Sunday, 18 September 2005

Spotted Cow 0 - 3 Burridge AFC

Sunday 18th September

Venue: Alexander Sports Ground

If you'd read up on previous reports, it would have been difficult to ignore the emphasis on Burridge's consistently sluggish starts to games. This encounter, bucked that trend somewhat dramatically; from the kick off something in the region of seven passes were purposefully exchanged, culminated by Jay Schwodler side footing a Paul Andrews cross into Spotted Cow's bottom corner. One - nil up in under ten seconds, illustrating some delicate passing and moving that was so elusive in the majority of the previous game.

Cow did begin begin to dictate the tempo of the game, Greg Baker had to remain diligent on the right flank as the opposition looked to feed their left winger, and it was clear to see that their midfield were confident in possession. Again Burridge remained resilient, Kevin Willsher and Paul Dyke winning more than their share of aerial challenges; and with Bryn Schwodler up front Burridge had a dangerous outlet to counter attack.

This was illustrated plainly when Schwodler ran at the Cow defence, from right to left past two defenders before drilling back across the goalkeeper with his left boot (his new boots, I might add) to give Burridge breathing space. A third came soon after as Jay Schwodler maintained the family theme, by neatly redirecting Rich Allan's cross via his head for his second of the afternoon.

The second half saw further chances for Burridge, as more space appeared; Paul Andrews hit wide when clean through, who despite willing running and an assist, he remains without the first goal he so desires. Scott Burnet - who delivered his best performance so far this season - bustled his way through on goal, but was denied on the line by last ditch goalkeeping. Time was running out for Cow, who needed a quick score to get the momentum necessary to draw level, it never came and Burridge were always in relative control.

3-5-2 (3-2-3-2 depending on your point of view)

Dave Hopkins, Ross Bryant, Kev Willsher, Mark Sanderson, Scott Burnet, Paul Dyke, Rich Allan, Jay Schwodler, Greg Baker, Paul Andrews, Bryn Schwodler

Scorers: Jay Schwodler 2 , Bryn Schwodler

Aquaseal 6 -1 West Meon and Warnford
Gems FC 4 -1AFC Paxton
Waterlooville Social Clb 2 -2 Spinnaker
Wickham Dynamos 2 -7 AFC Spotted Cow

PS Regretfully many of us are still to pay outstanding booking fines. I know it's irritating when you're told you've been booked 4 times and you owe dough, BUT it's just the way it is I'm afraid. From here on in I'll keep record of it. Greg, Rich and Ross, remember you've been cautioned this season, and that means £8.


Sir John Major said...

Hi, Sir John Major here. I would just like to say that whenever I'm not attending State functions at Windsor Castle I always like to catch up on Buriidge's progress in Meonvalley Division One. I find Mark's journalistic integrity exemplary, as he always provides an unbiased match report. Keep up the good work sunny!

Mark Sanderson said...

Thank you John. I must add that if Bryn is able to maintain this form he'll runaway with the player of the year. 3 good 'uns in 3, is good going in my books.

Kristian said...

Great result fellas.
Ross, could you give me the number of your physio so that I can sort my groin out. He sounds like a miracle worker.

Mrs Burnet said...

John Major is an idiot - can't even spell Burridge!!! No wonder he lost to our Tony in 97.

Verbal Kint said...

I think you are just about spot on there son! In the meantime i continue my quest to find out who the real Barry Norman is, i will succeed!

Sir John Major said...

Remember Mrs Burnet that I have a 50% success rate when it comes to winning general elections.

Barry Norman said...

The Baz-ster here, my film of the week is:

Gladiator: Explosive start that set the tone, full of intrige and suspense, boring in places and a predictable ending.

Plus Jono Ross, there's only room for one film/football critic here, and i'm the daddy! You can have my old spot, when i leave - just like on the BBC.

JR said...

Baz-ster, you could never look as good in a turquoise and lilac paisley shirt as i do

Twin Peaks

Under the masterful david lynch-esque directorship of Maurice Hewlitt, burridge delivered a classic imiginative and cweative scwipt, with Bryn Schwodler excelling in the Agent Dale Cooper lead role, whilst meandering along mewwily in places, twists came in the shape of a superb double from Jay Schwodler
"Through the darkness of futures past, the magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds, Fire Walk With Me."
And on this performance, i want to take that walk with Buwwidge AFC

I thank you

Jeremy clarkson said...

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

With a body fashioned from the
froth on a cappuccino, the Vantage
could have been fast enough to fan
a forest fire with its wake, thus typifying the jet heeled schwodler brothers twin turbo charged performance. Both car and Burridges defence handle corners with the ease of a hooker sliding down her knickers, whilst the hard working 6 litre engines of Paul Andrews, working his pistons off up front, and the supporting midfielders surely left the manager purring like the cat with the cream

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