Monday, 18 February 2008

Burridge AFC 0-3 Freemantle

In Fight Club Ed Norton is a pen pusher. He’s obviously got a good job though because his flat’s dead nice with all high spec stuff. If resident Burridge carpenter Jay Schwodler went round to inspect the skirting board, he’d no doubt notice that all the doors had been hung spot on and all the kitchen units were really high quality stuff, but we know that because Ed Norton’s character’s got a good job as a pen pusher.

Does Norton just carry on with his piece of piss job, so he can buy loads of decent stuff he can boast to girls about, who’ll come back and have sex with him, like most of the Burridge lads would do? No, because that would be a rubbish film and it would be called the Greg Baker story. Where a little podger loses weight, then shags girls and learns to header on the way. Rather than realising that men who work in offices have it easy, starring at girls all day and looking at the internet, Norton longs for man’s return to a role as a hunter gatherer. He meets Brad Pitt on a plane and starts a club that you’re not allowed to talk about, but the jist is they beat the crap out of each other to get their frustration out in post apocalyptic vision of the future.

It gets quite complicated and you could spend many hours discussing the various sub plots and performances of the actors, but in a nutshell you could review Fight Club in one line by saying: office worker gets hump with job and starts fighting men for pleasure. Burridge played table toppers Freemantle this Saturday and you could be drawn into a long winded debate about missing players, indifferent refereeing and a terrible cut up playing surface. Or you could just say Burridge got the right run-around on a muddy pitch by Freemantle. It was simple as that. When Freemantle attacked they did so with a purpose from back to front, with players who could dribble, take on their man, and play quick passes.

For Burridge it was a case of all hands on deck, as they tried to stem wave after wave of attack. It was only one-nil at half time when Freemantle scored after another quick counter attack, but Burridge had been made to work hard to keep it at that and Freemantle showed no signs of letting up in the second half. They wanted to kill this game off and kill it off they did. Firstly with another breakaway, the ball had struck the underside of Ryan Jones’ crossbar, but a Freemantle attacker followed in, the third coming from a header at a set piece. The game was up. Burridge can still claim second place, but by goodness there’s some work to be done with some tough games still to come.

3-5-2: Jones, Kelly, K.Hewitt(c), M.Sanderson, B.Schwodler, Newman, Reeves, Baker, J.Hewitt, Hutton (S.Schwodler), S.Hewitt


Anonymous said...

Jones looks massive in that picture lol - well done though dude none of the goals your fault and if all else fails Sandy nearly tipped one over as well. Paul (the lino) Dyke

fields said...

they were good. we were not. well, apart from justin of course. didnt you like my other pictures mark? i did say i wouldn't get offended if you chose not to use them, but i can't help it.

just seen my physio. he said my knee is bad.

Anonymous said...

Ur knee bad - surely not dude - how did the one of my back with my burridge top come out??? Paul (the flag) Dyke

Mark Sanderson said...

I'm saving your photos, Lee. Don't want to use them all up at once. One a report is more than enough.

Tell you what, I went home on Saturday night and was asleep on the sofa by half-eight, that's how much of the run-around I got.

I've got five-a-side tonight, I'm 50% if I'm a day.

fields said...

dykey went home saturday night and stayed awake till 6am, thats how much energy he had!

ive edited those photos tho mark, so if you want the originals, bell me and tell me.

Anonymous said...

Only 6am mate - i have not slept since! Paul (flagging) Dyke

Anonymous said...

best team we have met this season will win the league by a mile.No disgrace to lose 3 zip,on the whole a battling performance.we still have the minor placings to go for,always disappointed to lose but you know if your honest when the better side has won.Lets give the minor placings a good go and finish as high as poss!Cheers joensey for stepping in Vander would not have done any better !!the gaffer

Jay said...

Unlucky saturday, tough game, players injured, players away but i doubt that would have made a difference, well maybe if you had your regular full backs!!

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