Monday, 24 September 2007


Another game and once again Burridge found themselves on the wrong end of seven goals. Barrie Becheley has been their chairman for some eighteen years now, that proud moustache droops proudly over his lip like Joseph Stalin. How crestfallen he was - Becheley that is, not Stalin - to see his life's work in ruins. To think that architects were consulted and blueprints drawn up, but all in vain. Burridge's dug outs have collapsed. The place where substitutes think - hang it all! If I knew I'd be sitting here I would have got stuck into the hard stuff and pints be damned - is no more.

The kind of high winds unable to fully excite kites into life were simply no match for the superstructure made from concrete and straw, which is now just a pile of rubble. When Kristian Hewitt smashed home for one-nil, Pete Lyons' belief that Burridge could still bag this title didn't sound like piffle. It sounded feasible.

They've got the stomach for it. Pubs up and down the streets of Southampton and beyond will testify to that, but have they got the legs? Bishopstoke's forwards made them run and run and then run some more. Hewitt's second wasn't enough to prevent them going three-two down. Ben Hutton arrived at the back post making it all three each and it seemed a share of the spoils. With the clock ticking down Bishopstoke struck a fatal blow. There was little time to recover. Burridge have yet to win in their blue and black stripes yet this season.

S.Schwodler, P.Dyke, L.Sanderson, M.Sanderson, S.Froud (J.Newman), M.Reeves, K.Hewitt, G.Baker (B.Rowe), J.Hewitt, R.Kelly, B.Hutton

The following booking need to be paid for:

Greg Baker v Netley £8
Sam Schwodler v Netley & Hop £16
Paul Dyke v AP £8
Sam Hewitt v AP £8
Kristian Hewitt v AP £8


pete said...

Could have scraped a draw which would have probably been an unjust result for Bishopstoke.As I said to a few of you on Saturday we seem a bit short of fitness which we can address in the next few weeks.With Bryn and Lee out we have lost our pace in the side so lets use our experience and know how to compansate for that.Keep battling away and we will not far away I'm sure.the gaffer

Jan Agre Fjortoft said...

A draw would have been fair, but Burridge deserved the win, seemed unable to break down the centre halves and lacked width.

Its a funny old game.

fields said...

one for the lads who were out saturday night..."what do burridge afc and greg baker have in common..?"

"..they've both forgotton what a clean sheet looks like!" mwah haha!

they just had too much pace up front it seemed. thought you were brilliant again justin... espescially in the first half.

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