Sunday, 25 September 2005

Burridge AFC 2 - 2 Wickham Dynamos

Sunday 25th September

Although Burridge maintained their unbeaten record, they had to endure an afternoon filled with frustration which eventually became relief. The opening fifteen minutes illustrated Burridge's dominance, almost everyone enjoying the company of the ball. But when possession was lost the ball was flung in by Wickham from the right, Mark Sanderson wasn't goal side, and his last ditch challenge saw the ball slide into the net off the grateful Dynamo forward. Two minutes later history repeated itself as Sanderson dragged his opposing number down in the penalty area, he escaped punishment, but the penalty was successful and Burridge were two goals down in a game they had controlled.

The second half began perfectly for Burridge. Greg Baker's Right wing cross was dispatched via a Bryn Schwodler diving header. The comeback had begun, but not without drama, as Baker received his marching orders after a sharp disagreement involving choice language with the linesman. The setback spurred Burridge on, and they made it two each when Paul Andrews followed in to smash home from close range to save a point for Burridge.

3-5-2 Dave Hopkins, Ross Bryant, Kev Willsher, Mark Sanderson, Paul Dyke, Scott Burnet, Rich Allan, Jay Schwodler, Greg Baker, Paul Andrews, Bryn Schwodler

Scorers: Bryn Schwodler, Paul Andrews

Other scores:
Paxton 2 - 4 Waterlooville social
AFC Spotted Cow 5 - 3 West Meon
Aquaseal 5 - 0 Gems
Spinnaker 4 - 2 Spotted Cow

PS Next week's Hant's Cup game in Cowes is 2pm kick off and they wear blue, so bring your red kit.


verbal kint said...

Well done boys for a spirited fightback! We showed good resolve, and like the manager said before the game, we are hard to beat! Shame the ref got a bit excited in the second half, im sure baker will come back a stronger player!

fielder said...

i think the ref should 'get bent.'
what a f**ktard. honestly, there is just not enough consistency from any of them.

at least we're proving hard to beat, & showing bouncebackability.

schwodler hat-trick! (of misses) you owe me a pint.

Scotty B said...

Well done lads for the fightback. We shouldn't have been in that position in the first place but nevertheless you showed determination and character to fight back.

Rossy, sorry for shouting at you. i f##ked up and should have just taken it on the chin.

Baker, keep that head up. 35-days will pass in no time.

A more ruthless streak is need for everyone I think.

Mark Sanderson said...

Yes, remember you're red gear next week. In hindsight Baker, I should have been sent off for a professional foul. Mind you, it would be nice if all refs took the hardline approach to swearing, because most of them don't want to know.

Mark Sanderson said...

Upcoming Saturday fixtures, are:

01/10/05 v classic c (home)
08/10/05 v malvern (green park)
15/10/05 v priory (victoria cp)
22/10/05 v academicals (wide lane)
29/10/05 v solent (itchen college)

Mark Sanderson said...

As our red shirts are becoming a little unpopular, I surfed the 'net and discovered red shirts (with black under the arms or vice versa) for 12 quid each. I figured we didn't need shorts and socks.
Mind you deals for 15 full kits start at about £150.

Mark Sanderson said...

Ps Regarding this Saturday's game; we had 12, so taking out Kristian and Carl gives us ten, but Baker and hopefully Lee Wood will be available to give us that elusive first victory!

Emerson Marks said...

That's right that first victory, Ross any joy with the chuckle brothers? Drinky and Haysey I mean?

Emerson Marks said...

But wait, isn't Ben Wilson (centre half, centre mid, or centre forward) coming training on Wednesday?

Emerson Marks said...

Latest tables
AFC Cow 4 4 0 0 20 8 12 12
W'looville 4 2 2 0 13 7 6 8
Aquaseal 3 2 0 1 14 5 9 6
Burridge 4 1 3 0 8 5 3 6
Spinnaker 4 1 2 1 8 9 -1 5
Wickham 4 1 1 2 5 14 -9 4
AFC Paxton 4 1 0 3 10 14 -4 3
West Meon 3 1 0 2 9 13 -4 3
Spotted Cow 4 1 0 3 8 14 -6 3
Gems FC 3 1 0 2 5 11 -6 3

Emerson Marks said...

Hhmm, Burridge have conceded the least goals so far, 5.

Anonymous said...

Great bouncebackability lads!

verbal kint said...

Right i have decided im going to stop being so nice to refs, on Sunday the ref was an absolute w*****! I like the sound of these new shirts for £12, im very much in support of this idea, i can no longer bear to wear those red things that just hang off you. I like the sound of 5 goals conceded and best defensive record, we should all be proud!

Barry Norman said...

This weeks selection:

Waterworld: Long winded, disputable and highly unlikely first half. Action packed ending, left wanting more.

Plus to show i'm the man, i brought along some celebrity friends to this sundays game. They may have something to say.

charlie (the proclaimers) said...

Charlie for the Proclaimers here, i'm round at Barry's smacking some bitches up, mercy! i would definately walk 500 miles for that second half performance! No question.

pete docherty said...

When i'm not pursuing one of my many hobbies, partying, drinking, injecting or banging supermodels, there's nothing i like better than getting down to Burridge with Baz and 'C' or any of my friends and watching a game (sundays only!).

Your first half perfomance was a real horror show, but second half was a time for heroes and i felt you were the moral winners at least and were unlucky not to take all three points.

Rock on! Christmas party at my house!

Mark Sanderson said...

Well, I'll check it out (the shirts that is) I'll bring the pictures. I don't mind paying as long as all can repay.

JR said...

The only choice for so many reasons this week is

The X Files

Symbologists everywhere can rejoice in the significance of the X, as Burridge are the score draw specialists and it also gives us the rating for the choice words uttered by Greg ' Fox Mulder' Baker, whos endless probing and asking of questions to the Wickham Dynamoes defence defied anyone at the game to provide answers to the biggest mystery of all - How did Burridge find themselves 2 goals adrift at half time?? Indeed it was his cross which found the Cigarette Smoking Man (Schwodler)to reduce the arrears but all seemd lost as the lead man left the show. Step forward then, Paul ' Special Agent Doggett' Andrews, whose endeavour reaped the reward he so richly deserved with a well executed finish. Special mention must also go to Scott ' Scully ' Burnett for his hard work in the field.

The Truth Is Out There - and the truth is, Burridge should go far this season

Once again gentlemen, I thank you

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