Thursday, 14 August 2008

Bad Boys Versus The Credit Crunch

Times are a little hard these days. There's not a whole of money going around. So let's stop lining referee's pockets with our hard earned wedge.

Last season we racked up 23 yellows and 2 red cards. All in all getting stung with a £225 bill in suspension fees. The vast majority of which we haven't stumped up.

This season 90 Minutes will be keeping regular tabs on the Bad Boy League, with points being awarded for anyone giving the men in black jip.

2 points for a yellow card.
4 points for a red.
Plus a bonus point for accruing five yellows.

Here's the Bad Boy table for 2007/2008

  1. Sam Schwodler 5 yellows - 13 points (£58)
  2. Kristian Hewitt 3 yellows & a red - 10 points (£47)
  3. Sam Hewitt 3 yellows & a red - 10 points (£24 - red card never reported)
  4. Paul Dyke 4 yellows - 8 points (£32)
  5. Greg Baker 3 yellows- 6 points (£24)
  6. Justin Newman 2 yellows - 4 points (£16)
  7. Ben Stanfield 1 yellow - 2 points (£8)
  8. Jaimie Hewitt 1 yellow - 2 points (£8)
  9. Ben Hutton 1 yellow - 2 points (£8)

Those who fall foul of referee's may do well to hold their tongue this season, as the winner of this infamous league will be awarded a special prize. Perhaps performing a back, sack and crack wax on yours truly, I don't know. Your suggestions are welcome.


fields said...

If giving Mark a back, sack and crack wax isn't enough of an incentive to not get booked, I don't know what is!

I'm liking it. Sam Schwods.. you're in trouble!!

Sandy said...

I was thinking maybe having to come to the end of season do in drag.

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