Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Nice Plimmys

Greg Baker's size elevens trainers have been sitting in my flat for a week now.

I've tried to do the neighbourly thing by walking across the hallway to return them. Can't say I was surprised when he didn't answer the door. I tried to deliver them through the letterbox, but the ruddy things got stuck. They're those light weight Asics ones. Very nice runners in my book and I'd wear them myself if they weren't three sizes too big.

I worry for their future, I really do. I've already got my hands full with two pairs of Adidas.

Now I'm not one to pass judgement, far from it, but my concern is that he's no longer interested in those trainers. He's abandoned them for a passing fad. Blinded by fashion he's taken to wearing those trendy white plimsolls. You know, the ones you'd have been mortified to wear for P.E. at school.

In my day a man wore his trainers 'til they were no more. Not run off with a pair that you're clearly not suited to. Sign of the times I suppose, but whose going to look after those nice Asics now they're with all the other tat at the household waste recycling centre?


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