Saturday, 21 February 2009

Burridge 0-0 Hythe Aztecs

Sitting ducks

It says something about a game of football, when one of the eight spectators, who happens to be Paul Dyke, starts going on about how he was very much looking forward to eating sauteed potatoes for tea. So maybe it was the weather, rather than the football, that was responsible for today's bumper crowd.

We must remember that people don't mean to make tits of themselves. Otherwise Jay Schwodler would've remembered his boots. We win and lose as a team. That is why this lovely picture is dedicated to Mike Reid and Bryn Schwodler. It's a sitting duck.

Justin Newman fans had to wait until the pub before witnessing his greatest contribution to the afternoon. He always springs to life when skirt is involved.

Jenni, the barmaid at the Bugle, was quite happy to tell him that it didn't matter whether or not she was wearing her tongue piercing, she's still 'amazing' at munching off. Cor Blimey! I had to have a bit of a sit down after that and try not to think of that funny dream I had about Alisha Dixon's lady garden the other night.

Fix! This week's scratch card winner was gaffer, Pete Lyons with Blackburn Rovers.

Your marks out of ten please for the Burridge line-up at Meadowside Leisure Centre:

GK: Sam Schwodler
RB: Greg Baker (Yellow card - late tackle)
CB: Kristian Hewitt (c)
CB: Kev Willsher
LB: Marc Judd
RM: Mike Reid, (Rich Allan)
CM: Mark Reeves
CM: Justin Newman
LM: Bryn Schwodler
CF: Ben Rowe
CF: Sam Hewitt
Rich Allan
Jay Schwodler
Mark Sanderson


Fields said...
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Fields said...

Unlucky lads. Enjoyed the pitchside banter, as always. Could have been a comfortable win on another day. 7/10 for the performance, 10/10 for Mikes' miss and 8/10 for the new barmaid at The Bugle!

Emerson Marks said...

Good Morning Burridge,

Sill undefeated in 5 in 2009.

Sam Schwodler's goalkeeping, 10/10.
If he keeps going on like this he could be Burridge's answer to Vince Bartram.

Netley Central away this Saturday under the caretaker management team of Kristian Hewitt & Lee Fielder.

Fields said...

Oh yes! Justin, you're sub mate.

NO.1FAN said...

Not one of my most enjoyable games i must admit but a points better than none so well done.Lets get all 3 this sat hope to be there watching u boys do burridge proud , a note on the new barmaid she is not new!!!!!
i would give the team a 5/10 for last weeks game (room for improvement)

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