Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Who's who

Burridge are....

Rich Allan:
Content painter & decorator, living in sin with girlfriend and her old man (who happens to be Maurice).
Paul Andrews:
Tall plumber who remains faithful to a hairstyle as a swan does to its partner.
Greg Baker:
Continually trapped in a state of other worldliness, often oblivious to many a thing others already fully realize.
Colin Barfoot:
Snout puffing docker who holds reigns over the Saturday XI with a penchant for all things grilled.
Ross Bryant:
Contemporary twenty-something with a curious nature and love of all things new.
Scott Burnet:
Scientific, methodical thinker with a need for sensible clothing to avoid heavy perspiration.
Paul Dyke:
Lively accountant who dispels the myth of his chosen profession's supposed characteristics.
Lee Fielder:
Failry intense character who like a camel can go without water can withstand long periods of unemployment.
Kristian Hewitt:
This green keeper is unable to stomach tomato ketchup anymore than he can catching a glimpse of his parents enjoying private time.
Maurice Hewlett:
Deadpan manager of the Sunday XI with a fondness for the lesser seen 'simple' ball.
David Hopkins:
Goalkeeper who seems stuck with a reputation for questionable behaviour toward women.
Luke Sanderson:
Softly gregarious but anxious one finds comfort in music, film & word.
Bryn Schwodler:
A serial offender of fiscal negligence.
Jay Schwodler:
Stereotyped as one with a complaining disposition, but like a British seaside resort, one can be surpised if they're prepared to be patient.
Kevin Willsher:
Individual with a high pain threshold who's able to play through injuries, seldom discussing his discomfort.


Anonymous said...

Mark Sanderson:

Often confused with a wookie in the shower, due to so much body hair and someone who definitely has too much time on his hands.

Anonymous said...

Colin Barfoot

Is deeply offended by the docker description!!. Is actually in charge of Administration and quality for a major japanese car manufacturer, who export their product through Southampton docks. However i cant complain about the smoking reference, its not unusual for me to demolish a pack of 20 during the course of a match.....

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