Monday, 30 January 2006


Take advantage of a new service.

Nobody like cleaning their football boots, but it's even worse to put on a pair that are caked in last week's mud. How are you going to caress the ball around the field if your feet feel as though they're set in concrete?

The answer is to look after your boots. But now you don't have to! After a game on Sunday, (Saturday if you don't play on Sunday) hand them to Mark Sanderson and have them back to you gleaming, all for only £3 a pair.

So, for clean football boots,
contact Mark Sanderson
on 077807 07406
or email

A snip at 3 quid a pair.


Anonymous said...

u can def do mine mate.

Mark Sanderson said...

Bryn is my first customer, I'll collect them this evening.

white brian dean said...


Before entering into the contract, remember to sort out the legal side of it.

Plus have you got a customer complaints department? You'll need it. Risk assessments need to be completed. Contact the HSE. Have you got a business plan set up? Maybe you could apply for some sort of EU grant?

Emerson Marks said...

Does that mean you want yours done?

You get your boots back when I get the money.

white brian dean said...

No thanks mate.

I have a small african child called Mousafa who does mine at a fraction of your prices.

God bless immigrant workers!

iceman said...

I admire your endeavor Sandy, i might well be in touch before my next game.

Kristian said...

I'll be interested Mark. Do I get mates rates.

Mark Sanderson said...

Sorry folks; £3 is mate's rates, but they'll be clean and dry wearing a nice coat of dubbin.

rossy b said...

yes please !

Emerson Marks said...

Ok Ross, Bryn, Kev, & Kristian.
If you're not at training I'll come and collect them.

ross b said...

bad news boys...

stuart the guy at work has confirmed if we do not play this sat the other team will get the 3 points. we have not given the league 7 days notice.

we need to find players quick! you can sign 4 players on the day.

Anonymous said...

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I only purchase online now-a-days.
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