Sunday, 8 January 2006

Burridge AFC 0-1 Nursling (Cup)

Saturday 7th January 2006

Venue: Allotment Road

During the first half Burridge were 'Under Siege' but Steven Seagal was nowhere to be seen. Unbeaten Nursling were left gasping at a Tomaszewski-esque goalkeeping performance from stand in 'keeper Kristian Hewitt, and despite their numerous attacks the half-time scoreline was nil-nil.

During the second half Burridge were 'Under Siege 2' but Steven Seagal was still conspicuous in his absence. How Burridge could have done with him taking down some Nursling defenders with an AK-47. The only goal of the game came when Burridge mounted an attack - that'll teach 'em - but Nursling broke quickly down Burridge's left and a low centre was side footed in.

4-4-2: Kristain Hewitt, Luke Sanderson, Paul Dyke, Ben Wilson, Jay Schwodler, Ross Bryant, Mark Sanderson, Rich Allan, Mark Reeves (Steve Froud), Lee Wood (Paul Andrews), Bryn Schwodler


fielder said...

although i only saw the 2nd 45, from where i was standing, it looked like a good performance. they were a good team and had good movement all over the pitch and although there were limited times when you broke forward, you were frustrating them with stubborn defending. good on ya girls.

Scotty B said...

Mark, that match analysis was brilliant. Steven / Stephen Segal...he's no Schwarzenegger or Stallone.

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