Sunday, 14 January 2007

Someone's Popular: The 19 Yellow Cards

(Pictured left: Luke Sanderson denies Bryn's birthday was rubbish)

Hello again and thank heavens for Dykey's spat with the BBC. It kept us all entertained, after yet another week without football due to the wet weather.

So far, Burridge have racked up 19 yellow cards and 1 red. (That's you Mr K.Hewitt.) Only Justin Newman has coughed up the £8 booking fee. Actually, the list doesn't make pretty reading. In fact it makes us look like a right bunch of dirty bastards, rather than the choirboys we really are. But, I commend the team for their excellent discipline in the new year. No bookings so far in 2007.

Greg Baker - yellow cards on:
1. 16/12/06 versus BTC
2. 23/12/06 versus Bishopstoke

Matt Birks - yellow cards on:
1. 02/09/06 versus AFC Target
2. 23/09/06 versus Capital

Paul Dyke - yellow card on:
1. 16/12/06 versus BTC

Jaimie Hewitt - yellow card on:
1. 23/12/06 versus Bishopstoke

Kristian Hewitt - two yellows made red on:
1. 23/12/06 versus Bishopstoke

Ben Hutton - yellow card on:
1. 14/10/06 versus Spartans

Mark Reeves - yellow card on:
1. 21/10/06 versus VTFC res

Luke Sanderson - yellow card on:
1. 23/12/06 versus Bishopstoke

Mark Sanderson - yellow cards on:
1. 02/09/06 versus AFC Target
2. 14/10/06 versus Spartans
3. 21/10/06 versus VTFC
4. 23/12/06 versus Bishopstoke

Bryn Schwodler - yellow card on:
1. 02/09/06 versus AFC Target

Jay Schwodler - yellow card on:
1. 23/12/06 versus Bishopstoke

Sam Schwodler - yellow card on:
1. 23/09/06 versus Capital


fields said...

you naughty boys.

Vidal Sasoon said...

Oi, Burridge you've been rumbled. Think I ain't got CCTV in my salon?

The day? Friday 12th. The time? 1:43am. The culprits? Greg Baker & Luke Sanderson. The crime? Walking into my salon and using the hairwashing facilities.

You'll do time I can promise you.

iceman said...

Im worried about my memory loss, the events in the early hours of Saturday morning appear very blurry at the moment, could be something to do with those double whiskeys hey Mark!

Mark Sanderson said...

Good grief, yes. Perhaps. I've retrieved your telephone contraption, Kev. Tony decided he'd try and call some peopel on it during early hours of Saturday to confirm that it'd be returned. How's life in the doghouse?

jay said...

Think everyone should bring their trainers to training as we'll try and get on the the courts next to the pitch to do some running.

c u'll there.

fields said...

did you actually go onto that surface on wednesday jay? it was way to slippery, even with astro trainers on. i don't think that will work.

iceman said...

Sandy, am i to believe you are dropping my phone round my parents house? I could always pick it up from yours after work today. Please advise.

Tony succeeded in pissing off both my sisters in the early hours, funny how he only called my female numbers! Im just relieved its safe.

Remind me never to drink whiskey again!

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