Monday, 23 November 2009

Paper trail

Been checking this week's weather forecast. A fifth opinion didn't tell me anything the other four hadn't already. Heavy rain all week. So I telephoned the borough council first thing this morning about booking a football pitch. One that you can walk to from our's. One that can handle a bit of rain.

It's pretty straightforward. Just need to dig out the club's public liability insurance certificate, then submit it, along with some paperwork about our particulars, to the civic offices in Fareham. Once that's done, and only when that's done, we can play on Burridge recreation ground. So, there's no political reason why we can't play there. No conspiracy either, but you do have to fill out forms. The council say the league will have our insurance details. I'll make a call to Rod the result this evening. See if he has.

That way we don't have to play home matches at out of the way places like Titchfield Rec every time we get some weather. Where after about an hour someone from the other side notices that the set of goalposts at the top of the slope are about a foot lower than the ones at the other end.


Anonymous said...

Good work Sandy, you do a much better job than Betches who doesn't seem to give a f@"k about the best Burridge has to offer!

Emerson Marks said...

Rod Sutherland was born to answer the telephone. Every vowel is spoken in the reassuring manner of an NHS consultant.

He's there to answer the phone every week and make a note of every score from the Southampton league, so he he can phone them through to the Southampton sports echo before they print the Saturday night edition.

That's why they call him Rod the result. He tipped me off. I need to speak to the Hampshire FA if I want to get hold of indemnity insurance.

Emerson Marks said...

James Duthie at the Hampshire Football Association has got back to me. He can forward me a copy of Burridge's public indemnity insurance. He just needs the request from the club chairman.

I've dropped Barrie Becheley a text. Left him a message on his mobile. If he hasn't got back to me by five o'clock I'll try him again at home.

Emerson Marks said...
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Emerson Marks said...

Bottom line is Burridge rec want too much notice to book their pitch.

If there's heavy rain late in the week you can book Whiteley on Friday. You can't book Burridge that late.

The reason we don't just book Burridge rec on a Monday is that we want to give our pitch a chance to dry, because better off paying money into the club rather than into council.

If we fall behind in fixtures our approach might change, but everywhere in Burridge area was waterlogged last few weeks.

Right now we're ahead of most team son fixtures. Don't know why our game wasn't just switched to their place. Maybe they were waterlogged, or they might have similar booking rules in place.

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