted by all Burridge Bloggers wants to know who they'll think will lift the World Cup come July 9th In Berlin.

Burridge blogger Emerson Marks, writing exclusively for 90minutesofBurridge has a strong feeling for Argentina to become the first South Americans to win in Europe since Brazil's triumph in Sweden in 1958.


Anonymous said...

is anyone doing anything for the fa cup final ?

JAY said...

All welcome to 21 Ranelagh Gardens, may have a BBQ.

Anonymous said...

it is 3.00 kick off ?

Mark's work colleague said...

"Stop talking in class!" I don't know what those numptys are doing -starting their own conversation in a thread specifically tailored to the World Cup. But, I can't see past Japan and their very strong economy. Never go against the Yen Mark. And what's this about a barbeque at your address?

Dykey said...

I cant see past argentina either but i think holland may do not too bad either

Mark Sanderson said...

Yes, anyone welcome at 21RG. The Dutch? Well, their recored since reaching back to back finals in '74 & '78 is:
82: didn't qualify
86: didn't qualify
90: 2nd round defeat at San Siro to Ze Germans
94: 3-2 defeat to Brazil in quarter finals
98: Semi final pen shoot out defeat to Brazil
02: DNQ

They have the weapons at their disposal to make a mark. Van Basten is in charge these days and picks alot of young guns. We'll be treated to Argentina versus Holland, and they could face Mexico or Portugal in the second round.

Anonymous said...

monkey allan here england or spain for world cup. but lets not forget the big one sat come on u reds!! one last thing remember your 2 quids for your warm up t shirts. did anyone here that thunder that was loud!

iceman said...

I expect Spain to do well as they have a talented group of players, but there track record is dreadful so i pick Spain with great caution.

Anyone watching Seville last night will know just how strong that spanish league is, they were far too classy for boro.

Of course there is always England, cant really predict their plight until we know who is fit.

What time round 21RG for cup final??

Emerson Marks said...

Spain? They persist with Raul up front, who to me at least is a shadow of player he was around '97 to '02. I rate Fernando Torres, and it's certainly about time Spain claimed a scalp of one of the big boys. Since I've been following the World Cup, Spain have lost to:
Belguim in '86
Yugoslavia in '90
Italy in '94
R1 in '98
S.Korea in '02.

Iceman: All welcome at 13:00 hours.

greg_baker said...

Brazil to beat Czech Republic in the final. Argentina to beat Ivory Coast in the third place play off.

Emerson Marks said...

Kristian and I have discussed the merits of the Czechs. We don't think Nedved's light shines as bright any longer. Will his knee hold up to the rigours of the 3 weeks? Dallas'last gasp header for Greece in the dying moments of extra time in Euro 2004 was their big chance. It has gone.

iceman said...

Have to agree with that view of the Czechs, too many players ageing and past their best, don't think they will make it past the quarters.

Emerson Marks said...

They'll have to avoid defeat to Italy, and top group to avoid Brazil in round 2.

monkey said...

me and adele will be round tomorrow for the game cant wait. as its cup final bring your sweep stake money and just give it to either of us as we always win!!!! cisse and the short one up front that crouch to score the goals for the pool! in a 2 0 result.

Emerson Marks said...

I just hope that it's a decent game. I've been waiting for sixteen years. Sixteen years! Man Utd 3 verus 3 Crystal Palace, that was the last decent final. Who remembers these dull games?
1995: Man Utd 0-1 Everton
1996: Man Utd 1-0 Liverpool
2000: Chelsea 1-0 Aston Villa

fielder said...

yeah, and what about
2003: Saints 0-1 Arsenal

such a dull, boring, forgetful game, i dont even know if that was the correct final score.

rich, dont forget you owe me a tenner for the ridiculous bet you placed on scotts b/day.

liverpool finishing higher than man utd..yeah right. jay why didnt you take that bet??

Phil (a persistent reader and 1st time contributor) said...

I can't see past Brazil myself. Time and time again they prove themselves to be the best in the world at this game we try so hard at. With a front line of "the toothy one", "the other toothy one", Adriano and Kaka (poo poo) they surely will be able to score at will.

If I did let myself believe for a second then we do have a realistic chance. Nevermind Rooney (he would be great for the later rounds) Gerrard and Lamps are two of the best players in the world and our defence is superb. As is being quoted a lot at the moment this squad has been together for a while now. For me the inclusion of Theo and Lennon (and Crouch) shows that Sven is prepared to truly have something different on the bench, which is the only reason we didn't do better last time.

Dykey said...

who knwos who will win but one thing is for sure
football will be the winner

Ps unfort. cant make BBQ but look forward to seeing everyone at andrews next w/e as miss you guys

fielder said...

yes! dykey cant make the BBQ!!!
its going to be fuckin' brilliant now! mwah x

Henry Ramsay said...

and who could ever forget the thriller that was the 1976 fa cup final, won by a dubious off side goal to boot!! Lawrie Mac is already taking bookings for the 31st anniversary dinner next year.....

Dykey said...

can everyone bring £5 for the fantasy football as i will announce the winners on saturady

fielder said...

what fantasy football?

Dykey said...

the telegrapgh one we all did at the start of the year and i have been running all year

Anonymous said...

I thought it was £10 each ?

Dykey said...

my error it is £10 i do apologise with all my heart

Anonymous said...

Oh man, why didnt you leave it, we could have all got away with paying only £5! IDIOT!

Emerson Marks said...

I'm sure Ross "Taxman" Bryant would have forgotten the extra fiver. Did anyone catch Ronaldo's comments about Pele? He said: "God forbid I become a bitter old man who only speak b*ll*cks."

fielder said...

why, i ought to ring that ronaldos' neck. who the f' does he think he is? one of the greatest strikers in the world or some'ink?

hands up who's looking forward to the final on weds? its gotta be better than the fa cup final. one word.. B O R I N G

how long is the BBQ going to go on for at the w/end? 'till about 8 or 9pm again?

Rossy said...

rules are rules lads.

we did say £10 each at the start of the season.

winner £70. runner up £30 and 3rd £10.

i didnt have henry in my dreamteam so someone could have overtaken me ? we await mr dyke's final league table at the bbq.

i reckon the bbq should go on to the early hours of sunday!

Anonymous said...

Lets not go till all the alcohol is consumed, could be a very long night then judging by the drinking prowess of some people who will be attending.

Dykey said...

well either way should be a good day as always - lets hope this rain sods off.
I bet Jay/Bryn go to town at 9
Rich gets told to go home at 8 by Adele
Rossy leaves at 10 when the last of the food has gone (keep the crisps away from him)
Last men standing Luke, Kris, Kev and Scott my bet as these guys push through it - not ness. the biggest drinkers some of them but they just keep going

PS whose turn is it to bring the YOP?

rossy said...

Pringles ! pringles ! pringles !

fielder said...

we're going to town earlier than that.

White brian deane said...


BBQ is off this week, due to poor weather conditions forecasted.

Its rescheduled for the 27th. I hope all can make it.

Can you let me know either by Text of via email that you have received this message.


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