Sunday, 7 June 2009

Here we go

Screaming lungs

All that remains of the Royal Victoria Military Hospital is the tall red bricked tower of the chapel that looks out across Southampton's waters to Fawley power station. High running costs caused the hospital to close down 5 years before a fire seriously damaged it in 1963. 3 years later all 138 wards were torn down.

It had been used to treat soldiers who'd been fighting in campaigns like the Anglo-Zulu war of 1879, the Tirah campaign in north western India, as well as on the front line during World War I. In 1944 the hospital was under control of the United States Military and over 60,000 American troops who suffered injuries from D-Day and prisoner of war camps were taken there.

Below: Michael Caine - zulus sir, thousands of 'em.

By around 8pm on Wednesday 8th July Burridge would've completed their first pre-season training session at the former hospital grounds in Netley. The bodies of 20 men will be bent double gasping for air, wishing that the hospital still stood in order to give them the urgent medical treatment that they will doubtless require for exhaustion. Manager Pete Lyons sent out a text at noon on Saturday confirming the pre season start date, requesting that players bring their stamina. A St John Ambulance and some sturdy breathing apparatus wouldn't go amiss either.

The Burridge squad 09/10 to begin training at 6:30pm at Royal Netley Victoria Country Park on Wednesday 8th July are:

1.Rich 'Chinese-Monkey' Allan age 32
2.Paul Andrews age 30
3.Greg Baker (pictured left) age 30
4.Lee Fielder age 29
5.Kristian Hewitt age 29
6.Sam Hewitt age 19
7.Ben Hutton age 25
8.Ryan Jones age 19
9.Marc Judd age 28 or 29 who knows?
10.Me ageless
11.Justin Newman age 36
12.Mark Reeves age 31 or is it 32?
13.Mike Reid 18 or 19?
14.Ben Rowe 26
15.Luke Sanderson 27
16.Bryn Schwodler 30
17.Jay Schwodler 32
18.Sam Schwodler 26 or 27?
19.Kev Willsher 30

Deserters will made to perform an as yet unannounced forfeit without a valid excuse for not making an appearance at Netley.

All we need now is a goalkeeper. Anybody remember that young lad , Ross - who played a few games for us last season?


Gorilla Bananas said...

Still talking about football? What happened to the cricket season? Where are the pictures of you sticking in your boxes and padding up?

Emerson Marks said...

None of that cricket nonsense here, Gorilla. Haven't you heard? The football season never ends. Sky Sports TV won't allow it.

Jimmy Bastard said...

Expect to see a Glesga contingent on the touchline this year. I'm determined to come down and try out the bar facilities while we argue the virtues of full studs on kneecaps.

Chairman Bill said...

Word on the street is that English footballing sensation and famous tall person, Peter Crouch, is going to propose to Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle.

Fields said...

Who's the fat bastard in the picture?

Lulu LaBonne said...

Do you all get in a communal bath together after training?

will you post the photos?

Emerson Marks said...

Welcome back, Jimmy. Good to see you've not lost your appetite for the game.

I'm sure that they'd have beautiful kids, Mr Chairman.

You know who that is Lee.

No Lulu, we don't have communal baths, that would be very unhygenic. We have communal showers. I s'pose with those pics we could play an interesting game of guess who.

The Gaffer said...

Chris Davis,Rob Kelly and Paul Dyke maybe joining us too.Tried phoning Ross had no response yet.You drive into the country park past the Prince Consort pub and park next to the cricket pitch facing the sea front.Going to try a few different things this year Relay on the shingle,Cukky Back race on the beach, and some time and distance exercises has any one got a stop watch?Speak to all soon the gaffer

Emerson Marks said...

Chinese Monkey Allan has bought a stop watch especially.

One goal wonder said...

Bring on the forfeit. Extra shuttles when I return from Cyprus. Sorry Gaffer.

fields said...

One goal wonder?? that could be anyone!!!

Lulu LaBonne said...

Please please do a 'Guess Who' shower photo competition.

Your photo makes me think you are perpetually hung over. Do you need me to send over a case of Berocca?

Emerson Marks said...

I do quite like Berroca, although I might add I'm not hung over in the photograph, just a little under the weather.

The Gaffer said...

There was only one wonder goal isn't that right Jonesy the gaffer

Emerson Marks said...

I missed Jonesy's goal helping my flaming brother to the changing room after he tore his knee ligaments.

Madame DeFarge said...

What a fine bunch of young men. I can barely wait for the next season of delightfulness to begin.

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