Monday, 13 November 2006


Burridge romped to victory in front of a bumper crowd against Hedge End. “Knock it down the right-back’s throat,” shouted Hedge-End midfielder Rich Allan, referring to his childhood friend and Burridge defender Jay Schwodler, but these words came back to haunt him. This fixture had been eagerly anticipated by Burridge since Ross Bryant and skipper Rich Allan defected to Hedge End during the summer – something that Jay Schwodler discovered through the grapevine rather than the horse’s mouth.

This game represented a story of love, heartache and betrayal lead by the main protagonists of Allan and Schwodler. As boys they would stay up late together to watch their hero Hulk Hogan of the World Wrestling Federation act out many a staged victory. Cripes, they even went out with sisters for some time, some time ago. It appeared that the two were inseparable but as we all know from the bitter taste of experience – nothing ever lasts forever. They don’t go out with those sisters anymore, they no longer play for the same team, and they’ve grown out of watching men with waxed chests and fake tan take do battle in an orgy of steroids and homo-erotic pre-text. Well, two out of three are certainly true.

Hedge-End began the game at a furious pace. Burridge had again started sluggishly but slowly Hewitt began to pull the strings in midfield. As half-time approached Burridge took the lead through no other than Jay Schwodler. He arrived in the box to thump into the net, a dagger into the heart of Allan and Hedge End, who never recovered from this set back. Bryn Schwodler added two more with astute finishes between a Lee Fielder pile driver to send the Burridge faithful into raptures and Hedge End home with their tail between their legs.

4-4-2: S.Schwodler, J.Schwodler, K.Willsher, P.Dyke, L.Sanderson, J.Newman, J.Hewitt, M.Reeves, G.Baker, B.Hutton (L.Fielder), B.Schwodler. Unused Subs: M.Birks, K.Hewitt, J.Hutton, M.Sanderson


Froudie said...

great win boys

as a victim of circumstances i wont be at training again this week but missing you all and will be around on saturday whether selected or not

leildo said...

E-A-S-Y, E-A-S-Y-, E-A-S-Y, E-A-S-Y

they had a lot to say for themselves seeing as they were a mediocre side.. at best. typical allan tho, talks the talk - cant walk the walk...

jay said...

Good weekend,
Man United win Burridge win, Liverpool well beat Hedge End well and truely stuffed!

pete said...

great result loads of individual battles won out there on Saturday and some old scores settled.Let this kick start our spluttering season as now i know you can put up a fight when your riled enough.We are playing hedge end for all of our remaining fixtures.I am surprised the other chap who left did not get a mention in dispatches!See u all Wednesday 8.30pm

Ross said...

Well done lads, you gave us a right tonking.
I know I made a mistake in leaving because we are s**t and you are amazing.
Thank God Kristian didn't come on, otherwise we would have lost 8-0.


Anonymous said...

would have been a close game if kristian played !

iceman said...

Get in there! what an enjoyable game and an even better result! Lets kick on now and and see where this result takes us. I quite enjoyed the celebrations saturday night also.

Dykey said...

Well good win against the old enermy and boy was it a battle. for a change we took what few chances we had - rather then missing a hatfull.
Well done Jay that goal must still taste sweet today and as for the ross and rich (AKA the fouling two) SHARK ATTACK

greg_baker said...

This may be old news and feel free to chastice me if you wish but did people know that we've got BTC Southampton in the next round of the Hants Cup?

benaldinho said...

Gr8 result saturday boys lets keep it up this week we got bottom of league on sat then back home against spartans 6 points available over the next 2 weeks so lets climb this table as we should be up there already!!
another good session last night aswell looks like were really statring to pull together as a team, any reason why we talk loads but not on a sat??
cu all sat

white brian deane said...

Been away from the old pc for while, so apologies for my late response to last saturdays soccer match up.

Well played all, Hedge End gave us a tough game, but as a more famous man than i said - "You won't win anything with kids", and they won't!

A good game, a very pleasing result. It will be a little tougher next time we play them.

Yes Wilts a good day all round, i enjoyed saturday night to the nth degree, shame we all kinda got split up. There'll be other times.

See you all saturday for this weeks fixture, fit or not and selected or not.

Shark Attack!

jay said...

I've been informed that we have Hedge End again on the 9th December.

fielder-skin said...

game's off justin.

pete said...

Cup game Saturday 1.45 ko @ Burridge be there for 1.00pm Using the council pitch next to the club house and our usual dressing rooms lets hope its not called off!Seems a long time since are last game.See you all Sat weather permiting.the gaffer

jay said...

16/12/05 BTC Soton
--- A Hants Cup

Bishopstoke --- A League M Rayment Lapstone
30/12/06 BTC Soton --- A League B Francis BTC

Bjork said...

its oh so quiet shhhh shhhh
its oh so still shhhh shhhh

is anything happening in world of burridge?

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