Monday, 28 January 2008


Saturday 26th January
Green Park, Millbrook

The pre-match warm up is a curious beast. Some players are quite content to stroll onto the field just a few minutes before kick-off with a woodbine on the go and get down to some light stretches.

This is perfectly acceptable.

As is discussing last night and what the lads may have got up to. Maybe waking up in bed alongside a woman who appears to be several stones heavier and a damn sight uglier in the cold light of the morning after, especially after a night spent drinking turbo shandies at the local disco.

What is not acceptable are lies. Like saying six foot three Greg Baker, (pictured left and not to be confused with 1990's Norwich City goalscoring sensation Robert Rosario), actually won any headers. Well, he did actually.

What's really not acceptable is an overly organised warm-up, managers with clip boards and players wearing bibs and performing all number of routines. This is what Inmar were doing directly before their home fixture with Burridge, suggesting to onlookers that they should perhaps be gracing more glamorous locations than Millbrook's Green Park.

But is that possible?

Yes it is possible.

I imagine you'd find better shower facilities at a Bangkok jail house.

Inmar's warm up continued. As time went on it became more elaborate and more players would join in. I was half expecting a clutch of androgynous men dressed in leotards to interpret the sliding tackle through the medium of dance. What I was really expecting was Inmar, after all that effort, to be half decent. Or at least to put their backs into it.

All they seemed to have was a goalkeeper with a terrible case of the shakes and had Kevin Keegan been present on the gantry to co-commentate, he would have no doubt mentioned that this goalkeeper did not have what is known in the trade as chocolate wrists. Ben Hutton marked a much more involved performance with a first half goal, shooting low away from the keeper, and Sam Schwodler made it two in the second half after tucking away Sam Hewitt's centre. Burridge had their first win in four games.

**NB A big thanks to Ben Rowe who donned the gloves for goalkeeping duties**

4-4-2: B.Rowe, L.Sanderson, M.Sanderson, K.Hewitt(c), R.Kelly (J.Schwodler), G.Baker, J.Newman (M.Reeves), J.Hewitt, S.Schwodler, B.Hutton, S.Hewitt (B.Schwodler)

Subs: R.Jones


Anonymous said...

We done enough on a bobbly pitch good to get back to winning ways.It wasn't pretty @ times and we never looked like losing.Clean sheet thanks Ben for standing in goal.Like I said I will be rotating certain players and hopefully keep the balance within the team and also keep the morale up for players who are on the bench! See you all Wednesday @ Training the gaffer

Mark said...

Netley went down to Hythe Aztecs, so if we win our game in hand we go within a point of Netley.

Frankie Bunn said...

Justin Newman was fantastic again. I can't beleive he's only 43. His aerial ability's come on leaps and bounds, mind you it has to when your second touch is a header.

fields said...

Inmar 0-2 Burridge AFC
Hythe Aztecs 2-0 Netley
AP Sports 2-3 Bishopstoke
Sporting Wessex 2-2 Hythe&Dib Res
Durley Res 1-3 AFC Hop

you just watch bishopstoke fluke their way up the league.

another 3 points next week though, and we'll be looking alright. well, i say we.. i mean you really.

oh yeah, where has all the banter gone? i can't seem to find it on here anymore...

Mild Mannered said...

As said before, people have things to consider. They haven't gottime to buy the Shed Seven seven inch, too busy debating carpet over wood floor panelling.

fields said...

yeah but deciding carpet or wood floor panelling is a very tough decision. on another note, man utd v arsenal looks pretty tasty in the 5th round.

Bristol Rovers V Southampton
Liverpool V Barnsley
Chelsea V Huddersfield
Cardiff V Wolves
Man Utd V Arsenal
Coventry V West Brom
Sheff Utd V Middlesbrough
Preston V Portsmouth

frankie bunn said...

Word going round that Burridge are looking for midfielders.

After shoehorning some into defence and some more upfront, not to mention a whole load on the bench, it's been decided by the board to go out and get more.

What's defiantely not required is a centre half over five foot nine or forward who can score 20 a season.

Applicants to master of ceremonies, Barrie Becheley for teh attention of Pete Lyons.

Reynold said...

Man Utd v Arsenal? I wonder how Viv Anderson will handle Martin Hayes?

frankie bunn said...

Martin Hayes? What a cock gobbler for even remembering his name, he weren't even worth cutting up for glue.

reynold said...

Robert Rosario? He's living proof that Brian Clough was a raging p*sshead by signing him for Forest. What happened? They went down.

truly scrumptious said...

Mmmm, these toot sweets are to die for.

Needles said...

Clean as a whistle, sharp as a thistle, the best chimney weep in all of Westminster! His name? Ian Bishop.

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