Friday, 16 December 2005


I was confused. I was very confused. Hectar Rial may have scored the first winning goal in European Cup Final history, but was he Spanish and Argentinean, why did he have an abundance of alias - as so many South Americans do - was he Rial Laquia, Jose Hector, or just plain old Hector Rial? Like I said, it was confusing. Then I stumbled on something so utterly overwhelming that I wasn't sure if I could actually fully comprehend this discovery. I dare not spoil it, but if one logs onto they enter into a diversity of football knowledge unparalleled anywhere on God's green earth


white brian deane said...

Is anyone heading for the public house tonight? I know many of you have plans for the weekend, but tonight?

Or am i to spend my night with a half bottle of tequilla, a sombrero, fake mexican moustache, and a colt 45 primed with one bullet and five empty chambers? Anything is better than friday night tv i think you'll agree.

Let me know.

Mark Sanderson said...

Paul, I'm staying in, but I'm sure Rich and Luke mentioned the pub.

white brian deane said...

Thanks for the update Emerson. I shall eat some dinner and consider my options.

See you tommorrow big guy. No goals up at stoneham park yet though.

Mark Sanderson said...

We'll have to use our jumpers.

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