Saturday, 17 January 2009

Burridge Play Down Seriousness Of Rich Allan's Behaviour

By flagrantly ignoring the behaviour expected of a 31 year old man, Burridge midfielder Rich Allan has caused something of a stir by being caught dancing in public to Chesney Hawkes’ 1991 number one record “The One and Only.” Allan, who works as a painter and decorator and ever present in the Burridge starting line-up this season was seen dancing between seventeen and twenty-one minutes past eleven on Saturday evening at The Riverside, a Chinese Restaurant on Bridge Street in Bursledon that later converts into a disco. It’s left some people angry and in particularly representatives from Mr Hawkes’ record label - Sergeant Poppy Records, who have “profoundly condemned” Allan‘s actions.

After it emerged that Allan, of Hawthorn Close, Southampton, had been out with other members of the Burridge squad to celebrate Bryn Schwodler’s thirtieth birthday,
the Chertsey based independent record company said that, “Nobody wants to see thirty something men do that, and we profoundly condemn what he’s done.” Although it’s widely believed that Rich Allan meant no malice, he’s come under intense criticism from members of the music industry, who say there’s simply no place in society for men of a certain age to be dancing in public to Chesney Hawkes.

Recent scientific research into the behaviour of thirty-something males at social occasions have found set patterns that normally include - a desire to blend into the surroundings, maintaining a stare towards their shoes and quietly drinking themselves to death. Allan met only one of these criteria, but failed to do so quietly. Onlookers described his movements on the hastily prepared dance floor, which later stretched into Charles & Eddie’s “Would I Lie To You?” as immobile. Although he did try and compensate for that by enthusiastic gurning.

Hawkes who first came to the public’s attention after reaching the number one spot eighteen years ago, has worked hard to find a new and younger audience. A five date 2009 tour of Butlins holiday resorts is testament to that, where he will be showcasing material from his latest album, “Another Fine Mess.” The sixteen tracks are available on CD at the very reasonable price of £11.56 that includes postage and packaging.

Since being under scrutiny it has been found that Allan has “Moving On,” the 1998 debut album from 911 on his iPod. While insistent that the download was performed by his fiancĂ©e, the discovery has done nothing for the public’s perception of Allan’s behaviour. Officials from Burridge said the club will support Allan, hoping the events of last Saturday wouldn’t hamper the team’s progress. Although not available for official comment, Chesney Hawkes said he wanted to put the last week behind him, reported to have been “embarrassed” by it all.

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The Gaffer said...

Another creditable result albeit that they scored in the final few minutes which I know was very disappointing.Hythe Az on Sat @ home we owe them one.Got some new balls and the drill tops have arrived so I will need fiver from each of you for your own personal top.See you all tonight.the gaffer

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