Sunday, 18 December 2005

Burridge AFC 2-0 AFC Spotted Cow

Sunday 18th December
Osbourne Road, Warsash

Taking into account Burridge's wretched form, one wondered how they would fare against the league leaders. The threadbare nature of the squad was not helped by injuries carried by Rich Allan and Ross Bryant, so Maurice decided to play them out of the way up front. Whilst Luke Sanderson - returning in place of the injured Andrews - and Paul Dyke (yes, Paul Dyke) were nursing hangovers. It appeared hopeless.

Reverting to a 4-4-2 formation, Burridge matched Cow's endeavour, and before long they were excelling it. Although no genuine chances were crafted for either side during the first half, Burridge's passing and movement was at a level that made you wonder why they were languishing in the league.

As the second half unfolded, Cow became more frustrated by Burridge's hunger and tenacity. There didn't seem to be any danger as Burridge attacked the left flank towards the metal fence end, but Ross Bryant's floated cross evaded Cow's keeper and nestled into the top corner. Cow looked amongst themselves disconsolately, they continued to pass but only tested Hopkins from range.

As the game entered the final ten minutes, Burridge began another swift attack. Bryn Schwodler and Greg Baker combined to centre to Ross Bryant who - after a bounce - drilled home number two. By now Cow had thrown in the towel, and if Allan had been more mobile there could have been further goals. But it didn't matter. Burridge had ended their poor form and the year, with the kind of satisfying victory that makes you remember why you play football in the first place.

4-4-2: Dave Hopkins, Luke Sanderson, Kev Wilsher, Paul Dyke, Mark Sanderson, Bryn Schwodler, Scott Burnet, Greg Baker, Jay Schwodler, Ross Bryant, Rich Allan




Wichie Allan & Woss Bwyant up fwont - Buwwidge to push up league at 10-1. Monster, monster.

Scotty B said...

Great result lads, we deserved that win. A bit of luck and a touch of class. Bring it on!

Mark Sanderson said...

Here are some other results:


So our remaining fixtures are

Home to

Away to
Spotted Cow
West Meon

Plus, we're still in both the Dave Blunt League Cup and the Pink Divisional Cup. Competitions we got to the final of last year. So let's try and go one step further this season.

rossy b said...

Quality result lads.

Feed the goat and he will score !!!

Mark Sanderson said...

We've got a three possibly four week lay off now - plenty of time for any injuries to heal.

Mark Sanderson said...

Hands up who likes 4-4-2?

emersonmarks said...

There's plenty of time left and what's that? Jay's running the ball into the corner flag?

Emerson Marks said...

PS Is it me, or does Alan Newman look like former Lazio and now Inter free kick specialist Sinsia Mihajlovic? I think he does.

white brian deane said...

Cracking result fellas, from where i was there was only gonna be one winner. Well Done.

Good goals Ross, are you a new strike partner for me? You can be Fleck to my Cascarino. Of course on the flip side this could spell the beginning of the end for me?!? This is no time for self pity, tis the season to be a) jolly and b) for celebration.

So well done all, and will see you in the pub at some point.

iceman said...

It's nice to see some positive comments for a change, what a difference a win makes! And Sandy, after that performance, yes i do like 4-4-2, we had a good balance in the team and were much more solid defensively than we have been in recent weeks. If we could win at least 3 out of the last six games, then that would be pretty good, i cetainly believe we can!

As for the two cups, lets do it again!

Dykey said...

i have also just secured the services of another striking from my work so we should have an abundance of players now and can drive on. He looks the part and was at Fareham on a saturday for a bit.

But with Ross and rich doing it he may find it hard but more competition can not be a bad thing!

Mark Sanderson said...

Our old mate Delgado has been suspended by his club in Equador. The chairman says the lazy swine is using the club like a damn health spar.

PS Little grey haired and bespectacled 39 year old Romario has finished this season's Brazilian Championship top scorer with 25 for Vasco De Gama.

iceman said...

Im delighted with the appointment of George Burley, But Clive Woodward as Director of Football? Only time will tell!

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