Monday, 5 October 2009

Burridge 1-3 Northend

Date: Saturday 3rd October
Venue: Botley Road, Burridge
Competition: Hampshire Cup

Previous meeting: 0-1 win for Northend during a mid-weeker. They had a decent winger who'd give Lee Fielder a run for his money hogging the mirror. He's not playing today.

Kristian Hewitt aggravated his buttocks with a chainsaw. The accident happened last week while cutting down trees at
East Horton Gold Club, where he has spent the last ten of his thirty years keeping greens. The trees were mostly birch and holly. Again and again Hewitt guided the blade through their scaly trunks, whose final contribution was to provide suitable enough resistance to both Hewitt's lower back and buttocks to stop him captaining Burridge in Saturday's Hampshire cup tie with Northend. They take their name from the surname of a man called Barry from Middlesbrough, who used to run the Pensioner's Arms on Carlton Place, before it managed to become an even less appealing place for a pint. He doesn't run that pub any more, nor does he have any affiliation with this team, but still the name remains the same.

During the first half Northend's number six demonstrates an unflinching obedience to the negative stereotype of a closely shaven head by offering his open hand into Justin Newman's face too many times to be considered a coincidence. His total lack of self awareness was exposed when Justin Newman decided to return the favour during a corner kick. The reaction towards Justin Newman is incredulity filtered through poor use of grammar. The referee chose not to pull him up on this, which is a missed opportunity, but he had his hands tied trying to police the laws of the game, large chunks of which were filled with the noise of earnest shouting, that outside the context of a football match are similar in tone to Ian Beale if he'd caught you with your hand in the 'til.

Burridge had played well, but found themselves losing one-nil. Ryan Jones saves a penalty just before half-time and suddenly it becomes clear that Ben Rowe has plainly sexed up his look. Rather than relying on anything as extravagant as gym membership, he's clipped the dark hair a grade shorter, lost a pound or two, and allowed the whiskers on his sallow cheeks to grow the same length as his hair. Later, in the bar, he gains my attention with his 'I've got moody Yves Saint Lauren gear in the boot of my motor' eyes. They glimmer with the possibility that a simple nod of my head will set the motion in place for him to make the pre-arranged kill of my Swiss business partner. His Kent accent only authenticates this fantasy.

During the second half Northend score a quick couple of goals that mean curtains for Burridge. Lee Fielder makes a cameo appearances and scores, then Marc Judd strokes a free-kick onto underside of bar, but the damage has been done. Later at home while chopping carrots I was struck by the powerful urge to conduct a Wikipedia search of
Gary Breen. I remembered that his transfer to Inter Milan in 2002 fell through after he failed a medical. These days he plays for Barnet, such are the fine shades of here and there that colour our lives.

Picture Profile

This week it's Rich Allan, which you can see by clicking here. You may notice that they've called him Rick in the title, which suggests that there is a relationship in place between the Times and Rich, or Rick. Next week it's Paul Andrews.

This week's Burridge line-up by Pete Lyons was:

4-4-2 formation:

Goalie: Ryan Jones
Right-back: Sammy Hewitt
Centre-back: Kev Willsher (Sam Schwodler)
Centre-back: Paul Dyke
Left-back: Mark Emerson Sanderson
Right mid: Jay Schwodler
Centre mid: Rich Allan
Centre mid: Justin Newman
Left mid: Marc Judd (Greg Baker)
Forward: Ben Rowe
Forward: Bryn Schwodler (Lee Fielder)

Sub: Mark Reeves


Leah said...

This reads like a thriller! If ever anything has prompted me to learn about this game, it's your blog. Sarge has to translate, but that's getting embarrassing.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I didn't think you could get away with raising your hand to another player's face these days. I thought it was a red card offence. Haven't your players learned how to collapse on the ground as if they've been knocked on the head with a baseball bat?

The Gaffer said...

I thought we were unlucky Sat and should have got something out of the game apparently they had same the week before when they beat Freemantle 1-0.I'd have loved to have put one over on their manager who when in doubt puts his flag up.Sholing at home on Sat 2pm ko.see you all Wed the gaffer

Scarlet-Blue said...

I'm sure Fields is guarrenteed to score within 15 seconds of making an appearance... anyhow, what's all this about Kent accents???

Emerson Marks said...

Leah, New York have a football team. They're called the New York Red-Bulls, I think.

Bannanas, at our level of the game you can get away with plenty. Especially if the referee's yellow, if you know what I mean.

Scarlet - I didn't realise LF had a problem keeping himself under control.

As for Kent accents, they're a bit gangtsa, arern't they. Especially if you're from Deal.

Lulu LaBonne said...

I think this is the sort of match where you should've started a punch up, either that or as Gorilla says do a bit more rolling around in agony on the ground

fields said...

2 hours and 15 seconds maybe!

Madame DeFarge said...

I'm also impressed by the Kent accents roaming that far west. However, the possession of fake YSL gear in the boot worries me. How can you fit a dead body in there too?

Leah said...

I looked it up, and you're right! They're even building their own stadium. I never realized!

Soccer is enormously popular here amongst the younger ones--my daughter's friends--and I think they all follow their favorite European teams.

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