Monday, 8 January 2007

Ginger Gate

What about that Paul Dyke, eh? He's now become something of a local celebrity, has he not? For those of you not in the know, and if so, where have you been? Living under a rock? It's the biggest thing since....since Richard Nixon's impeachment. Those of you who attended the game with Bishopstoke at the aptly named Bishopstoke Rec will remember Saturday 23rd December 2006; the day of Ginger-Gate.

I suggest the uninitiated see the last match report: in a nutshell, Burridge centre back Paul Dyke was told "Oi, shut up ginger," by the ref. Now the Echo, The People, The News & Screws, and even the flaming Telegraph are all other this item friends. All over it. It's like Terry Waite in Beirut, just more relevant.

I, Mark Sanderson - the coffee induced claws behind 90 minutes of sheer Burridge - and also the agent of Paul Dyke can be contacted on 01489 776659 to arrange exclusive interviews with the man of the moment, who I think you'll agree has suffered quite enough. PS Channel Five, forget it. This is big boy shit, I 'll speak to the Kaplinsky on the Beeb or Sky, no one else. In the meantime I've penned some words that go along to the tune of Dad's Army. I call it: (Don't break) My Ginger Heart.

Who do you think you are calling Dykey ginger?
Do you think that's very fun?
He is the boy who will do your tax returns
He is the boy who moans at refs but never learns
So, who do you think you are calling Dykey ginger?
I'm a bald ref who can't speak proper, son.

It was in the local news
On Dykey's character it's a slur.
Now it has gone national
And its racism that's been inferred.

So, who do you think you are calling Dykey ginger?
The P.C. lawyers can see a tidy sum.
Will the ref do ten years for his viscous racial attack?
Or will he send us all off in his next game when he's back?
So, who do you think you are calling Dykey ginger?
I'm a bald ref with a speech impediment, son.


Mick Hucknall said...


For the love of God stop this ludicrous crusade before it gets out of control. The bigger the snowball gets, the harder it is to stop!

Tossbag M Sanderson said...

No Hucknell, this is the publicity you cannot buy. We can carry the torch that Colin Barfoot held so long and get those dug outs - ones that aren't made of straw.

There's a TV film in this. Remember Butch Dingle from Emerdale, well I tracked him down. Okay, so he doesn't do much else from pick up his giro. But he'd be a swell lead.

I mean Christ. I've got Gandhi playing the ref! Well Ben Kingsley. He said the role of ref is right up his street.

Geri Halliwell said...

I'm behind you Mr Dyke. As we all know, us gingers are a minority, so we have to stick together through the good times and bad.

How dare that referee call you ginger. Who does he think he is?

And what about this Daily Echo nonsense.. picture of you with the words, Paul Dyke: Footballer written underneath. Footballer? FOOTBALLER? How dare they.

Dykey said...

Well after sky sports have called me twice and i just got a call and they are talking about me on five live as we speak
this is seriously stupid now!!!!


Here, here - Nork spice, or whatever you were. What ever happened to Paul Dyke, human being? Paul Dyke - victim? Paul Dyke, oh words fail me. Get Unicef on the phone. Let's arrange a world XI versus England at Wembley. Let's get McFly to do the charity single.

Let's get the Taliban and the U.S. forces to put down their weapons and think on this weighty subject. It's sheer magnitude will make it impossible to lift a weapon again, tears will roll down their cheeks.

Kim Jong-il from North Korea - so moved by this poignant scene will send all his nuclear arsenal into the sun.

And we will start again from scratch and Jesus will say: "I can forget about the second coming for another millenia."

Tossbag Sanderson said...

Cut & Paste the following link to see the article.


Here is what Paul Dyke has to say in a letter to the Daily Echo and the Hampshire FA: PS It's almost 1000 words, but hang on in there!

I HAVE been playing Sunday and Saturday football now at various standards for approximately 20 years. Last season I played Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and afternoon and this season I am running a men's side in the Southampton Sunday morning league, as well as playing in senior one on Saturday afternoons for Burridge AFC.

"I have read in the papers over the past year how referees are fed up with the abuse that they receive during some games and how refereeing numbers are falling due to abuse and I am 100% behind any action taken against a player (at any level) who verbally or physically abuses a referee, as at the end of the day without them the game would not take place.

My complaint is that it seems that some referees have a chip on their shoulder and use the game to simply make themselves feel manly, big and clever.

They seem to go into games immediately on the defensive and dismiss players, it seems, as fools.

For me this has been highlighted by my last two Saturday afternoon fixtures in senior one (which is considered a reasonable level).

In both matches when you questioned a decision you were met with blunt 'go away'. When you then questioned/ appealed next time round the referee would call you over and tell you to 'shut up'. Meanwhile I, as an intelligent man, am trying to get my point across without shouting, without swearing and they are simply ignoring you and not even answering you even though they called you over.

If you question three of four decisions they threaten to book you. No how can you be booked for appealing and simply questioning a decision? If they wanted to shut you up, simply talk to the player with an element of people skills.

