Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Saturday 5th January 2008

Meadowside Leisure Centre, Whiteley

Deep into the second half now. The pitch still holding up okay from the previous day’s rain as substitutes, every last one of them, with an eye on a hot shower having all but given up hope on a pulled hamstring out there. A shrill whistle stops play. Burridge retreating. Thirty-five days since their last game. Centre halves Kristian Hewitt and Paul Dyke holding a line on the penalty spot and letting the referee know exactly what they think of his decision to award Bishopstoke a free-kick out on the left flank, which on this narrow pitch is in an ideal position to whip one in the mixer and maybe regain a two goal advantage putting the game out of Burridge’s reach.

Dyke the antagonist, leading the protests, referring to several earlier incidents that went unpenalised, asking the referee what the difference is between a tackle from behind and a tackle from behind?

He’s not joking.

The referee isn’t either - saying, "I’ve explained it all before," pacing towards the defensive pair.

"It’s not my fault you’ve let in two goals, is it?"

"What?" Says Dyke in a state of disbelief. "I’ve lost all respect for you now ref."

A single goal separating the two sides since Rob Kelly’s right wing cross was palmed in the onion bag by ‘Stoke’s goalkeeper, who looked to all watching unable to catch even his dick in his flies. Somewhat reminiscent of Dave Beasant for Chelsea at the Bridge way back in 1991, in the days when they parked a line of Reliant Robins behind the goal, letting grass cutters from Norwich City's Robert Fleck slip under his grasp. 'Stoke's 'keeper enjoyed more luck and seemed rather more comfortable with the kitchen sink that Burridge threw at him from set pieces during the final few moments that produced no further goals and Burridge’s exit from the cup.

The Burridge line-up......

Light years ahead of the game - problems with left midfield? Play three central players instead.

4-4-2: Gk:Stanfield, Rb: J.Schwodler, Cb:Dyke, Cb:K.Hewitt (c), Lb:L.Sanderson, Rb:Kelly (cf:Hutton), Cm:Newman, Cm:J.Hewitt, Cm:M.Sanderson, Cf:S.Schwodler, Cf:S.Hewitt

Subs: Baker, Reeves, Jones


S.Hewitt - dissent
Gave ref verbals after his brother Jamie didn't get penalty for a swan dive.

Dyke - foul play
Got all Jackie Chan on someone's ass - left ground with tasty two footer.


Anonymous said...

We got out the blocks straight from the start which was encouraging with the conditions as they were wet and windy.Deservered more we bossed the game for long periods but rued our missed chances again.That little shit up front for them had two chances and put them away.I'd rather lose that one than the league game later this year.Speaking to their manager who said they have been struggling to get a side out for the last month which makes you wonder why that game was called off early in Dec!!That was his strongest outfit which bodes well for our next encounter where will will reverse the scoreline.See you all Wednesday at training 8pm
the gaffer

Emerson Marks said...

Sam Schwodler told me (in confidence) that he'll be glad when Bryn returns to the starting XI to ease him of the goalscoring burden.

Emerson Marks said...

Rich Allan.

Not much left in the tank and wondering why in Hell he sold himself down the river breaking six years of bliss to play with a load of lads who are two generations younger.

Come back.

Stevie Whitfield said...

Oh Burridge! Where else do you get a waterlogged pitch in August, an appearance on Newsnight and players getting sent off throwing chewing gum.

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