Sunday, 30 September 2007


Saturday 29th September

You’d be forgiven for missing the unmarked and narrow entrance to Burridge. The two hundred yards of potholed dirt track are more in keeping with the road surfaces one might find in some former Soviet outpost like Chechnya. Although on reflection, and later inspection of your vehicle’s alloys in the pea-shingle car-park that follows, this is perhaps a little unfair to the dedication of the Chechen highways agency. Such journey is fine for your Range-Rovers of this world, but not your graphite Audi TT, as Burridge penalty taker Greg Baker will surely testify to.

Reward for the struggle is the leafy green expanse of Burridge, which this afternoon had benefited from some light drizzle. A surface that would perhaps offer Burridge chance to stroke the ball around to feet. This was achieved only in spasms and Comrades could have been more than two up at the break. Burridge fought back as they’d done so in their previous two fixtures. Veteran Justin Newman, who’d not long been introduced as a substitute, pulled one back.

Burridge had now shrugged off the apathy that plagued them so during the first half. Now there was a stomach for contest. Centre-half Paul Dyke, no stranger to controversy, provided further drama. He’d already managed the defying feat of talking himself into the referee’s notebook even though a free-kick had been awarded in his favour. When heading in the back post he ran off and did what only teetotallers can - a somersault. Both sides had chances. Comrades took their’s. For the third week running Burridge were left to rue defensive mistakes and missed chances. Of course, it still remains anyone’s league, just as long as that anyone can string one or two wins together. This remains painfully elusive for Burridge at present.


A reader from The Pink said...

I predicted Burridge to be top 3 this year? what is going on?

fields said...


It's a marathon, not a sprint race.

At least we're scoring! But in the words of Paul Dyke at the final whistle... "we're not scoring enough, and conceding too many."

well... yeah.

pete said...

Missed chances again and some indecision at the back cost us.But we showed we can come back from two goals down but then lose to the sucker punch.A rest from the league on Saturday with a cup game against pompey opposition which should be interesting.Training was well supported last week with a good turn out lets keep that up and I'm sure we can turn these results around.Team photo should be ready soon for display in the Bugle.See you all tomorrow the gaffer

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