Monday, 23 February 2009

Barry Smith

Barry Smith played up front for Burridge AFC between 1997 and 2001.

Barry Smith banged in 77 goals in those 4 seasons.

Barry Smith forged a deadly goalscoring partnership with Matt Whitfield.

Barry Smith openly admitted that Erasure were his favourite band in 1993.

Barry Smith struck fear into the hearts of Meon Valley League defences.

Barry Smith cried after being knocked out in the first round of World Cup singles in 1992 at Botley rec.

Barry Smith got a smack in the chops from a White Hart player at Wicker Rec in 1999.

Barry Smith joined the army because he was really cheesed off with working in customer services jobs.

Barry Smith threw his tennis racket down on the ground & shouted 'Jesus,' 37 times in 20 minutes whilst playing Phil Wiseman at the concrete courts at Botley rec.

Barry Smith asked for meat when being offered lamb or beef at the Dolphin in 1999.

Barry Smith got asked back by Rich Allan & Kristian Hewitt when they were drunk in 2003.

Barry Smith was spotted recently filing up his car at the petrol station in Hill Lane.

Barry Smith was seen at this petrol station with bairns in the back seat of his car.

Barry Smith hasn't been since anywhere else since.

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Anonymous said...

great picture of lee and dykey

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