Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Bishopstoke 4-2 Burridge AFC

Saturday 23rd December
Bishopstoke Rec

Burridge lost to struggling Bishopstoke in a fiery festive fixture. If Cliff Richard is led to be believed, and anyone who may’ve poked Sue Barker has my full attention. Then Christmas is the time for mistletoe and wine and children singing Christian rhyme. If by that he means getting pissed out of your mind, trying to coerce woman into a grope at the office party. Then getting the nanny state to close down the school nativity play for being too true to the religious beliefs that have been indoctrinated into this old island for the past God how many years. Then Cliff, or Sir Cliff as his full title imbues - is indeed right.

Christmas is a shitstorm. It's when you eat and drink too much and argue with family you haven't seen since last year - because quite frankly, you cannot fucking stand them, nor they you. This game represented much the same thing. Yes, cards were exchanged, most of them of the red and yellow variety. Burridge have now received nineteen cautions and a dismissal this season. Yes sir, those referees just love 'em. Bishopstoke were two up at the break. Bryn Schwodler pulled one back straight afterwards. But he was having one of those days. Namely, he couldn't finish his cornflakes, let alone the goal scoring opportunities that fell to him.

Then it all went a bit Christmas TV. Meaning downhill. Burridge conceded a third, Greg Baker scored from the spot, skipper Kristian Hewitt was sent off then Bishopstoke got a fourth goal; forcing Burridge into all out attack. When their right back Jay Schwodler made a soiree into the opposition area, he made slight contact with the goalkeeper, whose histrionics suggested he'd been stabbed. This caused an aggrieved 'Stoke defender to hay-make the kisser of Schwodler. Starting a twenty-two man brawl that I'm sure Jesus would have been proud of. Had it been on the grounds of religious conversion.

4-4-2: S.Schwodler, J.Schwodler, P.Dyke, M.Sanderson, L.Sanderson, G.Baker, M.Reeves (J.Newman), J.Hewitt, K.Hewitt, B.Hutton (B.Rowe), B.Schwodler. Unused sub: S.Froud

Booked: J.Schwodler, M.Sanderson, L.Sanderson, G.Baker, J.Hewitt
Sent Off: K.Hewitt


fields said...

well, i imagine it wasn't much fun to play in, because it certainly wasn't much fun to watch. merry xmas to all. see most of you during the new years celebrations no doubt.

JAY said...

Team Away to BTC SAT 30TH DEC


be there at 1.15pm, call me if any probs and i'll let Phil know.

jay said...

Don't get there at 1.45 as Pete said in his text!

pitch inspector said...

Following my 9am pitch inspection this morning, I have decided to postpone this afternoons match between BTC and Burridge AFC. The match will now be played early in the new year. Regards.

Ranelagh said...

Please come to our new years eve party or luke will be very upset. Starting whenever, ending whenever. Do what you want, we're not your parents.

Luke said...

Brilliant, i'll be there

Greg said...

I can't wait it's gonna be amazing. Have a go Bud!!

Fields said...

It's gonna be so amazing I'll 'ave to call the cops.

fields said...

hey, i didnt say that. its gonna be rubbish! but im still gonna go, 'cos i have a feeling there's going to be some naughty little tear-ups down archers road tomorrow night.

i've already bought a bottle of budweiser and 1 can of fosters, so im going to be smashed. i'll probably sick myself again, but i'll still smash a curry.

Gaffer said...

Happy new year to all the team from Pete and Dani.

iceman said...

Hello people,

I hope everyone had a good christmas and enjoyed new years eve! Hopefully this year will bring a change in fortunes on the pitch. I hope to be back at some point, although at the moment im still some way off, almost forgotton what its like to kick a ball!

fields said...

New years eve 2006 breakdown.

kristian sicked himself. alot.

donna had to abandon the festivities to drive him home, not long after 01:00am.

i picked up a piece of cardboard from the floor with my mouth.

many people failed to pick up cardboard from the floor with their mouths.

we downed a lot of home made punch for failing to pick up cardboard from the floor, with our mouths.

the fratellis.

we missed the official countdown to new year, because jay couldn't get sky tv working.

'shoot the runner' was the first song played in 2007.

spoke to scott on the phone.

many of the group started to drop like flies.

luke snogged one of donnas' mates.

mark and i attended another party in the early hours and carried on drinking, then realized it was fast approaching 6am before returning.

white lines.

bryns' girlfriend sicked herself, and i walked in on her while she was naked.

luke gave helen a massage in bryns' bed.

returned to ranelagh as the birds were singing, to find the house in a state.

The swimwear models at number 22 said...

Would've been nice to have been invited me and my 18 girlfriends sat in and watched TV. Maybe next year?

the lads at 21 said...

How about tomorrow?

number 22 said...

get a life you geeks.

jay said...

Just to let u all know i'm having a party at The Court Jester in town down by Stanleys Casino on Saturday 3rd March, i will be handing out invites. Hope u can all make it.

Dykey said...

Had a word with me man at echo and they are publishing my letter

adam leicth said...

i never said that.


What letter? Was it the 250 word filler about which hairspray stands up best to the howling fields of the Southampton League?

Benaldinho said...

Am I to believe that we have bishopstoke again on sat??
ifso u boys fancy puttin me on a few 1 on 1's would be very grateful
What party Jay?

Mick Hucknall said...

Quote from Mr Dykes blog! So its okay for one ginger to call another ginger then.....

"The 2nd half started with the same vigor as the 1st but after 10 mins a mazey run from Hare's tricky forward produced Kaos in blues back line and the ball was slotted in from 6 yards. Them a freekick was given away on the right hand side and the ginger centre midfielder headed home unmarked (Mr Dyke's man!). "

just found it amusing

Oi Ginger Shut Up! said...

Can we have a few more at training this week. Numbers have been poor lately.

Dykey said...

Not my man for starters, but the 2nd was.

Also it made the nationals in the people, sunday telegrapgh and New of world so im off to celeb B Bros and to play in the Match on sky
bye losers hehe

Dykey said...

ps my aplogise it was my man i understand now

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