Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Saturday 3rd November

The afternoon sun in Barcelona stung my eyes. I had to seek shade. Although a good twenty-five hours into my day I was still fairly sure I could trust the hotel receptionist to ensure the incoming telephone call could be transferred direct to the Irish Bar I forget the name of off La Ramblas. Amazing how obedient staff can be when they can smell Stella Artois about your breath.

"Ola, Senor Marks?" asked the bartender. I told him I was the very same. "Call for you from Ing-land." I took the receiver from his hand, stubbed out my Lucky Strike and prepared myself for the news by taking a hearty slug from my bloody Mary. Burridge had won 3-1. The goalscorers were Sam Hewitt, Rob Kelly and Schwodler.

"Schwodler?" I asked. "Was that Jay or was it Sam?" Hysterical laughter followed down the telephone line.

"Jesus, Marks - you really must be sinking the booze down there," said my informant still laughing. "Jay or Sam?.....that's priceless, really it is." I put down the receiver realising what I'd just asked and ordered another drink to celebrate.


pete said...

Another good result gritty performance second half after Ryan got sliced in half and we went down to ten men.We even scored another goal lets have that same commitment Sat.the gaffer

fields said...

great game for the fans. justin, i thought you were great.

great goals, great celebration from the schwodler, great vibe in the changing room after. it's great when we win. isn't great such a great word?

oh great.... it's raining.....

Jay said...

Bryn has bet Sam a tenner that he will score more than him this season, who's your money on?

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