Monday, 10 September 2007

AP Sports 0-1 Burridge

St George 5th Playing Fields

Burridge won by a single goal against AP Sports. It was scored by none other than Sam Schwodler. The man who continues to defy the odds. The man who had a night to forget on his debut as a goalkeeper last season. Back on that rainy night the boy couldn’t catch a dose on a fortnight in Benidorm. What happened? He picked himself up, dusted himself off and grew into that goalkeeping jersey, ‘til that jersey became him.

These days he’s finding himself in an attacking midfield position. Once again there are scores to settle. If it’s not with the past - or more accurately - last week; when he fluffed his lines with the goal gaping. Then it’s with the opposition, who’d moments before he scored had kicked him up in the air. Left-back Luke Sanderson sent the ball up to Kristian Hewitt. He diverted the flight of the ball with a strong barrel chest into the path of Schwodler - who placed home beautifully.

Off he ran. Arms outstretched. Swearing furiously. Rather like Diego Maradona after scoring against Greece during the 1994 USA World Cup. Only difference being that Maradona later failed an ephedrine doping test. Something about the power drink - Rip Fuel. After running out of his Argentinian purchased stash his personal trainer scored him some U.S supply, which apparently was where the drug was traced. And there was me thinking it was cocaine.

Now I’m not suggesting Schwodler be tested. No, I put his spectacular finish down to the hours no doubt spent watching elder brother Jay playing football in the garden. Way back when. Pirouetting, juggling, sending the fear of God into green houses. Thinking to himself - look at that. There’s an example. One to avoid at all costs if I’m to succeed!

B.Stanfield, R.Kelly, M.Sanderson, P.Dyke, L.Sanderson, G.Baker, B.Hutton, M.Reeves, S.Schwodler, K.Hewitt (R.Jones), S.Hewitt (J.Hewitt)


Rich Allan said...

I'm coming back to papa. I can't bear it any longer. At Hedge-End I don't even get mailshotted Football cone weekly. I have to make do with with Football cone monthly. I said Football cone Monthly. The horror!

pete said...

Good workmanlike performance from everyone again which just goes to show the need of a big squad with 7-8 players missing again for varying reasons.We sounded them out first half, scored a worthy winner and then defended resolutely.No free headers in the box and generally keeping our shape unlike the Hop game!We should have that one as well.I am away myself for a week from Friday til Friday 21st.I will pick the side for Sat match against Durley senior cup @ Burridge 2.30pm ko.Phil Birks and Matt have said they will stand in whilst I'm away so give them your full support.See you all training Wed 6.30pm @ Burridge.the gaffer

fields said...

well done lads. and well written mark. v.funny, as usual!

Kristian said...

Great win fellas. Seven goals this season with seven different goalscorers.
Goals coming from all different positions and a cleansheet.
Good work.

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