Thursday, 29 September 2005

Mark's quiet Lament.......

This morning is Thursday. Thursday is usually heavily laced with optimism, almost better than Friday which has been tainted slightly by the 'dress down' concept; wearing jeans to the office
gets many people too excited, for reasons unknown that makes the whole thing nothing more than a false promise that manifests itself through the realization that the weekend only really lasts until Sunday morning. When thoughts of free time are taken hostage by Monday's heavy gravitational pull. You know you should be making the most of the day, but you're overcome by what is about to follow, of course you needn't worry because more than likely it'll be a fairly accurate reconstruction of what happened the previous week, which begs the question why so many people aren't in fact quite brilliant at their jobs. Goodness, if any day is need of marketing make over it's Sunday, because at present it should really be called Work Week Eve.

Whatever way we look at it, The summit of mount Thursday provides us with a moral boosting
view of Saturday. So much so that you want to savour it, Thursday's vision of Saturday could supersede it if it weren't for football. Saturday is afterall; football day. At Burridge much time is spent droning on at great length about team formations, the merits of moulded studs as opposed to screw in studs, often thorough autopsy reveals conclusively that the opposition who'd beaten us comprehensively were in fact utterly inferior to us, on the grounds that their meagre status didn't provide us with the motivation necessary to cut them to pieces with our play.

Recent times have seen new words and phrases enter our post match pub discussion without invite or notice, words such as mortgage & decorating. So often in the past my clumsy challenges have been met with protest; 'I've got to go to work on Monday' would be the dullards plea, so often I'd wanted to say that Giros can be delivered but resisted. But now at 27 I sit on Thursday's mount and I can see Saturday and it is not football day any longer, it is becoming thirty years old but still going to nightclubs with Bryn, will it ever end? Burridge's Saturday house is crumbling, internally disembowelled by our stale ranting. Three straight defeats are slowly destroying the fragile illusion that we've cherished - like David Bowie's netherworld in labyrinth - as we treat the ball like a Jehovah's witness at the doorstep, with contempt, we send it on its way to the neighbour we don't know, namely the opposition. So here's to garden centres, wall papering the spare bedroom and growing up. Will there be a place for me there? I don't know, but at least I've football to fall back on.


rossy said...

massive game on sat lads. we must get our first win of the season !

how many players have we got ?

Emerson Marks said...

Well 11 it seems, unless Alan & Justin Newman, Haysey, Drinky, Colin's 2 docker pals, Lee Wood, and Ben Wilson turn up, then we'd have 19.

Jay said...

Hope i'm not at the back again, wasted talent!
C u 2nite sandy, u driving?

Luke said...

I'm up for a bit of Thursday club action tonight. 19 players Saturday then, thats good, we can get a reserves team started.

Emerson Marks said...

In that case let's get a taxi in -God knows I need a drink. Can we get a big taxi for the five of us? As Jay's opend up this subject, does anyone else wnat to come, afterall, Thursday's summit is better than Saturday.

PS I'd rather be hungover at work, that way you're getting paid for it.

Jay said...

Up2 u mate, i don't mind getting a cab. But uno if we're all drinking we'll end up in ikon, hopefully!

Emerson Marks said...

Speak for youself Jay, I'd rather finish the night in prison. Anyway I'm going to the twin's house, I told you.

jay said...

Hang on one's mine and it ain't jessica simpson, so whats wrong with ikon then? how about jaks, new yorks or mcCluskys? Ok if the twins don't meet us lets go to tusk and drown our sorrows.

Emerson Marks said...

Jay, if Lee reads this he's going to be upset. He'll put an embargo on you're coming out with us, especially if you keep suggesting such miserable and crud places to visit. Are you Andrews and Dykey in disguise?

I really don't want to go any strip joints any more. I admit it is the only interaction I have with women these days, but, what's the point? I give them money I don't have in order to get a nat's cock away from their pert nipples, (one of these days I'll oblige and suck down on the thing like a piglet at its mother's teet) then we go to bars where fatter uglier women won't give me the time of day - it's soul destroying!

white brian deane said...

Good news and bad news i'm afraid.

Good news Ian Rowe is interested in playing for us on saturdays again, initially in a "if your desperate" kind of way, but once he re-discovers the beautiful game his majestic ability could possibly be with us on a permanent basis.

