Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Okay Guys, You Can Stop With The Act Now

Saturday 6th December 2008
Hythe Aztecs 3-2 Burridge AFC

Nobody’s got their head around what Burridge are up to right now. Hythe Aztecs certainly didn’t. The look on their faces after Burridge’s first half performance said it all. They couldn’t believe how little they’d had to do to go three-nil up against the very team the Southampton Sport’s Echo had tipped for a second place finish in the Senior Division of the Drew Smith Group Southampton League. Never for one minute had they reason to suspect that Burridge had meant for this to happen. We can all sit back consolidating on years of playing experience, by going on a long unbeaten run that culminates in an inevitable promotion, but that’s been done to death by so many other teams in recent years it’s become totally passé. People are tired of that old shtick, they want to see something new and that’s just what Burridge are doing.

Their league position three points off the relegation zone is thanks to an unswerving commitment in maintaining the discipline to perform well below an acceptable standard, and not, as many might have you believe, because they can’t hack it at this level. Apart from a slight hiccup at Michelmersh, where they accidentally banged in six, Burridge have stuck to their guns with dogged determination. It’s not easy to look as though you can’t string three consecutive passes together. Not just for one game either, but for a period of weeks. Can you imagine how the Redbridge’s and Comrades of this world will feel when Burridge decide the time’s right to turn on the style and take this league by storm? That’s right, pretty duped. You can’t accuse Burridge of lacking a sense of humour. Although if you’d played them over the last few months you may do just that, what with the incessant on field bitching. What I’d say to that is, wake up people, it only adds to the realism and the excitement when Burridge start mounting their promotion bid, just like they’re supposed to.

1-3 Marc Judd
2-3 Kristian Hewitt(p)

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The Gaffer said...

Whats the old cliche game of two halves I prefer the second one myself.lets have a chat tonight before the big game on Sat against Nursling.See you tonight the gaffer

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