Wednesday, 27 August 2008

What Happened To The Football Scratch Card?

Saturday 23rd August 2008
Pre-Season: Bishopstoke 2-4 Burridge AFC
Venue: Eastleigh Rugby Club

Now hold on just a minute there, buster. If I'm not mistaken that's a brand new pair of Stan Smiths you’re wearing. If you've got fifty sheets to blow on new pumps, you can damn well afford to cough up a few quid on the football scratch card, can’t you? Come on, you tight wad - it's only fifty pence a go and if the team you pick matches what’s under the silver foil then you’ve just won yourself ten whole pounds.

No I'm sorry Queen Park Rangers are already taken, what about Queen of the South? Look, there are still twenty teams left to choose from, so just pick one will you. So what if all the proceeds end up going to the club, it's not like we couldn't use the extra cash. Do you think the Laundromat just waive their fee for putting our stinking kit through the wash? Get with the now, man - there's a recession going on. For the record it costs fifteen big ones to get our gear washed. With at least twenty fixtures scheduled this season I’ll leave you do to the math.

How about you, Jay Schwodler? I imagine you’re still pretty sore after having two sets of football studs impaled into your chest and groin. Don't take this the wrong way, but I don’t think anyone was that surprised when you lost control of the ball on the halfway line, but what followed was pretty brutal. I thought we were going to have to lash you back together with gaffer tape. I suppose you’re right, it was a bit like that scene in The Empire Strikes Back: when Chewbacca collects the various pieces of C-3P0 off the floor, after he’s been blown to bits by an imperial storm trooper in the Ugnaught recycling facility on Bespin Cloud City. But like the referee said, Jay - just an accident, right.

Wait a minute, guys - don’t go. I’m sorry for raising my voice, it’s just that the football scratch card was one of the few times we’d get to sit down together as a team. There I was thinking that a Saturday afternoon here at the Bugle after a 4-2 pre-season win against Premier Division Bishopstoke would be the ideal time to rekindle the spark for that once special weekly routine. I guess I was wrong. Too many of you seemed to have had your head turned by the slot machines. Now that really is throwing your money away, but if it’s paying out maybe you’d like a go on the football scratch card. Northampton, Bristol City, Rangers and Sunderland – they’re all still left and only fifty pence a go.

4-4-2: A.Rookie, B.Schwodler, M.Sanderson, K.Hewitt (c) (Willsher), Baker, Fielder, Newman, Allan, J.Schwodler, S.Hewitt, P.Andrews (S.Schwodler)

H/T: 1-1

1-0 Own goal - 'Ave it!
2-2 Sam Hewitt - Lineker!
3-2 Greg Baker - Penalty.
4-2 Kristian Hewitt - free kick from the by-line

Bad Boys - Bryn Schwodler - 2 points.


Anonymous said...

Another good win against a physical side on Saturday.Might have a friendly in the pipe-line for next Wed against Aero Res under lights to be confirmed tomorrow.Hope you are all available as training was poorly attended last night!I will be away on the first game @ Netley but will select the side before I go.Have a good weekend you all and have one for me.Look after each other you lot and remember the No 5 dog is always a good each way bet.Need a team talk on Wed before the season kicks off so hope you all can make next Wed weather it be training or a friendly.All the best the gaffer

Anonymous said...

Match is on for Wed do you fancy a kick around on Tuesday nothing to serious bit of a warm up and maybe try some set plays if you have any ideas?the gaffer

Administrator said...

The Aztecs of Hythe storm to the top of Senior 1, after an 8-0 demolition of new boys Wellow. AFC Redbridge succumbed to a surprising defeat at the hands of Mich & Tims, and AFC Hop put 4 goals past Netley with no reply.

Consistancy is going to win this league this year...

Hytehe Aztecs 8 - 0 Wellow
AFC Redbridge 1 - 2 Mich & Tims
Inmar 2 - 3 Durley Res
AFC Hop 4 - 0 Netley Res

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