Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Hampshire Cup/ Jersey of No Mercy

The Hampshire Cup can throw up the opportunity to indulge oneself into delusions of grandeur. Among the 110 teams in the draw for the first round are AFC Totton, who have what I consider to be a proper football ground - one with a corrugated roof terrace and a set of floodlights, so that they can play games during winter evenings to their heart's content.

Being drawn to play Andover Reserves of the Magnata Care Hampshire League would at first seem to combine the best of both worlds, seeing as they lost 4-1 to Paul King's Winchester Crusaders they are opposition that we feel we can compete equally against; but rather more crucially, their Portway Stadium is rumoured by none other than Wikipedia to have a capacity of 3,000. Not that I imagine the promise of seeing the likes of Mark Reeves and Sam Schwodler will be enough to attract even a fraction of that amount of people.

So, with all things considered it is a shame that Andover's first team are scheduled to play a home game on Saturday afternoon, (although other sources say Friday evening). Assuming that the club's website is to be relied upon as a valid source for news, our fixture is pencilled in for Charlton Leisure Centre. While the exact details of this venue remain to be seen, the term 'leisure centre', conjures up images of poorly maintained council pitches, much like the dog-mess littered Fleming Park. We will just have to wait and see what facilities will await us.

Click here to see the full draw for the 2010/11 Hampshire Saturday Intermediate Cup.

The 2010/11 Jersey of No Mercy: It is never to be washed.

Paul Dyke took us training at Burridge this evening, during which he introduced a new initiative, derived to encourage both competition and team spirit. The initiative is by no means a new one, with many professional teams having done likewise in the past, but Dyke's is called the 'Jersey of No Mercy,' whereby the winning team from the end of session game will vote for the worst trainer of that session. The winner is destined to wear the 'Jersey of No Mercy' during the entirety of the following week's training. It is never to be washed. This week's winner was me, taking over from the shirt's inaugural champion, Marc Judd, who swung the vote by missing every pre-season game due to holidays.


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