Wednesday, 8 February 2006


Ok fellas,
on Sunday we have Titchfield in the Dave Blunt Cup. Kick Off at 13:45 at Wicor Rec.

We have no game on Saturday. As you can understand, as we won we would really have to start with near enough the same team, I know Carl Godwin is keen. But when I say we, I realise we don't have a manager. Looking after keys, bringing drinks, and collecting subs is the easy bit. Picking the team is the hard bit!

I know the team will carry on, but Rich and I want to play and I don't think you can do both, so I think we need a manager for next season. Somebody on the side who can see what's going on. I was going to give Julian Hockney first refusal, and Mark and Froudie say they know someone who could be interested.

I understand it threatens to disrupt what's gone on before, but this season has been tough hasn't it? Alot of you know Julian, who is no nonsense and fair, and by the sounds of it so is the chap Froudie and Mark speak of.

What do you think?


Dykey said...

well you in part. sandy have done a fine job over the past few weeks (largely due to this weeks o/s performance) but you are right when you say i do not think someone who plays can manage as well so whoever we get in as long as they have the team at heart who cares i say

white brian deane said...

although i'm sure that the team could carry on next season without one, i'm positive we need a manager for next season.

We've finally got a fantastic, committed group of lads, a proper squad, it would be a shame if our current team didn't have the opportunity to go further, and i think anyone that is prepared to take us on has my full support.

rossy b said...


SAT 18 FEB 2006 14:30
Cadnam United v Spartans

Classic Comrades Res v Burridge AFC

Malvern v Academicals

Ordnance Survey Res v Priory Rovers

Solent WTL v Burridge Sports

Mark Sanderson said...

Thanks Ross,

Cutbush Lane, or BTc I guess?

ross said...

i think BTC

The Doosch said...

Was the game played on Sunday?

Im out for another month apparently. Im seeing my doctor monday so i'll hopefully know more then.

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