Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Burridge Recovering From Shoeing

Saturday 25th October 2008
Burridge AFC 1-4 Comrades Reserves

Pictured above: Sam Schwodler, shoes not pictured.

Burridge’s 4-1 home defeat to Comrades reserves was completely overshadowed by the terrible news that Sam Schwodler’s trainer had been snatched away. It was taken from his left foot whilst watching the pop group Oasis perform at the Bournemouth International Centre on Tuesday evening.

Burridge players have closed ranks, refusing to add comment on the missing size ten Nike trainer, not as some have wrongly interpreted as a complete lack of interest in a trivial matter that has no bearing on their lives whatsoever, but in an act of solidarity towards their colleague.

For they know, but for the grace of God that it could just have easily been their trainer snatched from their left or right foot, had they decided to get as drunk as possible and surge towards the front of a packed crowd who were in a similar state.

Schwodler’s strength of character was evident by not only playing on Saturday afternoon, but scoring. Earlier refusing the offer of holding a minute’s silence before kick off to mark the disappearance of the trainer, saying that this would send out the wrong message to not just the perpetrators, but indeed the world.

As each day passes a reunion between Schwodler and his trainer become less & less likely. Whilst trying to remain upbeat it is known that a single trainer can find it extremely difficult to find a place in society on their own.

It’s unclear how long a trainer could survive in these circumstances. If indeed ever worn without a matching pair, the trainer is likely to be ostracised by a society who are still intolerant towards unmatched pairs of trainers.

A visibly upset Schwodler hadn’t registered that his trainer had been snatched until he was ejected from the premises of the Bournemouth International Centre on sometime around 10:30pm on Tuesday evening by security.

The trainer is white in appearance with a distinctive red tick adorning outside of the white leather. Anyone with information to the whereabouts of the size ten Nike trainer is urged to come forward and contact 077807 07406, identifying themselves by the password Noono-Boono.

Scorer - Sam Schwodler

Booked: Luke Sanderson, Rich Allan

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