I fully understand it if I was swearing or abusive then they would have every right to ignore my rant but otherwise it simply exuberates the matter.

If you are booked you are not allowed to appeal against bookings so the referee knows there is no come back to them.

If a reasonable person is ignored they simply get more angry, more frustrated and this leads towards you thinking that the only way the referee will actually answer you is if you get his attention by swearing.

No 'people skills' seem to be used and it is as though they believe they own hype that they are the ones being picked on.

If they talked to the players on their level, listened and responded accordingly to some appeals during the match this eases the built up frustration.

We all accept it that being a referee is a very hard job but if you feel a decision is incorrect and you question it, if the referee explained that 'in his opinion' this/that happened then this is hard to argue against as it is an opinion and at least he has not simply shouted 'shut up 5'.

The lowest point to date, and what has pushed me to write this letter, came on Saturday 23rd December 2006 when I played against Bishopstoke away in a Senior one league game.

The referee appointed to this game continually told players to 'shut up' and handle players with contempt and with an uncompromising manner.

This was highlighted when after approximately 70 minutes I was running up for a corner, having just appealed for an offside at my end, when the referee shouted from 35 yards across the field 'OI GINGER SHUT UP'.

Now luckily I am not an angry man but what gives him the right to:- 1. Verbally abuse me; and 2. Use my hair colour as an insult.

I have a number on my back that he has been looking at for the whole game. If I was black and he shouted out 'oi nigger shut up' this would be racism.

Do not get me wrong, I am an easy target for players on a pitch with my hair colour used as an insult and I enjoy the banter that surrounds a game of football as much as the next player - but referees are different in that they should not be allowed to abuse and discriminate against players on any level.

What would have happened if I had taken exception to this and called him 'a bald, short idiot'. I rightfully would have been sent off - so what is the difference?

I would therefore like to request - no demand, that this referee be reprimanded, as rightfully any player would be who verbally insulted a referee.

I have had to referee a game for my Sunday side this year, as we had not been allocated a referee, so I do appreciate that it is a hard job. I tried to explain my decisions if the player had a real moan and one even, after a rant, apologised after I explained my point. Do not get me wrong most referees will have a laugh and a joke with you and over the course of the years I am recognised by many referees who will laugh and joke with me before, during and after the game (this I believe breeds respect). But there is a larger percentage that go out with the mentality that they are better than the players which is not good for the game as a whole.

These types of referees will lead to more frustration being taken out on referees and other players which is bad news for the game ahead and its enjoyment by players, fans and referees alike.

Dykey said...

how did you get my letter dude?

greg_baker said...

Read the comments on

Gordon Cutler: 'You really are a whinger, ginger!'


greg_baker said...

It gets better!

Ron: 'Mr. Dyke (think yourself lucky the ref didn't pick up on that part of your name) get a life!'

Ji: 'What a ginger bell piece!

I think Ji is my new hero!

Kristian said...

Reading those comments Dykey, I don't think you got much support. You could of made your spelling a bit better as well. See you at training.

fields said...

oh yes, training will be splendid this wednesday, i may even make an appearance. we should get badges printed with "kick gingerism out of football" and wear them on match days now. OR, get in touch with nike and ask them to market new orange wrist bands for us, like the yellow livestrong ones. that would be v.good.

Scotty B said...

I hate to admit it Lee but you could be onto something there. Orange wrist bands! Let's cash in on this new found fame whilst we can. I bet this talk of gingerism dies within a week. Like Steph from Hollioaks...lets milk it for all we can and get out.

Thank God I was there that day. I feel like I'm part of history now.

iceman said...

Dykey, i managed to catch your 30 seconds of fame, and all i can say is your flat is looking nice!

fields said...

yes, and you looked a born natural doing those keep-ups for the camera!

Dykey said...

i eeven used me left foot at one stage - then it all went down hill with that

Anonymous said...

STOP PRESS! Gingism victim Paul Dykes' father is a football referee, let him face his public. Does in condone gingism????

Anonymous said...

STOP PRESS!! Gingism victim Paul Dykes' father is a referee. Let him face his public. We need answers. Is he pro Gingism? This is massive.

Dykey said...

This is the very reason mark i said not to give out the blog address - see above
Thank you

Scotty B said...


Nice use of the left foot...and chin!

Nicola from girls aloud said...

i think im a victim of gingerism. i mean, no one is ashamed to admit they would the other 4 girls....

Mark Sanderson said...

Don't worry Nic, poor ol'Markus Markerson is terrible lonesome, see. You know the number.....maybe it could be a case of girl(s) heard aloud from my bedroom...capiche?

sarah ferguson said...

mark sanderson? i would


No surprise there, darling. You've no standards, have you? I wouldn't go near anyone who's back as hairy as that - repulsive (unless your into monkey fucking of course). And apparently he's into all the freaky stuff. Weirdo.

Ginger Lynn said...

Bejaysus! is there no stopping the juggernaut....

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