Fingers crossed! I'll ask him to bring Kevin Pieterson along!

Bad news, he can't play this saturday because he's going to Fratton Park, possibly as a birthday gift.

But the future may look just a little rosier.

fielder said...

i can't believe nobody has commented on marks' 'quiet lament' as he put it. after all that's what the post was about. i can relate to what you are saying mark, but no need to be afraid of growing up. it happens to everyone. apart from peter pan.

jay, jay, jay. i knew he would be the one who could possibly bring an end to thursday club. ikon,diva,jj's and strip clubs are not what its about boy. i'm almost glad i'm feeling ill and unable to come out tonight, in case there is the slightest chance we would end up in one of those places.

to anon. the reason i missed training was not in fear of my hair becoming messy and wet, nor the fact that it was champions league night, but because of a knee injury sustained a fortnight ago at wildern, the same knee injury that would have kept me out all this time anyway, the same knee injury that i fear is going to prevent me playing football 'abroad' this weekend, if thats ok.

bryn and jay, don't forget your passports on sunday. i thank you.

Colin said...

dave hopkin
paul dyke
greg baker
paul andrews
luke sanderson
mark sanderson
richard allan
dean wall
ross bryant
jay schwodler
michael hogg

also avaiable

richard bechely
russell goddard

both are only available when our games dont clash with saints matches.

Iceman said...

I hope you all have a great night out in southampton tonight, i was alomst tempted myself when i heard ikon mentioned, then i suddenly realised i was nearly 27, what a shame! I hope training was good, im gutted i missed it, i tried to watch that muched hyped battle of britain clash but unfortunately feel asleep after 10 minutes.

Bring on the Isle of Wight, i hope my injury clears up though.

Scotty B said...

Unless things have changed, I remember Ikon being full of 16 - 20 year olds on a Thursday. Now unless any of you guys are getting any younger, you will probably bring that average age up considerably. Jay...I'm looking in your direction. As 'Doctor evil' once said, "there's nothing worse than an aging hipster".

Have a good one lads. Mark, I like your point about having a hang over at work, it makes sense.

By the way, what was the score last night at training?

colin said...


Lee Wood is also available

Emerson Marks said...

Scott, the score was 8-8 in training.

Ice-Man; Don't freak out, I AM 27 and Jay's 32. When there's plenty of young student ass, ripe for the taking, why worry about age?

I suggest you all trade your girlfriends in for some hotter younger types, before they get nore haggered.

If it's good enough for Rod Stewart then it's good enough for me.

Scotty B said...


Are you implying I should trade my girlfriend in for a younger one like you would a car?

Did anyone get hold of any student ass?

Emerson Marks said...

Heck no, but yes Scott, that's exactly what I'm saying to you. Next week we're going to the Academy, from then in it'll be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Scotty B said...

I guess it all depends on how big the barrell is and how many fish are in it.

Emerson Marks said...

Yes Scott.

Regarding Sunday, we're meeting at 10:30 at terminal one, to get the 11am ferry. I don't think we have a mini bus, so best take as few cars as possible.

After visiting it appears its £29.50 a car. I know Scott, Kev, Baker & Andrews are in a car. Dykey's making his own way there. So the rest of us can take two more cars - four in each.

Jay said...

How dare u sandy, 32! i'm 24 or so that female student ass thought.
Next week academy, may have to take next day off though, head pains this morning.

Anybody down botley 2nite?

Emerson Marks said...

You spend too much time in the sun Jay. It gives you Vitamin E (or is it D) and a Judith Chalmers complexion - namely, leather face.

The snake bite proabaly provided the pain.

ginger said...

anyone going down the bungle to see tits tonite ?

Luke said...

Jay, i was at work at 630 this morning, no problem. I feel a bit weary now though. I'm gonna go to the Academy next week! So much student ass to feast the eyes on!

Luke said...

I fancy Botley tonight for a few light ales. Does anyone wanna pick me up on the way past? It would be greatly appreciated.

Scotty B said...

Would it be cheaper to leave the cars in Southampton and go across by foot and then get taxi's to the ground from the terminal? The ground is in Cowes isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Don't be such a fool, Scotty b. Thats the most RIDICULUS idea i have ever heard.


Anonymous said...

Another fine performance by the Burridge boys on the Isle of Shite. Great Defending, good Mid-field passing, great finishing up-front.


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