Monday, 26 March 2007

BTC 3-2 Burridge AFC

Another game, another melee. Bryn Schwodler was red carded before invitations were exchanged between players to meet later in the car park to carry out various threats, that may or may not have stemmed from dubious refereeing decisions, serving as an unnecessary reminder that football is indeed a very funny game.

It's unsurprising that so many referees come off as a bunch of panto villains - ego high on their agenda, when they kneel at the altar of their heinous deity Graham Poll. A man so conceited that he felt it necessary to upstage the greatest platform in soccer, namely the 2006 FIFA World Cup, by giving a Croatian three yellow cards.

One can only beg the question in solemn prayer - dear Lord, where will it end? But alas there's no answer. Understandably, God's got priorities that don't quite stretch to justice in the Southampton Football League. Someone really ought to have a word in his shell like about time management.

When jumping on this haggard bandwagon, this gravy train with biscuit wheels that continues to isolate and chastise the referee as a separate species, gloriously ignoring the responsibilities of players who perhaps drive them to such states of incomprehension, we have only fuelled Mr Poll's self worth by criticising him in the same breath as God, creator of the universe.

Catapulting Poll into martyrdom and his referee brethren across Blighty into jihad against common sense. Herein lies the problem. It's 2007, we still have no hover-boards and robots don't prepare our meals. Tomorrow's World may have lied to us, but it doesn't have to be this way. The olive branch is extended, Mr Poll and your referee children. Let's stop fighting.

4-4-2: Ben, Luke Sanderson, Mark Sanderson, Paul Dyke, Jay Schwodler, Sam Hewitt, Kristian Hewitt, Justin Newman, Steve Froud (Ben Rowe), Jamie Hewitt, Bryn Schwodler.

Goals: Justin Newman from the spot.
Bryn Schwodler, a cracking left footer.

Yellows: Luke Sanderson
Reds: Bryn Schwodler (after two yellows)


Darth Poll said...

**Latest**Bryn Schwodler facing assault charges for launching chewing gum missile at referee's beard.
Visit to see the goons who spoil football.

horrace cooper said...

wow... where can i purchase a chewing gum missile launcher? they sound like fun

horrace cooper said...

Assault charge for that? If he has that ref again he should grab that beard, rip it off, then sticky-tape it to one of the crossbars..
oh and then kick him in the bollocks.

fields said...

i've just seen on the so'ton fa website, that we're down to play hyth aztecs at CLAYFIELDS, on WEDNESDAY 11th APRIL. 6pm K/O!!
is someone having a laugh?

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