Tuesday, 3 January 2006


Please can anyone going on holiday during the second half of the season please disclose the dates that they will be away. Then if there are any shortages (on Sunday particularly) we can make the necessary postponements.



Scotty B said...

Paul A., Paul D., Kev, Baker and myself will be away from February 26th (Sunday) until March 5th (Sunday). It is possible that we will be back in time for the match on the 5th but with the thought of possible delays, being knacked etc. it's probably best to pull out of that one to.

greg_baker said...

I'll be away weekend of 11/12 February, as well as skiing - although I think that one's sorted already.

Hope everyone had a good Xmas and New Year - see you all tomorrow night.

Mark Sanderson said...

OK, I've spoken to Rich.

He and Maurice are in Scotland for a wedding, whilst Bryn and Jay are away Skiing on Sunday 5th Feb.

So I think it would be an idea to postpone Sunday 5th Feb, 26th Feb & 5th March.

I'll contact Barrie so he - as chairman - can make the arrangements.

Colin, I think you'll agree that we have the resources to cope on Saturdays.

Emerson Marks said...

Here is situation.
I've contacted Barrie, and he says we may well only be able to cancel one game from the 3 we've requested.

Sunday 5th Feb:
Andrews & Dykey are in Edinburgh
Jay & Bryn are skiing
Rich & Maurice are in Scotland

Sunday 26th Feb
& Baker are skiing

Sunday 5th March
Hopefully they'll all be back in time for this one!

iceman said...

This is all rather unfortunate but im sure we will get throught this difficult period, will stay up im sure!

Colin B said...

if push really comes to shove i will offer my services in goal if we are really short on numbers on Sundays and we cant cancel games!

Froudie said...

i can play the odd game on sunday to help out but not as a regular commitment. i'm sure reevsie would be the same


Deano said...

March 18-26, Snowboarding and stuff.

Also I have recently attempted to reenact a scene from the film "the Boy who could fly",

I reckon they must have been using ropes and stuff 'cause when I did it fell 15ft, knocked my self out, busted my back up and felt stupid for the whole the christmas period.

So I will be out for the next week at least, maybe more.

fielder said...

holy smokes. i forgot, on the 4th feb, im up in london on the saturday and wont be back in time for the game on sun. that now makes, p-diddy andrews, the dookster, gay, shryn bwodler, mich allan, the modster and myself unavailable for the 5th. total of 6 players and the manager missing, which incidentally is the same as the following week. you know the sayin' " don't have a cow man" well, i think we're gonna have a cow. man.

Mark Sanderson said...

Oh well. Hopefully we'll get the the green light from the Meon Valley League; otherwise we'll have to postpone, which is was we're requesting anyway!

Dykey said...

If we tell the league now they should let us have it off so lets tell them now and not go on about it!!!!!
if they say we lose the points then there is nothing we can do but i can not see any reason why it should not be.
if all else fails we can call the ga,me off on the saturady saying the pitch has been vandalised or something - good god it is not rocket science surely.

Emerson Marks said...

I contacted the league last year. They said they needed this in writing from our chairman, so Barrie is dealing with them direct.

Dykey said...

yeah i know bud so lets hope Barrie earns his money!

white brian dean said...

My experience of holidays suggest that we will not be back in time on March 5th for the game. Things never run according to schedule, with any luck the heavens will open and we'll have a couple of downpours on these dates.

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